Bali has re-opened for a while now and I am switching to how it is post-pandemic

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After almost 2 years, the island of Gods, Bali has reopened. I am happy because it brings the livelihood back into the island. A lot has happened since April, when the tourists started pouring in. Interested travelling to Bali or other parts of Indonesia? Do read about the entry requirements for Bali and other parts … Read more

New website for my recipes

Cooking on fire

Hello all, this website has not been updating for a while. I have been growing my YouTube channel Fleurdwi Cooking lately and paused writing for this blog. This is partially because of the current situation in the world. Moving forward I have created a new website containing recipes from my Cooking Channel. The new website … Read more

The “New Normal” for tourism

New Normal for Hotels

As we slowly get used to the new normal where we learn how to take extra steps for the safety of ourselves and others. I have been busy moving and going to a new place to save money in order to get through the pandemic in Bali. It is hard to take steps be safe … Read more

TaleTravels news: April 2020

TaleTravels news April 2020

This travel and food blog took a whole turn. There is of course almost no interest in traveling which 80% of my content is. I have had the plan to add food recipes and cooking videos on my blog as well. The dishes are mostly Indonesian and it’s a whole different way of making content. … Read more

TaleTravels 2020 March News

TaleTravels News

Our Travel Blog has been growing a lot since we started. I am having problems to find the time to also maintain social media to increase more readers and interaction. However, my first mission is to provide the infotainment you deserve. February Summarized I have written about Amed, Candidasa. The places to stay, eat and … Read more

News: Partnership with Bali travel agent

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This would be a normal newsletter but since I have no email subscribers yet I am just writing it as a story. January just happened and what a start of 2020 that was. To keep on topic a record amount of visitors came to the website and a new partnership has been established. If you … Read more