Kopi Klotok Yogyakarta – popular warung

Warung Kopi Klotok

When in Yogyakarta take the opportunity to go and visit Kopi Klotok. It’s a warung that is in the middle of lush green (rice) fields. The food is best described as Javanese traditional grandma’s recipes and taste. It’s a busy place that attracts people from all over Java to experience the food and surrounding nature. … Read more

Complete Street Food tour guide in Yogyakarta

Angkringan Yogyakarta

I took a trip to Yogyakarta (Jogja) for the culinary experience. The street food there is very popular for the experiences and unique taste. Yogyakarta itself is worth a visit for the culture, food, and history. So prepare yourselves for the ultimate food experience of Yogyakarta as we’re about to share with you what we … Read more

Tongseng: typical food from Yogyakarta

Tongsen Kambing

Tongseng is a typical dish from Central Java. So you will find many places to enjoy tongseng in Yogyakarta. I went to a place in Sleman, Ngaglik which is 8 km north of the center from Yogyakarta. Tongseng is a curry dish made from goat meat and comes in different variations. This place and dish … Read more