Pantai Jerman in Bali (German Beach), Kuta : Great for families with children

The airport’s north side is Pantai Beach. This was once a busy harbor. Years ago, traders from around the world came here. They bought spices, art, and more from Bali. But when the airport opened, the harbor got quiet.

Many Germans used to live here. That’s why it’s called Pantai Jerman, or Germany Beach. There’s a long path by the water. It’s great for jogging or biking. Locals and hotel guests love it, especially in the afternoons.

You’ll find beach shacks here too. They serve snacks and drinks. And the sunbeds? Perfect for a lazy afternoon. The beach is usually busy when the sun sets. Love watching planes? This is your spot. During busy times, planes land and take off almost every minute. It’s quite a sight at the Bali airport!

What makes this beach special?

For kids, Pantai Jerman is a treat. The beach is safe and the water is calm. Children can play in the sand or paddle in the shallow waves. It’s a great spot for families. There are many attractions aimed for children. The bouncy house, riding small cars, painting and more than just the beach. Don’t think about it too much. If you’re with young kids they will love this place!

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Statues at Pantai make for great pictures! It can be hot days in Bali and if you are there during middle of the day, these statues are pretty spread and far out. So please take care of yourself when doing walks on a hot day on the beach!

Besides relaxing on the beach is also nice. Or the people would swim between the boats, do be careful though!

The beach also has facilities such as showers and toilets. Making it change easy. the use of t

Dining and Culinary Experiences Near Pantai Jerman

If you want it more fancy eat at ENVY, Google maps location.

ENVY is a beachfront restaurant near Pantai Jerman located at the Holiday Inn Resort Baruna Bali. It offers a relaxed and casual dining experience with a stunning view of the Indian Ocean. Set amidst tropical gardens, ENVY is perfect for both a casual lunch and romantic sunset dinners. The restaurant opens daily from 11 am and extends its hours until midnight on weekends.

The menu at ENVY features a variety of appetizers, salads, chargrilled sandwiches, burgers, chicken, fish, hot dogs, specialty wraps, and soft tacos. For those seeking a lighter meal, there are fresh sandwiches, crisp salads, and tropical drinks. ENVY is also known for its fusion cuisine and accommodates dietary and vegetarian requests with prior notice.

Adding to the dining experience, ENVY provides daily live entertainment and maintains a smart casual dress code. For convenience, table reservations are recommended at least one day in advance. ENVY’s idyllic setting, diverse menu, and live entertainment make it an ideal spot for both hotel guests and visitors seeking a memorable dining experience by the sea.

Other food options nearby are Pantai Restaurant and Brother’s Grill. Going more north and you will find The Wharf Restaurant Bali. Here you will find more simple local dishes.

Accommodations and Staying Near Pantai Jerman

I am going to name 3 here there difference is pretty big also in pricing. The pricing will depend on the season you are staying

  • Bintang Bali Resort (5 Star Resort)
  • Holiday Inn Resort Baruna Bali (5 star hotel)
  • Bakung Beach Resort (2-star hotel)

Bakung beach resort is ideal if you are on a budget in Bali. There are convenience stores nearby that sell you the stuff that you don’t find in the shower of the hotel. Besides that the swimming pool is also nice. It’s nearby Paintai Jerman, walking distance

Travel Tips for Visiting Pantai Jerman

The best time to visit Pantai Jerman is during the dry season, from April to October. You’ll enjoy sunny days and clear skies. It’s perfect for beach activities. Remember, it gets busier during sunset. That’s when the view is amazing.

It’s easiest to come by scooter or taxi. If you rented a car, the parking can be challenging and you might end up parking far away.

Enjoy Pantai Jerman one of the fun beaches of Bali! bring your kids and let them also have fun on their vacation!

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