When will Bali reopen for tourism? Is the end of Coronavirus in sight?

A lot of people are speculating about when Bali will reopen for tourism. I have heard over the past 4 weeks different things when it will reopen. It started with it might happen in May. But it’s almost June already and I have heard and read about July and even October. (Source: Bali looking to reopen to tourists in October)

Some hotels never closed, this is because there are still some tourists on this island, “stranded” (some by choice). Most hotels had to close and its staff went on furlough (unpaid leave).

Because of this many locals are struggling as the savings are starting to deplete and work is scarce. The economy of Bali (and the rest of the world as well) got hit, and reopening might soften this blow a little bit allowing people to earn some money again.

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The current facts of Corona in Bali

Indonesia corona graph news almost 1000 infected
source: screenshot from Google and Wikipedia

New cases are showing higher peaks at least once every week. This means there is an uptrend. An uptrend in new cases found means that the coronavirus is spreading to more and more people. 973 Confirmed corona cases found on May 21 was a shock to me. It was almost doubling the numbers!

As long as this is an uptrend, and tourists understand this, it might be not so attractive for tourism to come.

Indonesia confirmed recovered and deaths Coronavirus

Bali itself has 380 confirmed as per 22 May, with 284 recoveries and deaths. These numbers look good.

Indonesia has tested 229,334 people against its 273 million population so far, or around 839 tests per million, making it one of the worst testing rates in the world. 

Source: Covid-19 Pandemic in Indonesia

I myself would love to see the economy coming back because it’s also been hard on me.

The announcement of Bali maybe reopening in October took place right before the new peak of infections which was almost one thousand, hitting 4 digits is only a matter of tests and time as I see it.

I think as long as new cases are found which are a new record / high number, it would be a risk to everyone if Bali reopens. The people registered for 973 got infected about 2 weeks ago. With so much people going around after that and now during this, it could become much worse.

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When will Bali really reopen?

It is unknown for now. Even October is just a speculation from a lot of people as long as the numbers are not worsening in Bali itself. I hope work and livelihood can return to Bali in a safe way.

However, the graphs speak for itself. It’s far from over. People also travelled inside their own country, going back to villages as work wasn’t in the cities anymore or it was a tradition, idul fitri. This is when people would travel to see their families again to celebrate the end of Ramadan.

We would need to accept the new normal and practise safe way to prevent getting infected or in some cases passing along the virus (without knowing).

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