Kubu Padi Wooden House Pemuteran Bungalow reviewed

For our trip to Pemuteran our usual stay in Taman Sari was booked. But Because we wanted to be near the BioRock for snorkeling and the beach we booked Kubu Padi Wooden House which is right there next to Taman Sari.

Kubu Padi has a few bungalows (I think 6 or 7 or so) so it isn’t too crowded or busy in there. Which makes it ideal for a group not wanting to be in a busy place.

The cost per night at Kubu Padi Wooden House differs, There could be promo’s going on. You better check at Booking or any other site. It isn’t expensive if that’s what you are thinking about, about IDR 600,000 per night (€ 35).

The Bungalow

extra bed

There is enough space in the bungalow. We requested an extra bed and we’ve received a proper extra bed. It was unlike having a mattress on the floor which sometimes happens. So it was nice to see that we had something like this. The extra bed was IDR 150,000 per night (almost 10 euro).

water dispenser

There is a wooden cupboard with on top an electric water cooker, tea, coffee, 2 cups and 2 small water bottles. Luckily outside they but a big water dispenser where we can take our drinking water from. This allowed us to refill our water over the 4 days we were there. I found it very good for the eco-tourism to give an option to the guests to not be reliant on single-use plastic! BIG PLUS!

In your room below the water cooker, that’s the safety deposit box. It’s with a key. It even fitted our small luggage.

shower open roof

The shower area doesn’t have a roof, that’s open like most resorts and villa’s have. You got to be ok with this type when you stay here. There is soap, shampoo, toothburh and toothpaste provided. Nearby 2-3 minute walk there is a supermarket where you can also buy some other things you might want/need.

The Internet speed wasn’t very fast like 6mbit down and 2 mbit up. It could be because the bungalow we had was far from the hotspot, but for the digital nomads wanting to travel, you’ve been informed. You could be using a (e)Sim for connectivity.

Swimming Pool

The swimming pool is nice and pretty big and also has a deep part. The deep part is more than 2 meters! and the small part is less than 1 meter, so children could be safe here. But always let them be under supervision! There are sunbeds to chill and relax.


This accommodation comes with breakfast with the choice of bami goreng, nasi goreng, (typical Indonesian food) toast with variety of eggs and pancake with different fruits. You also get to choose between coffee and tea. The coffee is “tubruk”. This means the coffee residu is on the bottom! don’t drink that part. The breakfast are good portions.

Look & feel of the resort

The resort feels like a well deserved vacation spot. Excellent spot to relax and rest after a day of snorkeling and diving in Mengjanagan or Pemuteran. It’s nice and green, best thing pretty calm for a place! There were 3 other bungalows taken during the time we were there and they did their own things during the day. We only saw them during the breakfast time. Other than that we had the pool to ourselves like 90% of the time.

Kubu Padi Literature

In the restaurant area there are 2 bookshelves with books in different languages. Most are in French and German! but there are also English reading material if you want to read.

The Staff

The staff catered to our needs when we wanted to order something. They helped in renting a motorbike! So it was pretty nice that they made life easy 🙂 Thank you staff of Kubu Padi Wooden House!!!

They gave us a warm welcome and even a warm goodbye! They’re lovely people!

Nearby Activities

Pemuteran has different things, you could take the boat to mengjanagan for snorkeling and diving, or you can do that right on the beach there. You could drive around and see what Pemuteran is about or go to the temple (watch out for the Monkeys there!)

Our Experience

I would say we are pretty successful family getaway vacation! highly recommend it! You can also go to Taman Sari Swimming Pool or Bar. The only requirement is that you order something there. The staff is friendly. Pemuteran should be on your list when you visit, and take this accommodation into consideration 🙂

The review is our own and we paid for our accommodation. Any comments, questions, please let me know!

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