Qatar Airways Economy Review (Asian Vegetarian Meal)

When booking a flight, we would prefer to travel with Qatar Airways. There are several reasons for this, and I would like to remind you that this review is written in 2019 based on several long haul flights of experience with different airline carriers. We will be reviewing the economy class for comfort. Check out the All Vegetarian meals from Qatar Airways.

For our international flights, we’ve been flying with Boeing 777-300ER airplanes. There are several models and the difference in Economy is some have a maximum width of 3-4-3 seats. This would indicate 3 on the left 4 in the middle and 3 on the right.

Qatar Awards in 2019

Qatar has been awarded by Apex, Skytrax, and Tripadvisor for many great achievements over the last few years. Several awards important to the economy class traveler is the Best economy class of the middle east by TripAdvisor. This means it would go up against Emirates and Etihad. Winning this award over the other 2 means something.

Next to the Best Economy Class award, they have awards such as best cabin experience, best food/drink, and service. Read about Qatar awards and achievements

A 10-hour flight to DOHA in Economy

qatar ecnomy class long haul review-taletravels

This would only cover about half the journey of the total to be made. Flying almost half a day it is important that you are comfortable. Having comfort means:

  • Seat space
  • Leg space
  • Entertainment
  • Food
  • Service
  • cleanliness of the bathroom

Next to the price of the ticket, I consider the reputation and comfort of importance.

Seats in Economy of Qatar airways

One of the most important factors for any traveler is the seats. You don’t want to be cramped up with a position for yourself that would hurt you by the end of the journey. But with Qatar Airways the seats are pretty comfortable. There was more than enough space to have a good posture when sitting and also reclining the seat in a semi-lying and sitting position provided with enough comfort to take several long naps during the flight. The headrest is sturdy and flexible at the same time, you can shape it in order to lean your head. I can imagine though people taller than 6 feet 3, (about 1.90m) will have their knees against the chair in front of them.

TIP for extra leg space: Check-in online 48 hours in advance and choose the right seat. Qatar Economy class has a few dozen seats with extra leg space. These are the spaces in front of each cabin. This means that there is no-one sitting in front of you. You can choose a window or aisle seat. Another extra leg space seat is the line of seats next to the emergency exit. They provide some extra leg space. So check these two options if you really are in need of extra leg space in Economy class. This goes for every airline.

traveling with 2 free seats next to me


Amenity kit

I find the image of the packaging very funny, as this is Amsterdam. The contents of these and unfortunatly I did not make a picture of that are:

  • Tootbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Eyemask
  • Socks
  • earplugs

Qatar onboard inflight entertainment: Oryx

For me, this is a big winner. They have hundreds if not perhaps even thousands of hours worth of just movies alone. I love it, all the diversity and things you would never watch. There is normal Hollywood production but there are also interesting movies in Tamil, Hindi, Korean, Tagalog, Urdu and many more languages. Next to movies there are also many popular TV series to watch and documentaries. Music and games are also provided by the entertainment system. Sometimes it even has multiplayer games. The screen is also of good quality. Their onboard inflight entertainment system is called Oryx.

There is a standard headset they give in Economy class, it gives adequate sound but for some movies and music it would be wise not to set the volume too high or else the treble will just dominating the other sounds.

Food: Asian Vegetarian Meal

I know that the taste of food changes when you are flying at 30000 ft up in the air (about 10km). The altitude does something to taste, and it would taste blander in general. A beer would taste weirdly more flat although it is well carbonated.

When you book your ticket with Qatar Airways, you have many options to choose from for your meals. The choices are:

  • Asian Vegetarian Meal
  • Bland meal (easy to digest)
  • Diabetic Meal
  • Fruit only
  • Gluten-free meal
  • Hindu-meal
  • Low-cholesterol / Low-fat
  • Low Sodium/salt
  • Low-calorie meal
  • Non-lactose meal
  • Raw vegetarian meal
  • Vegetarian Jain meal
  • Vegetarian Lacto-Ovo meal (Meal including dairy and eggs)
  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian Oriental

The meal I had was different from the people sitting near me. They had included yogurt, which this particular Asian Vegetarian Meal did not have. To replace my yogurt they gave another glass of fruit. The last vegetarian meal on the flight did have yogurt and it tasted good.

The taste of the meal was good. I could taste the sweet and sour of the dish very well, as well as the sauce was salty enough. But it would appear my first two meals were without dairy products. Although the taste was good, I still had an appetite an hour after.

Service in Qatar in Economy Class

With some more appetite, I decided it would be good to know about the service in Economy. Pushing the button on the remote, looking like an icon of a person, a small service light lit above my head. All the stewards and stewardess were working on preparing the next thing to serve for the travelers.

Within 1 minute or so, it felt very fast, 1 stewardess came to me. I told her if I could have something to eat. She asked me If I already ate, I told her yes I was served a meal before but I just felt an appetite and would like something to eat. She said ok and asked if I wanted eggs with sausage. I replied yes. She went to get my meal request, and another stewardess came to me, looking for the service light. I was already helped I gestured, and she understood. Impressive all under a minute or two whilst everyone is busy, they made an effort for very good service.

The meal came without a bread, and she apologized for not having bread for me. I was already with I can eat something and she tried to serve me the whole meal package with fruit and yogurt on the side. I got also an extra drink next to my meal. The scrambled egg with sausage was a good meal to satisfy my tummy.

scrambled eggs sausage economy class food qatar airways


I had an aisle seat near the back. If you are wondering if I can hear the toilet, the answer is no. Maybe because of the headset or and watching movies I had no issue with sounds from doors constantly opening and closing because I don’t hear them. But sitting nearby also gives me the comfort going almost any time I want, unless there is a line. Every time I went to the bathroom it was clean. It was clear that it would be regularly cleaned. So this made it ok to go when needed to go.

Arriving at DOHA airport

Several years ago, DOHA airport felt incomplete. During the soft opening of 2014 when passengers started arriving at the airport and a lot of finishing at the airport was still much needed. There was limited space available for passengers and going to the gate was a bit harder. So reading any older reviews and experiences about the airport would be invalid.

The airport is big and many people from all over the world travel through or to this destination. My connecting flight was soon, so I quickly just browsed around before going on the next flight for another 8 hours. The airport is big and impressive. You can lounge in some area’s, or go to the food court with all the restaurants. Shopping at the airport is a thing, as I see bigger brands display their products under a shiny light. There are many designer brands and jewelry to shop for.

This airport has an area for service dogs. So they could do their business as well at the airport. Since my time at the airport was shortlived I quickly went to the gate and waited to board.

Conclusion about Qatar Airways Economy Class Review:

With consistent great service and comfort, I became a member of Qatar and One World Alliance and have been traveling with them for the past few years. Asian vegetarian meal is delicious at Qatar Airways but does not really fill a lot. Their service is good that they can provide extra food when requested.

I am not paid or do not get any benefits by writing about Qatar in a blog post. I just hope within the near future this post helped you make a choice which airline to take. This trip was self-paid and nothing was sponsored.

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