Bali Safari park review after 2022

Rhinos Bali safari

During the pandemic of 2020, there was a huge promo to visit the Bali Safari park. Don’t confuse this one with the Bali Zoo, that’s a totally different zoo. In October 2022, I visited again as a family trip, and it was a very different experience for both the audience and the staff. The park … Read more

Kopi Klotok Yogyakarta – popular warung

Warung Kopi Klotok

When in Yogyakarta take the opportunity to go and visit Kopi Klotok. It’s a warung that is in the middle of lush green (rice) fields. The food is best described as Javanese traditional grandma’s recipes and taste. It’s a busy place that attracts people from all over Java to experience the food and surrounding nature. … Read more

Tips for arriving at Bali after 2022

arriving bali qantas

As a seasoned travel agent, I get to hear all kinds of stories of the tourists arriving in Bali. But hearing is different than believing. I went to the airport to pick up someone around midnight. I saw different airlines just landed: Qantas, Air Asia, Korean Air, Philipinne airlines and Cebu Pacific. A stream of … Read more

7 tips choosing your accommodation in Bali for long term best experience

Long term Villa Bali

One of the bigger mistakes that happens a lot lately is that people will immediately book and pay for their accommodation in Bali long term. Upon arrival it is more than disappointing because the pictures are not like how it looks online and things might not even work (things like showers, kitchen appliances, toilets). Long … Read more