Grab vs Gojek test in Yogyakarta

gojek rider

Almost 3 years ago I wrote about the online taxi’s in Bali, namely the 2 giants in Indonesia: Gojek and Grab. Both have extensive services like paying for insurance, water, buying your listrik token and the list goes on. Most general services used by tourists is for delivery and transportation. I often hear about just … Read more

Languages in Bali

friendly people of Indonesia

With so many different languages around the world going on, we’re lucky that the touristic places in Bali do speak and understand English. Not only the English language, some guides and travel agencies are able to communicate in different languages. For example French, Dutch, German, Italian, Japanese and many more. However let’s try to learn … Read more

Bali Amed Guide Best for 2022 and after

Amed Sunset Point

Are you looking for a quiet and peaceful place in Bali? Do you like to snorkel, free or scuba dive, yoga? Then Amed is for you! It’s pretty far from most things as it is a 3-4 hour drive from Seminyak, Canggu, depending on traffic. The first thing I notice when arriving in Amed, it’s … Read more

Culture shocks in Bali Indonesia

great weather in Indonesia for tourists

It’s 2020, people haven’t been able to travel or go on vacation for a while now. It’s only a matter of when we can travel again, that’s when many first timers will visit Bali. It used to have hundreds of thousands of visitors each month, more than several millions a year. Every first-timer gasps in … Read more