The Bali Beer Cycle

You don’t want to miss this unique experience. Picture yourself cycling through Kuta, and having a drink at the same time.

But it’s not just about the alcohol in Bali. The Bali Beer Cycle is an adventure in itself. You’ll explore Bali like never before, soaking in the sights, sounds, and scents from your bike seat, creating memories to cherish.

Whether you’re a beer enthusiast or seeking a one-of-a-kind Bali exploration, the Bali Beer Cycle is perfect for groups. So, ready to pedal off on your unforgettable journey?

How does the Bali Beer Cycle Work?

The Bali Beer Cycle offers a cool way to explore Bali. Imagine hopping on a bike, sipping chilled beer, and cruising around. And guess what? No need to pedal hard – the bike’s motorized!

With options for groups of up to 10 or 13, it’s perfect for outings. Plus, you’ll have a driver, a host, and security onboard.

Pick your drink package – beer, wine, or non-alcoholic. The beer deal? Bottomless Bintang beer and Smirnoff ice!

Expect about 2 hours of fun on wheels, with pit stops as needed. So, relax, soak up Bali’s beauty, and cheers to an unforgettable ride!

The different packages you can choose from

The Bali Beer Cycle offers different packages tailored to your tastes. Here’s what’s on offer:

  1. Beer Package: Enjoy unlimited Bintang beer, Guinness Smooth, Smirnoff Ice, and more for 600,000 IDR per person.
  2. Champagne Package: Sip on sparkling wine, Sav Blanc, Rose, and more for 700,000 IDR per person.
  3. Cider, Black Jack Package: Dive into Bintang beer, Smirnoff Ice, Bali Cider, and more for 650,000 IDR per person.
  4. Non-Drinking Package: Quench your thirst with soft drinks and water for 250,000 IDR per person.

Each package includes a 2-hour tour, bike rental, driver, hostess, and security. Feel free to mix and match within your group!

Where is it?

The Bali Beer Cycle kicks off at its headquarters, snugly located at No 18, Jl Kartika Plaza, Kuta. Nestled between the Discovery Hotel and Dynasty Hotel, it’s easy to find.

Now, let’s talk about the route. It’s a set path that guides you through the coolest spots in Kuta. You’ll soak in Bali’s sights from a whole new angle as you pedal through the city streets. The actual route might change a bit, but imagine cruising down Jl. Pulau Seram, Jl. Pulau Ambon, Jl. Pulau Sebatik, Jl. Teuku Umar, Jl. Imam Bonjol, Jl. Raya Kuta, and then onto Jl. Banjar Anyar/Jl. Kubu Anyar in Kuta, finally looping back to Jl. Kuta Center.

Keep in mind, except for quick bathroom breaks, you’ll be on the bike for the full 2-hour tour. So, gear up for a fantastic ride and let the good times roll!

Is it the beer cycle only for adults?

Curious if kids can hop on the Bali Beer Cycle? Yep, they sure can! But, there’s a rule. Kiddos gotta be at least 10 and ride with their folks. So, if you’re up for a family adventure, this could be a blast for you and your little ones. Just keep in mind, anyone under 21 can’t sip on the brews. Before reservation is confirmed when booking with kids, you will hear if it’s approved or not. They can go for the non drinking package

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For making a reservation you can visit the website or contact this number via whatsapp: +62 857-3893-0898

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