Qatar Airways all the vegetarian meals

In 4 long haul flights from Qatar Airways, I requested vegetarian meals. I don’t like the taste of airplane meat that much. This is because the elevation causes the taste to change a little bit. Interested in a review about Qatar Airways Economy Class? It’s about service, cleanliness, and comfort, read the review.

A total of about 35 hours of flight time I have received 7 vegetarian meals for breakfast lunch and dinner and several snacks. So check out what to expect.

The Menus onboard Qatar Airways

The menu by the standard is not vegetarian. To order a vegetarian meal onboard Qatar Airways you would need to request at the online check-in or with your travel agent who booked for you. Since I am a member (burgundy, which is the lowest), I just log in at and manage my booking there I would like to have vegetarian.

All the bottled waters served were Alkaline water. It’s slightly higher in PH value I could not taste that, it tasted like normal water. Alkaline water is supposedly lowering blood pressure.

Alkaline water at Qatar

Main (Asian) Vegetarian Meals onboard Qatar Airways

Main meal Qatar Airways Vegetarian

My First main meal consisted of rice as a source of carbs. The rice is accompanied by beans and green pee are both drenched in a tasty savory sauce. For an economy class meal, this was surely already great. With it as well some fruit and a salad (including dressing), bread and some butter.

Next Vegetarian Meal

Lacta-Ovo Vegetarian meal from Qatar Airways

This meal arrived about 8 hours after my first dish prior to landing in Doha. Yellow Rice accompanied by vegetarian burgers filled with potatoes (I think) and some soy tofu in a sauce. At this moment since it was a while before I ate I was just craving for some food. So at that moment, I would find almost anything delicious. The side dishes are yogurt, a cucumber salad, bread, and butter.

Vegetarian breakfast from Qatar Airways

Breakfast Qatar Airways Economy class

Breakfast was labeled as AVML. This one came with the recognizable green pee’s but with yellow rice. The color yellow came from cumin. The yoghurt was pleasant at breakfast as it wasn’t so heavy. The fruit I finished before realizing there was no photo of this dish yet. The fruit was similar to my first main meal.

Non-lactose vegetarian/Vegan meal

No Yoghurt or even butter was given at this one. It felt more like a vegan meal. This meal was not filling. I still had an appetite after this. The taste was leaning to tomato. Everything tasted like tomato, even the green beans.

This one again: Lacta-Ovo

Vegetarian lacta-ove from Qatar Airways

I had this one already but ok It’s food and I’ll take it. It wasn’t bad anyway. I think they consider this lacta-ovo since it contains yogurt. Technically it is correct

A new one

1 broccoli Qatar airways meal

This single broccoli meal without yogurt or butter was the only meal that needed a bit more taste. But knowing they will add more salt and perhaps MSG because it’s airplane-food makes me want to NOT add extra salt. This one came without diary products: No butter, no Yogurt. People around me would seem to receive this. I would get double fruit instead. Maybe it was a vegan meal.

The Snack

This hearty snack was filled with curry potato. A heavy carb snack. Others would receive a meat sandwich. This snack was however very tasty and welcome.

snack on qatar airways economy class

That’s it, all the vegetarian meals I received from Qatar Airways in 4 flights totaling 35 Hours.

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