Banyumala Twin Waterfall in north Bali reviewed

Welcome to Banyumala Twin Waterfall in Bali. Hidden in North Bali, this place is a peaceful escape. Here, two waterfalls flow into a clear pool. It’s quiet and beautiful, perfect for relaxing. The trip there is an adventure through Bali’s green landscapes. When you get there, the sound of water and calm surroundings greet you. Ready for a peaceful nature experience? Banyumala Twin Waterfall is waiting.

Ultimate Guide to Visit Banyumala Twin Waterfall in Bali

Where is it and how to get there?

caution sign in munduk
caution sign while driving to the waterfall

Banyumala Twin Waterfall is located in the Wanagiri village of Sukasada, in the Buleleng Regency of North Bali, Indonesia. It’s about 1 to 1.5 hours from Seminyak or the south of Bali. When you leave from Ubud, it’s closer nearby and will take less time from here. The roads are scenic, winding through the center of the island as you approach the more mountainous areas.  Here’s how you can reach Banyumala:

  1. By Scooter: Renting a scooter is a popular choice. It’s flexible and lets you see Bali’s countryside. Just be careful on the roads and always wear a helmet.
  2. By Car: You can hire a car, with or without a private driver. This is more comfortable than a scooter, especially for longer drives. Local drivers know the roads well, which is helpful.

The roads to Banyumala are scenic. You’ll pass small villages and green fields. The roads get narrow and winding as you get closer to the waterfall. Use GPS or a map app to stay on track.

There’s a parking area near Banyumala. From there, you’ll walk (hike) around 30 minutes to reach the waterfall. The path is not too tough, but good shoes help. It’s all down hill with flights of stairs of different heights.

Best time to visit the beautiful waterfall?

Banyumala Waterfall with people swimming

The ideal time to visit Banyumala Twin Waterfall is during Bali’s dry season. This period stretches from April to October. During these months, the weather is more predictable, with less rain. This makes the trek to the waterfall safer and more enjoyable.

Visiting early in the morning is also a great idea. You’ll avoid the larger crowds that gather later in the day. Early mornings at Banyumala are peaceful, letting you experience the waterfall’s natural beauty in a quieter setting.

Keep in mind that Bali’s wet season, from November to March, can make the paths to Banyumala slippery and more challenging. If you visit during this time, be extra cautious on the trek.

What can you do at Banyumala Waterfall

Banyumala bamboo bridge

Swimming in the natural pool beneath the waterfall is a refreshing experience. The water is cool and inviting, perfect for a dip after your trek. Just be cautious as the rocks can be slippery.

For those who love photography, Banyumala offers a picturesque setting. The twin waterfalls, framed by lush greenery, create a stunning backdrop for your photos. Whether you’re using a professional camera or just your phone, you’ll find plenty of beautiful scenes to capture. Take the bamboo bridge for example. It’s Instagram-worthy!

If you’re looking to unwind, consider having a picnic near the waterfall. The sound of cascading water and the serene environment make for a perfect picnic spot. Just remember to bring your own food and drinks, as there are no shops in the vicinity.

For nature enthusiasts, exploring the area around the waterfall is a must. The rich biodiversity includes various plant species and birds, offering a glimpse into Bali’s natural beauty.

Sometimes, the best way to enjoy Banyumala is to simply relax and soak in the tranquility. Find a comfortable spot, listen to the soothing sounds of the water, and let the peacefulness of nature surround you.

I actually made a video here where I am enjoying the lush greenery and picking some wild ferns to eat.

How much does it cost to enter this waterfall in Bali?

As of 2024, the entrance fee to Banyumala Twin Waterfall is 50,000 Indonesian Rupiah, which is less than $3.50. This fee is used for the upkeep and preservation of the waterfall area. Additionally, if you’re arriving by vehicle, there’s a parking fee of 5,000 Rupiah, just under $0.50.

Tips for visitors to Banyumala Waterfall. What can you expect.

  1. Wear Comfortable Shoes: The path to the waterfall involves a bit of trekking. It’s not overly challenging, but it can be uneven and a bit slippery in places. Comfortable, sturdy shoes are a must to navigate the trail safely and comfortably.
  2. Bring Water and Snacks: Since Banyumala is a bit secluded, there aren’t any shops nearby. It’s a good idea to bring your own water and some snacks, especially if you plan to stay for a while. Staying hydrated is important, and having a snack on hand means you can relax and refuel whenever you need to.
  3. Don’t Forget Your Camera: The twin waterfalls and the surrounding natural beauty are truly photogenic. Whether you’re an avid photographer or just like to capture memories on your phone, make sure to bring your camera. You’ll find plenty of stunning scenes to photograph.
  4. Swimming Precautions: The natural pool at the base of the waterfall is inviting for a swim. The water is refreshing, especially on a hot day. However, be cautious as the rocks around and in the pool can be slippery. Always test your footing and enter the water slowly.
    TIP: The water feels cold and refreshing! Do not enter an airconditioned car directly after swimming and a hike upo, you might get sick
  5. Respect Nature: Banyumala is not just a tourist spot; it’s a part of Bali’s natural landscape. Please help keep it clean and beautiful for everyone to enjoy. Dispose of any trash properly, don’t disturb the wildlife, and leave the place as pristine as you found it.

Other nearby waterfalls in North Bali

Want to visit another waterfall? no worries I got you!

Sekumpul Waterfall: This one is stunning. It’s a bit of a hike to get there, but worth it. You’ll see a few different falls coming together.

Gitgit Waterfall: It’s one of the most famous in Bali. The water falls from a high place. It’s really beautiful and easy to get to.

Aling-Aling Waterfall: Here, you can do more than just look. People love to jump into the water and slide down natural slides.

These waterfalls are close to Banyumala. If you have time, try to see them too. Each one shows a different side of Bali’s nature.

Final thought great for a day trip

going home from Banyumala waterfal
on the way back you can see these kind of views

Visit the waterfall! It’s something that you should include in your Bali trip! Some might exaggerate that this is a hidden waterfall in north Bali. It’s pretty known. Take a dip in the (cold & refreshing) water. Enjoy the moment and make the insta shot that would make your friends want to come and experience this as well.

Not only the waterfalls are a great thing to see and experience. But the road itself to it both driving and hiking is well worth a memory that will last

foggy view in munduk
and these views too! suddenly a dense fog or cloud!

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