Why are there no tall buildings or sky scrapers in Bali

Have you ever been to Bali? If you have, you might have noticed something. There aren’t any tall buildings like skyscrapers. Most places around the world have them, but not Bali. Why? It’s because of Bali’s history and rules. This makes Bali special. When you’re there, you can see the sky clearly and feel close to nature.

Bali’s Few Tall Buildings and the Coconut Tree Rule

In Bali, there’s a hotel called the Inna Grand Bali Beach Hotel. Before, people knew it as the Bali Beach Hotel. This hotel is special because it’s taller than most buildings in Bali. They used money from Japan (compensation funds) after a war to build it. It’s the only hotel in Bali that’s taller than 15 meters. That’s taller than a coconut tree, which is the usual height limit in Bali. (source: Travel Weekly Asia). Inna Grand Bali Hotel in Sanur is currently (being) transformed into an international hospital.

Why is this building tall when most in Bali are not? President Sukarno made the rule after the Bali Beach Hotel was built. The rule said buildings shouldn’t be taller than coconut trees. This is known as the “Coconut Tree Rule.” source: (Height restriction law Wikipedia) The idea was to keep Bali looking natural and beautiful.

Cultural and Religious Implications

Besakih Temple

Bali is a special place with deep roots in the Hindu religion. Hindu leaders play a big part in making decisions. One of those decisions is about how tall buildings should be. They believe buildings shouldn’t be too tall. Why? Because they don’t want them to be taller than their sacred temples, called “pura.”

These temples are very important to the people of Bali. They are places of worship and hold a lot of history. By keeping buildings shorter than the temples, it shows respect. It’s a way of saying that nothing is more important or bigger than their faith and traditions.

So, when you’re in Bali and you look around, remember that the low buildings aren’t just about rules. They’re about showing respect to the island’s deep cultural and religious beliefs.

Bali’s Building Rule Today and What It Might Mean for the Future

Today, Bali still follows the rule about not building too tall. But it’s not always easy as the island is growing. More tourists are coming. And with more people, there’s a need for more buildings.

But Bali wants to keep its special look and feel. They don’t want big buildings everywhere. They want to keep their culture and history alive. That’s why they try to find a balance. They want to welcome tourists but also protect what makes Bali, well, Bali.

What about the future? Some people think the rule might change. Maybe they’ll allow taller buildings in some places. But many hope that Bali will always keep its unique skyline. It’s a big part of what makes the island so special. (I hope it just stays, it’s that charming way, besides plenty other stuff can be developed on)

Wrapping It Up: Bali’s Special Blend of Buildings, Beliefs, and Beauty

Bali is more than just a place. It’s a feeling. When you’re there, you can see how everything fits together. The buildings, the culture, and the natural beauty all blend in a special way. It’s like a dance where every step is in harmony.

The buildings aren’t tall like in other places. But that’s what makes Bali stand out. It’s a choice they made to honor their history and beliefs. And it gives the island a unique look that you won’t find anywhere else.

So, if you ever visit Bali, take a moment. Look around. Enjoy the view. And remember the story behind it. It’s a story of respect, tradition, and love for a place that’s like no other.

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