10 Delicious vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Amsterdam. A mouthwatering experience for even meat-eaters.

Best Vegetarian and Vegan restaurants in Amsterdam

“Vegenuary” is almost over and some will decide to keep on going or eat at least more often vegetarian. Being a vegan/vegetarian used to be hard, and it still can be depending on where you are. Many restaurants don’t offer an option for this. There are restaurants with little vegetarian options and they simply look … Read more

Why visit Amsterdam? 12 Honest reasons

What to do in Amsterdam

If you are reading this, you might be looking for reasons to visit Amsterdam. The answer can be short as in “because”. But here are 12 honest reasons to visit Amsterdam. If this destination was not yet on your list, you might want to add it after reading this. After going to Amsterdam, seeing and … Read more

When is the best time to visit Amsterdam? Which of the 4 seasons is best for me?

Best time to visit Amsterdam

Throughout the year Amsterdam gets visited for different reasons. Some people are looking for the low season because it will be less touristy and hotels should become cheaper. Others would be looking for the cold, to try on their winter clothes and experience winter. Throughout the year there are 4 different seasons, and these seasons … Read more

Best bars in Amsterdam. For every occasion a place to drink updated for 2020

Best Bars in Amsterdam

Going to Amsterdam without going to a bar inside Amsterdam, is like not seeing any of the canals. Unless you’re underage than it’s understandable. The drinking age for beer is 18 and strong drinks 21 in The Netherlands. Yes, this is enforced. But don’t come with the excuse of being alcohol-free person, because there are … Read more