Bali Horseback Riding in 2024: Beach and Rice Field Adventures

In Bali, horse riding isn’t the first activity that comes to mind. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or trying it for the first time, Bali’s horseback adventures are for everyone. You’ll find rides that match your skill and interests, from beach strolls at sunrise to exciting trails through traditional villages. Let’s discover what makes horse riding here a must-try experience.

Riding Experiences in Bali

horseback riding jimbaran bali

In Bali, you’ll find two unforgettable horse riding experiences: beach rides and rice field tours. Each offers a unique ways to see Bali in different settings.

First, let’s talk about beach rides. Picture yourself riding a horse along a beautiful beach like Pererenan or Jimbaran. The soft sand beneath the hooves, the sound of waves, and the vast ocean beside you create a magical moment. These rides are perfect at sunrise or sunset, when the sky’s colors add to the charm. 

Riding through Bali’s famous rice fields is like stepping into a living, green painting. The fields are calm and peaceful. You’ll pass through villages and see traditional Balinese life.

Some notable places for these rides are around Ubud, known for its scenic beauty and tranquility. Here, the rides take you through lush landscapes, offering a serene experience.

You can also choose to do it spontaneously for example on Jimbaran Beach. There is no stable, but you can see tourists being guided along the shore while sitting on the back of a horse on a slow pace.

Selecting the Ideal Horse Riding Stable

Selecting the perfect horse riding stable in Bali is important to get what you want. Let me guide you through three top choices: Bali Horse, Bali Equestrian Centre, Kuda P Stables, Salty Cowboy, Saba Bay Horse Riding and Ubud Horse Stables. Each has its unique features.

Bali Horse Riding offers a mix of rides for all skills. If you’re new to riding, they make it easy and fun. Their experienced guides ensure safety, making it ideal for families too. Bali Horse Riding takes you through breathtaking beach and rice field paths. 

Phone for Bali Horse Riding: +62 851 014 70644

Next is Bali Equestrian Centre, a favorite for its top-notch facilities. They cater to all levels, but if you’re serious about riding, this is your spot. They have expert instructors and a range of horses. It’s not just about riding here; they offer lessons, making it great for improving your skills. Their indoor and outdoor arenas are perfect for any weather.

Phone for Bali Equistrian Centre: +62 361 8446541

With over 50 years in the horse business, Kuda P Stables offers personalized horse riding tours. Whether you’re looking for a leisurely ride through rice fields or an adventurous beach gallop, they tailor the experience to your skills. Their sunset rides and therapeutic rides for the disabled are particularly noteworthy.

phone for Kuda P Stables: +62 811-3939-011

Ubud Horse Stables is known for its scenic rides with rice fields.  This stable is great for beginners and those looking for a peaceful ride. They’re known for gentle horses and calm routes through great memorable green scenic routes.

Phone for Ubud Horse Stable: +62 813-3958-5666

Unique for its focus on rescue and rehabilitation of horses, Salty Cowboy in Kedungu offers a blend of adventure and compassion. They provide beach and rice field rides, natural horsemanship lessons, and even a Horse Whisperer Course. It’s ideal for those who are passionate about animal welfare and looking for a more intimate and mindful riding experience.

For a truly unique experience, Saba Bay is not to be missed. This area offers stunning horseback rides along its serene black sandy beach. As you ride, you’ll enjoy spectacular views of the coastline, Mount Agung, and the neighboring Nusa Penida Island. The rides here are perfect for all levels, providing a peaceful yet exhilarating experience. What makes Saba Bay special is its combination of natural beauty and the calm atmosphere of its relatively untouched landscape. It’s an ideal spot for those who want to enjoy a quiet ride away from more crowded areas. The horseback tours at Saba Bay often include a visit to the Segara Wilis Temple, adding a cultural touch to the adventure.

Phone for Bali Horse riding at Saba: +62 852-3811-3883

So, which one should you choose? If you’re a beginner or with family, Bali Horse is a great start. For more serious riding and lessons, head to Bali Equestrian Centre. Each stable offers something special, ensuring you’ll have a memorable ride in Bali.

Specialized Riding Tours and Lessons

Horse in the sea

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, you’re in for a treat with specialized horse riding tours and lessons

At Bali Equestrian Centre, they take riding lessons to another level. Here, you can learn from skilled instructors, no matter your age. They offer lessons in a safe, fun environment. It’s perfect if you want to improve your riding skills. They have both indoor and outdoor arenas, so you can ride no matter the weather.

For the little ones, pony rides in Bali are a delight. It’s a fun and safe way to introduce kids to horse riding. These gentle pony rides are a great family activity. They’re available across various stables, each offering a safe and enjoyable experience for children.

And for those who seek something truly special, Bali’s sunrise and sunset horseback tours are a must.

Safety and Practical Considerations

Child horse riding in bali beach

When it comes to horse riding in Bali, safety is a top priority, especially for pony rides with kids. Stables ensure that little ones are safe by providing helmets and using gentle ponies. Guides are always there to help, making sure every ride is fun and secure.

Booking your ride is easy. You can do it online or at the stable. It’s good to book early to get the time you want. If plans change, no worries. Most places let you cancel or change your booking. Just check their policy for how much notice you need to give.

Remember, whether it’s a pony ride for your kids or a horse ride for yourself, choosing a stable that values safety and offers flexible booking is important. This way, you can enjoy your ride without any stress. Happy riding!

Final thoughts

I’ve shared a lot about horse riding in Bali. From peaceful rides through rice fields to exciting beach gallops, there’s something for everyone.

Now, it’s your turn to experience these wonderful rides. Choose a stable that fits your style and book a ride. Whether you want to learn or just explore Bali’s beauty on horseback, don’t miss out on this adventure. You can easily book online or directly at the stables.

So, why wait? Go ahead and plan your horse riding adventure in Bali. It’s an experience you’ll always remember. Happy riding!

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