Getting Google Adsense approved fast and stop wasting time

Getting approved for Google Adsense within 3 months and start maximizing your earnings

I wrote about how I earn money from my travel blog and I will share now how to get approved for Google Adsense. It took me 3 months after my first blog post when I felt confident enough to apply for Google Adsense. I will not only tell you about the approval but also how to earn as much as possible from it without breaking any of the rules!

If you do not know what Adsense is, it is an advertising platform. Basically you are giving some screen space on your blog for advertising in return for money. Now that sounds nice, especially when I blog about things I am passionate about.

I hope this article will help you on your journey getting approved as well so you can start blogging your heart out, like me. Before I start this blog runs on it’s own domain and hosting, I am not on some free hosting/domain idea. I suggest having this for serious bloggers who want to earn some money online.

Why doesn’t a website get approval?

It’s an ongoing topic for years. If I look into why websites don’t get AdSense approval, I can see that this topic is a reoccurring every week/month and year. Actually, before starting my website TaleTravels I was looking at the requirements of this.

As it would be nice to have some side income from advertising whilst blogging I checked what the requirements would be. It comes down to creating high-quality content that the user might enjoy reading, seeing, and being .

Copying content

Google Search Engine

Copying content from other websites is considered plagiarism. This is not what Google wants to show for its users.

You can make citation by copying a sentence and refer to a source, or rewrite a paragraph and mention the source. Some websites shamelessly just copy the content of other people and brand it as their own.

Doing this will ensure a website is not eligible for advertising via Adsense. So don’t copy the content of other content creators who work hard.

Low-quality content

Consider consistent short articles also a no-go area for Google Adsense. Some articles can be short, but if you google the topic and see that the top 3 results have 2000+ words written. Expect that your 200-300 word article will never rank as close as theirs.

Besides the ranking issue, the content could have been more informative as the top results are showing much more. So when it’s possible and you see the top competitors on certain keywords with good and length articles, do the same, but make your content more unique compared to them. Add the extra wow factor.

Another thing to consider is that spelling mistakes, sentences that make no sense because of literal translation are also a factor for low-quality content.

Illegal content

Allowing the users to download licensed photos, videos, and information you should not be distributing is considered illegal. Of course, you won’t get any advertiser that way.

Google Adsense wants what is best for its advertisers and publishers. Having companies associated with illegal content is simply a no go for Google and the company. So make legal content.

Websites with very few updates

Got a website a few years old with only 12 blog posts and on top of that, each post is considered to be of low quality? Very slim chance of getting approved.

Both people and search engines crave information. Make regular content and plan to create 10-15 blog posts per month instead of per year. Make the of high quality and fulfill the searcher’s request when they make a query.

Websites breaking the policy rules

If a website seems to be breaking rules you will lose your AdSense or will never be allowed to advertise. An example is: by making users click advertising as an incentive or in order to achieve a goal.

That way you are generating false clicks that advertisers are not looking for.

How much traffic do I need to get Adsense approval?

I actually got approved when I only had 100 visitors per month. But I was posting every few days a new piece of high-quality content. I think Google Adsense saw the effort put in the site within 3 months, and saw that my website will be publishing much more content.

It’s a win if they have a quality site where they can show ads. The advertisers pay Google, and share a bit with the publisher, me in this case. I generated much more content after, and the Adsense earnings are rising because of that.

It doesn’t matter how much traffic you get, Google wants its advertisers a place with quality content. If you make it, they will approve of the website and you can start earning money.

Tips on getting Adsense approved

tips for google adsense

Getting approved for Google Adsense takes time, so put time and effort into your website/blog. Make a schedule for your posts, this allows you to make it and release it.

Research the topics you want to write about, and add the extra bit of reliable information that could make your article stand out from the rest. If you claim that something is true or untrue, can you back up those facts with sources? If yes, then mention them and credit them with a link to that article.

There is a big chance that what you are writing about is already covered. So why write about it? Well, you might have more up to date information on it, or more relevancy to it then what there currently is. So go for it, even though someone else wrote about it before. Just do not copy and paste the story of someone else.

If you need images use This website has images that you can download for free and use them on your own website. Having high-quality images helps to make your article more professional.

I got approved, now what?

Google analytics improving traffic for adsense

Congratulations on getting Adsense approved. Now keep writing great content. Entertain your users, and Google shall reward you with more traffic.

More traffic means more money from this moment. But do not break the rules!

The list of what NOT to do when you run advertisements

  • Force your visitors to visit the advertisers
  • Click your own advertisements, or ask someone to do that
  • Advertising should not be fixed on the bottom of the screen
  • Content policy, which means legal content basically
  • Place the ad code only on the website/webpage where it should be: not in the email, pop-up
  • The site should not contain malware, initiate downloads, or just should have any shady behavior

Read more directly at the source:

It’s all about the user

In the end, it’s always about the user. They should get the information they want from any website. If you can do this, advertising is going to be a piece of cake.

Aim your content for the user. The user a special intent: Looking for information, buying, wanting to be entertained. If you can adjust your content to what would be relevant than you are already one step ahead of most competition.

Make your website user friendly and its content should satisfy the curiosity of your visitor.

Tips on getting most out of your AdSense

With keyword research, you can find the high volume of keywords and the costs. The cost indicates what the advertisers will pay to Google. Then in return, this is shared with the publisher showing the advertisement.

But do keep it varied. I just make content that I am most passionate about which is travel (in Bali/Indonesia) and food. Having AdSense on the website is just a plus! If your motivation is to only earn as much as possible with little effort then there is a chance you won’t get approved.

Are you still in need of help with your AdSense approval? Let me have a look at your website and I will check how I can help. Good luck in getting approved!

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