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While we are all at home (as much as possible) it might be a challange to find something fitting for everyone on the screen. If you’re with children, then this might appeal to you to watch a series together that are suitable for all children of young age as well.

Whilst Netflix has a Kids’ section, we do not always want to keep on watching that. At least I feel tired from that. Sometimes we’re on a cliffhanger, as the break of Ross and Rachel 2 decades ago (sorry spoiler). We would still want to see what happened after such events. So here a living page, that will be updated as we go, and feel free to comment to add more to the list.

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Modern Family

By now the series finale has aired and it was a spectacular journey that lasted more than a decade. In the series, we could see how a family and the extension are dealing with problems that most can identify with. They bring humor and a twist that I really love to watch. Especially the superhero dad Phil Dunphy.

Modern Family is suitable for the ages 13 and up according to common sense media

Kim’s Convenience

A Canadian sitcom growing quickly in popularity. It’s bout a Korean Family that runs a, well you can guess it, a convenience store. The main characters are the parents, Appa (Sang-il) and Umma (Yung-Mi) and their children Jung and Janet. Jung is a runaway since 16 years old, and the series takes palce when he is around 26. So decade after he ran away.

People can quickly identify with the Kims. Kim’s Convenience is suitable for the ages 14 and up. (common sense media)

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

What can I say, Will Smith is one great actor and see him here still as a thin trouble seeker in Philidelphia. He moves in with a wealthy family and cooks some problems that everybody interprets and handles in their own way. It’s very entertaining to watch and possible to show kids how we did it before the smartphones.

Fresh Prince is suitable for 11 and up (common sense media)

Don’t worry everyone, more will follow very soon!

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