Menjangan tour snorkeling & diving Adventures near Pemuteran Bali

We took a trip to Pemuteran with the idea of snorkeling and diving as a family activity. After looking around for a dive center which is both affordable and safe for our group and that could pick us up and drop us off. We were with 6: 4 adults and 2 children. Upon finding out where we wanted to stay, we looked for a diving center nearby. Pemuteran has about 15 dive centers or perhaps even more. It’s safe to say there are plenty. We did this trip January 2024! so this review is super fresh!

Nemo Divers Bali

Right opposite of the road of Taman Sari is Nemo Divers Bali. We informed them via WhatsApp what we wanted. In case you are wondering this is their number +6281338773123.

My husband wanted to check out the dive center, the people and equipment.

There is an Olympus G6 camera with casing for rent: IDR 300.000 (about ~18 euro).

We brought ourselves: towels, dry clothes, camera. They provided the lunch.

Mengjangan Diving And Snorkeling Price list (2024)

The prices are fair and it includes the entrance fee to Mengjangan island. Two Dives for $110 at Mengjangan. I would say this is the average cost of diving and snorkeling near Menjangan island and Pemuteran.

After seeing the equipment and making the agreement to take them for our dive and snorkel trip the next day we did our fitting. We tried on the equipment, mask, snorkel, fins, life vest and all. We also asked if someone could guide us since some of us were a bit excited but also afraid. The people at Nemo Divers Bali assured us that we’re in good hands and safety is the most important. They make make their words come true or else I couldn’t be writing this.

The next day: picked up at 8:30 in the morning

We were excited for this. We were picked up at our resort and brought to the place. Right on time! The staff took time to some pictures of us so we could have a memorable moment.

The boat to Mengjangan Island

The boat is near the beach, sure our feet got wet but that’s ok! we were planning to swim anyway on our snorkeling tour! Most of us were already wearing our swimming clothes. We did not however have a drybag. Sometimes the inside of the boat gets splashed wet! but the boat had some compartments where you can safely store your bags and stuff so it would not get splashed wet from waves and such. There were 6 compartments, so plenty of space for everyone.

On our Boat we had a briefing, it would take 30 minutes to arrive at the first destination to snorkel and dive. then we took a rest on the island. Based on safety reasons (how we were) and weather conditions the second location was chosen.

The first Location was Eel Garden, and after we went to Coral Garden! Both are amazing to see and experience.

Eel Garden

What did we see when snorkeling here, Clear waters! even though it rained the night before it was very clear with good visibility. The water was nice, no cold experience here. We saw a Turtle, countless fish and amazing corals. It was beautiful. The guide had a floaty that we could grab on and he would swim us around.

And diving at Eel Garden was also good! Some pictures are attached from the dive. Cuttlefish and the turtle were the highlight. There was a very light to no current at Eel Garden. the temperature was nice.

Resting at Mengjangan island

Deers swimming to mengjangan island

When we went back on the boat and collected our divers we went on to Mengjangan Island. We actually saw deers crossing from Bali to the island. It was an amazing thing to see. Our captain stopped so not to scare the animals and we could take pictures from a safe distance without stressing them.

On The island, we received our lunch and we had an hour break to enjoy rest and walk around. It was very hot during that time. We saw also some deer (Do not feed them!). Our lunch was typical Balinese Food. Nasi Campur and Bami Goreng. There was a third choice as well but we carb-loaded for our intensive activities.

deer at mengjangan island

we saw 4-5 different deers on the island. Many people took rest after swimming. Some don’t swim they come because it’s an Instagrammable place. TIP: there is a toilet at the big building in Mengjangan, but no warung, it’s not a place for buying stuff or spending money.

There is a huge board with an entrance fee to it, but this was included with our Diving/Snorkeling trip.

After an hour’s rest, we went back to the boat and continued to Coral Garden

Coral Garden Dive and snorkeling

Snorkeling and diving had a small current. but very enjoyable! We saw beautiful fish, lively colours and it goes without saying, lots of corals! During the snorkeling, we had more courage as it was our second time. We felt safe and had a great experience. The swimming itself was also fun.

The Dive is alongside a reef where a blacktip shark was spotted, some lobsters and more!

After snorkeling and diving

The captain took us to an Instagrammable spot for a nice picture with a big statue of Ganesh on the background. For sure the staff took care.

Conclusion Review of Nemo Divers Bali

The people are professional and make sure we have our fair share of family fun! It was a great experience for some of the group who actually did first-time boat snorkeling tour at Mengjangan. The diving was also safe and excellent. I mean the amount of life to see and experience in such clear waters. It’s a super recommended spot to go to when in Pemuteran Bali.

I highly recommend them since it was a safe experience (note our daughter is 4 when she did this and she had a blast and it was super safe). Be sure to also look at the weather yourself and decide if it’s safe for you. For us that was the most important part; being safe! The staff also went out their way to make us have fun, get good pictures and have a memorable experience in Pemuteran, Mengjangan!

Thank you so much Nemo Divers Bali! and let me copy their whatsapp number for you again: +6281338773123


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