Arak from Indonesia (Bali)

Arak Indonesia

The tax law from Indonesia makes alcohol consumption pretty costly. Especially on a tourist island such as Bali where beers, cocktails and spirits are drank often. Because of the costs involved, locals in Bali (and Indonesia) reinvented Arak, a local distilled drink. The alcohol percentage varies in the drink between 30% – 60%. It depends … Read more

Nyipeng (Nyepi) for another 3 days in Bali. How to prepare for the 3-day lockdown/isolation

UPDATE: 8 April 2020 Nyipeng is canceled more on this at or,Hasil-Rapat-PHDI-dan…html It is encouraged to stay at home and keep a social distance from each other. A form of Nyepi is coming again. It’s called Nyipeng. The government of Bali has asked and is encouraging its citizens to stay at home for … Read more