10 Reasons to watch La Casa De Papel (Money Heist, on Netflix)

First of all, I am not really into watching Spanish movies or series. But when I heard that so many around me started watching La Casa De Papel, or this was their reason to pay for Netflix, I was curious. I just found out the English name is called Money Heist.

I am haven’t really been binging something in a while, but this had cliffhanger after cliffhanger. I could not stop watching as I needed to know what would happen in the next episode.

If you are doubting to watch it, let me try to put it like this for you: I was on a blogging streak. 14 days straight having an article each day. I broke it just to watch this series. So here I am to tell you 10 reasons to watch La Casa De Papel also known as Money Heist. I watched it in Spanish.

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I was stunningly surprised, a breath of fresh air. The acting was just top-notch. You had the narcissist, misogynist, criminals, police convincing everyone of their role and emotion.

The acting blew my mind as I could feel the tension in scenes, the anger and joy. It became an emotional roller coaster ride.


Get dragged into the series with the story, the plot, and the character development. The writers have done a great job making this a great series, I didn’t just watch for the cliffhangers, I watched because the story was intriguing.


Every episode was full of it, suspense. In La Casa De Papel there is no short of suspense. The plot twist thickens with each episode. The excitement got real when I sat at the edge of my chair. My popcorn bucket full, as I totally forget I had some snacks to eat with it, this could last for multiple episodes even.

Learning Spanish Words

Bank of Spain
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To be honest, I only learned the bad words. Creativity in insults and exchanging words to hurt each other. Good thing this series is for 18 years and older. Their foul language often did complement the tension or acting.

I did not mind that way they speak, but I can imagine some Spanish people would say, why do these people only speak the bad words. La Casa de Papel, Money Heist, is not for the faint of heart.

Through the eyes of the bad guys

The bad guys are the main characters. So not really unusual but it’s still not that common. But the characters are very likable, and following most of the story through their perspective does make a series interesting.

4 seasons are out, it is already a few days worth non-stop watching.

4 Seasons are out, so this makes it enough episodes to watch. But be warned, if you binge it, you will soon be at the end of season 4. Spoiler alert: Another Cliff hanger! A 5th season is incoming for La Casa De papel, Money Heist.

Plot twists that are so deep!

I mentioned this before, the plot twists are there and there are plenty. Put a bunch of criminals together and who knows what will happen. I mean there are those that have an agenda right?

Without going too much into details, expect nothing, sit back and relax. Enjoy the series

Heist Hostage Situation

Do you like heist/hostage movies or series? I can mention a few but don’t want to because this is on the top of the list in that section. If you like those kinds of movies, then there is no more excuse. It’s time to watch it then

An Excuse to start a new series

Are you also just going through your Netflix list, scrolling through the titles of what is available? Well now is time to watch something new. You should not be too worried if you can’t understand Spanish, there are subtitles.

And if you must, the series is also available in: English and you can combine it with subtitles.

Staying at home during the pandemic made easier with La Casa De Papel

Stay at home, and just watch this series. Don’t go out unless it is required/essential for you to go.

Stay indoors, watch this series, and you can also talk about it with friends. Halfway season 3 I recommended it, Halfway season 2 I tried to write a blog post (this one) about it. But I had to watch until the end.

Should you watch Money Heist? La Casa De Papel?

Yes (for 18+), if any of these reasons did not compel you to watch it, let me know in the comments below. (please refrain from spoilers in comments)

I really enjoyed the most during the first 2 seasons, like most series those are the better. But seasons 3 and 4 are not bad at all! I can’t wait for season 5, which is coming (I just checked). It’s not sure when but yeah it will be some time before we can get another big surprise!

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