Top 21 Bali Flower Baths: A Unique Experience in Bali

I want to share an experience that I’ve had several times. Imagine a bath, but not just any bath. Picture a bath filled with sweet-smelling flowers and warm, gentle waters hugging your skin. Welcome to the beautiful world of flower baths of Bali! It’s a special experience that mixes chill-out time with a peek into the island’s culture. You can find these lovely baths at fancy spas, private pools, and even in your own room.

Come with me as I share the top picks across Bali, making sure your trip is dotted with moments of pure, happy escape. From the lively center of Ubud to the peaceful cliffs of Uluwatu, each flower bath gives you a one-of-a-kind experience. Keep reading to jump into a world where tradition, nature, and relaxation bloom into an experience you’ll always remember, and let us guide you through the sweet-smelling waters of Bali’s best flower baths.

When going to a Spa the flower bath is in combination of a massage, body scrub or some package of your choice that includes the whole experience. At the bottom I will include a map with all the places mentioned.

TIP: sometimes the hotel/villa decorates your bed with welcome flowers. you can create your own flower bath with that.

Benefits of the Flower Bath

flower bath bali

Flower baths, particularly common in Bali and known as Bali flower baths, have a long history of healing techniques. Here are some of the benefits of flower baths:

  • Relaxation and Stress Relief: The flowers and herbs used in the baths have natural revitalizing and cleansing properties. They promote feelings of peace and well-being, leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.
  • Skin Care: Depending on the ingredients, flower baths can have various beneficial effects. For example, a citrus bath will rejuvenate and refresh the body, a rose and coconut milk bath hydrates the skin, lavender flowers calm the body and mind and relieve stress, and a hibiscus bath is rich in antioxidants and has fantastic anti-aging properties.
  • Detoxification: Wellness baths are not only beautiful but can also provide many health benefits, for more balanced hormones, and relaxation.
  • Spiritual Healing: In Bali, The Balinese people take their culture and heritage seriously and all customs and ceremonies are performed with purpose. This is also true for the flower bath. Bali flower bath is actually called the ‘ceremony of flowers’.
  • Mental Health Benefits: Treating yourself to a beautiful flower bath is a fantastic way of expressing self-love and practicing mindfulness.

Before I continue, the prices may change due to seasonality or just price changes. THey are a good indication for what to expect.

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Tjampuhan Spa

Photo credit: Tjampuhan Spa

Tjampuhan Spa, located in Ubud, is part of the Tjampuhan Hotel. It’s famous for its royal flower bath that overlooks the river. The spa offers a serene environment where you can relax and rejuvenate while enjoying the beautiful view of the river. Cost: IDR 600,000 ($42 USD)
Website: Tjampuhan Spa

Komaneka at Bisma

Situated in the heart of Ubud, Komaneka at Bisma offers a luxurious flower bath experience. The spa overlooks the Campuhan River Valley, providing a tranquil setting for relaxation. Cost: IDR 1,100,000 per couple or IDR 600,000 per person ($77 USD or $42 USD respectively)
Website: Komaneka at Bisma

The Udaya Resort

Just 10 minutes from Ubud, The Udaya Resort is renowned for its flower bath. Here, you can enjoy a flower scrub followed by an immersive flower bath, all while surrounded by the resort’s lush greenery. Cost: IDR 875,000 ($60 USD)
Website: The Udaya Resort

Karsa Spa

Karsa Spa is also located in Ubud and is known for its famous red petals bath. The spa provides a peaceful atmosphere where you can soak in a bath filled with vibrant red petals.
Website: Karsa Spa

Arya Villas Ubud

photo credit: Arya Villas Ubud

Adiwana Arya is conveniently located only 5-10 minutes from Ubud center. Each room features a shower and a large bath where you can arrange your own private flower bath. Cost: IDR 150,000 ($10.50 USD), with a massage it cost a bit more but it’s also worth pampering yourself.
Wbsite: Arya Villas Ubud

Magic Hills

At Magic Hills, you can enjoy a private flower pool to celebrate special occasions. Nestled in the mountains, the location provides a refreshing and unique experience.
Website: Magic Hills Bali


FiveElements is a luxury eco-friendly spa located outside Ubud. Although it’s more expensive than others, it offers a full experience in the spa with holistic healing and wellness treatments. Cost: $35 USD for single visitors and $45 USD for couples
website: Fivelements Retreat

Wapa Di Ume Sidemen

Wapa Di Ume Sidemen is a renowned resort known for its flower baths that look out to the jungle. Here, you can soak in a fragrant flower bath while enjoying views of Bali’s lush jungle.
website: Wapa di Ume Sidemen

Calma Ubud

Calma Ubud offers large round flower baths where you can choose the colors. It’s an ideal place to unwind and enjoy a personalized spa experience. Cost: Around $20 USD
Website: Calma Ubud

Hanging Gardens of Bali

Hanging Gardens of Bali offers a luxurious flower bath experience in a private infinity pool overlooking the jungle. It’s an ultimate relaxation spot where you can immerse yourself in nature while enjoying a soothing flower bath.
Website: Hanging Gardens Of Bali

