Face Kitchen: Indian & Thai restaurant in Jakarta

Face Kitchen, a restaurant formerly known as Lan Na Thai, continues to serve their customers during the pandemic. Taletravels.com was able to get an interview with them and was curious about how would a restaurant operate during a state of emergency.

UPDATE 3rd May 2020: The 25% Discount is still valid for take away and delivery from Face Kitchen. There is no end date for this yet.

The restaurant specializes in Thai and Indian food. If you are craving for some this would be an excellent solution. For those in a self-isolation/quarantine can order and have it delivered within Jakarta (Selatan).

Paneer pakora cottage cheese battered Indian Food

How many restaurants continue to operate in your area? 

Face Kitchen is located in the entertainment district of Senopati and SCBD, the area of SCBD is under the management of the Artha Graha group who recently stipulated the closure of all retail and F&B businesses. Senopati area has a dense variety of lounges, high-end restaurants, and trendy bars who all closed down as they are listed as a bar and not as a restaurant. Hence the answers to the ones who owned a restaurant license are the ones who remained open which is about 25%.

Why did you choose to stay open during the state of emergency Indonesia is in? 

This decision is solely made by the owner. 

What safety measurements are you and the staff of Face kitchen taking?

Physical distancing, tables are placed far enough from each other, clean thrice the tables a day with disinfectants as well as other public spaces. Have plenty of soap available for guests to wash their hands and hand sanitizers as well. Even though we operate as usual, we encourage guests by offering a 25% discount on takeaway and delivery to use these services rather than dine-in.

Are there many orders? How many?

We receive daily 10 takeaway and delivery orders since we are more of a dine-in outlet it remains to be seen if this is a lot.

What was the biggest order?

Food order for 3,5 million Rupiah. (around 215 dollars)

What kind of people still order? Are they families, single or just a married couple?

We don’t have any data on this as we only know their name and phone number.

Is this more than usual?

Usually, we have guests who dine-in usually it ‘s 35 guests a day in a week average. Therefore with the current unknown situation, we are happy we can receive orders from our guests.

To how far in distance do you go to deliver food in Jakarta?

We offer free delivery within a radius of 10 km, beyond that we charge 10.000 IDR per 5 km extra 

What are the most ordered and delivered dishes?

There are quite a few dishes that our guests really love to order. I will try to summarize them. It’s not in any order but these Thai and Indian food are ordered and delivered by us.

  • Beef Thai salad
  • Thai green curry
  • Pad Thai
  • Larb Thai Cuisine
  • Butter chicken
  • Spinach curries with bread/naan from the traditional tandoor oven
  • lemongrass chicken
  • spicy basil minced chicken

How long on average does it take to cook an order and deliver it to the doorstep?

On the average cooking process for our Indian food is fast as it requires mostly cooking from the big fire pans and ovens, Thai food tends to take more time as the variety of cuisine is simply bigger than the Indian one. Therefore on average, it’s 20 minutes max for both kitchens to adhere to.

Are your customers not afraid?

They are not afraid at all. I have not encountered any issues of fear at all.

What does the staff say about staying open during the pandemic?

They do understand the situation as we. It’s simply surviving this pandemic. 

What would happen if 1 staff get corona?

We would have to close as this matter is a serious health concern for all involved.

Food delivery from Face Kitchen in Jakarta

This restaurant encourages the citizens of Jakarta (Selatan) to stay at home by ordering in during the COVID-19 crisis. With 25% discount (valid until may 1 2020), you can enjoy Indian and Thai food being delivered to your doorstep. No need to go out, just order your Thai or Indian food and wait for it to be delivered.

Face Kitchen like any other business is heavily affected by the pandemic. They recently rebranded from Lan Na Thai, so there is already a lot of experience in this restaurant.

They take measurements like better hygiene, distancing tables. So to help them encourage use the number below to contact them and have your fill with Indian or Thai food.

Taletravels is not affiliated with Face Kitchen. If you order anything from them, I do not get paid for that. This is not a paid post but rather something I deemed interesting since it’s food-related and also during the crisis. I encourage to flatten the curve, stay at home as much as possible.

To my readers in Jakarta craving for Indian or Thai food. Order in as they deliver.

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