The Kayon Jungle Resort In Ubud

The Kayon Jungle Resort offers a lovely flower bath with a view of the Petanu river valley. Surrounded by lots of green plants, it also has a spa center where you can get even more relaxed. It’s a place where peace and nature come together, offering a gentle escape from the everyday rush. You’ll find yourself surrounded by the gentle sounds and sights of the vibrant jungle.
Website: The Kayon Jungle Resort

The Royal Pita Maha

The Royal Pita Maha lets you enjoy a fancy flower bath while looking out at the Ayung River valley. It has a spa center and a place to work out, keeping your body and mind happy. This spot mixes relaxation and natural beauty, creating a space where you can unwind fully. The gentle flow of the river and the lush surroundings will surely enhance your relaxation.
Website: The Royal Pita Maha

Padma Resort Ubud

Padma Resort Ubud, located in Payangan, lets you take a flower bath with a view of a bamboo forest. With an outdoor pool and a spa, your relaxation is guaranteed. This spot is where comfort and nature blend, offering a peaceful retreat for all guests. The whispering bamboo and gentle breezes add an extra layer of tranquility to your stay.
Website: Padma Resort Ubud

Bali Botanica Day Spa

Bali Botanica Day Spa in Ubud offers a flower bath and a view of the rice fields. You’ll get a 65-minute massage, a spice scrub, yogurt, and a flower bath. This place offers a full journey of relaxation, surrounded by Bali’s green landscapes. The peaceful rice fields provide a calming backdrop for your spa day, ensuring total tranquility.
Website: Bali Botanica Day Spa

The Sankara Resort & Spa In Ubud

photo credit: Sankara Spa

The Sankara Resort & Spa offers a flower bath with a view of the rice fields. Spend a lovely afternoon at Radha Spa, enjoying a wonderful flower bath. Surrounded by peaceful landscapes, it’s a highlight of any Bali trip. The gentle rustling of the rice fields and the serene environment will surely make your experience memorable.
Website: Sankara Resort & Spa

Blue Karma Secrets

In Ubud, Blue Karma Secrets offers a flower bath with a stunning view on nature. Here, calm meets elegance, providing a peaceful escape among nature’s best offerings. The vibrant surroundings, filled with the gentle sounds and sights of nature, will make your flower bath experience even more special and relaxing.
website: Blue Karma Dijiwa Ubud

The Edge Bali

The Edge Bali lets you take a fancy flower bath with an ocean view. It’s on the cliffs of Bali’s southernmost peninsula and looks over the Indian Ocean. You’ll relax with amazing natural beauty all around. The sound of the waves and the endless ocean view will make your bath unforgettable.
website: The Edge Bali

The Ritz-Carlton

In Nusa Dua, The Ritz-Carlton, Bali offers a fancy flower bath with an ocean view. It’s on a clifftop in Uluwatu, Bali, and has amazing views of the ocean. Here, you’ll find a calm and fancy escape where you can relax and look out at the big, serene ocean. The gentle ocean breeze and the soothing sounds of the waves will enhance your luxurious bath experience.
website: Ritz-Carlton

Ayana Resort and Spa

Located in Jimbaran, Ayana Resort and Spa offers a luxurious flower bath experience with an ocean view. The resort is renowned for its spa services, which include a variety of treatments such as massages, body scrubs, and the signature flower bath. The flower bath is a unique experience where guests can relax in a tub filled with fragrant flowers while enjoying the stunning ocean view. Cost: IDR 650,000 ($45.67 USD)
website: AYANA Resort Bali

Four Seasons Resort Bali at Jimbaran Bay

Four Seasons Resort Bali at Jimbaran Bay offers a luxurious flower bath experience with an ocean view. The resort’s spa services are designed to provide guests with a relaxing and rejuvenating experience. The flower bath is one of their signature treatments, featuring a bathtub filled with fragrant flowers and essential oils. Cost: IDR 3,500,000 ($246.35 USD)
Website: Four Seasons Resort Bali At Jimbaran

Soori Bali

photo credit: Soori Bali Spa

Soori Bali, located in Tabanan, offers a luxurious flower bath experience with an ocean view. The resort is known for its wellness and spa services, which include a variety of treatments such as massages, body scrubs, and the signature flower bath.
Website: Soori Bali

There we have it. Bali’s Best Flower baths! Did you experience one (or maybe more). Am I missing something from my list? I’ve got some questions and answers for you that might help as well.

Questions about Bali flower baths

Can I book a flower bath experience in advance?

Yes, most resorts and spas allow you to book your flower bath experience in advance. It’s recommended to book ahead, especially during peak tourist seasons, to ensure availability. enquire on the cost at the same time

Are there any flower baths suitable for couples?

Some places in Bali offer romantic flower bath experiences for couples. Some resorts and spas even provide special packages for honeymooners or couples looking for a romantic getaway. do enquire before!

Can I customize my flower bath with specific flowers or essential oils?

Some spas and resorts allow customization of your flower bath, where you can choose specific flowers or essential oils. It’s best to check with the place directly and request your preferences when booking.

How long does a typical flower bath experience last?

The duration of a flower bath can vary, but typically, you can expect it to last between 30 minutes to an hour. Some places might offer extended experiences with additional spa treatments.

Map with the locations for the Flower Bath experience in Bali

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