This Is Why Indonesia For Tourism Is So Famous in 2019

Indonesia airport bringing tourists in and back
Image by Ibrahim Ismail from Pixabay

Nearly 16 million tourists came to Indonesia in 2018. Every year the tourism has been increasing. Thus making Indonesia a famous country to visit for tourists. (source: The Jakarta Post)

Indonesia consists of many islands, 17000 approximately. But there are only a few places that the tourists come to visit. Not all the touristic destinations in Indonesia have an airport because of some islands are too small or impractical to build an airport. In this article, I am focussing on the non-city destinations.

Below is a map of Indonesia with some of the tourist destinations. Note that not all tourist destinations have an airport. For the destinations without an airport, you would need to go to a nearby airport and most likely take a car and boat to get to your destination. Just to clarify, not all the airports of Indonesia are listed here and not listing the big cities as well.

Touristic Destinations without an airport in Indonesia

  • Gili Islands
  • Komodo Island and neighboring islands
  • Nusa Lembongan
  • Nusa Penida
  • Raja Ampat islands

These destinations can be reached by boat. However when the sea is becoming too wild there will be no boats transporting tourists untill the sea settles down. There might be more touristic island destinations without an airport. There are at the top of my mind as the most popular.

Touristic Destinations with an airport

Ok so we just covered which destinations are with an airport, and as you can see, there aren’t that many. I want to go back to as why you should visit Indonesia and why it is so great for tourism.

Indonesian Food(gasms)

Indonesian Food Nasi Campur exquisite taste for tourists
Image by celina schou from Pixabay

Indonesian food is so rich in taste. One visit here won’t be enough to cover all the different kinds of foods you can explore here. Regions in Indonesia all have their own signature dishes and specialties. Many tourists come to Indonesia for its delightful food.


Indonesian Volcano Merapi - a sight special for tourists
Image by かねのり 三浦 from Pixabay

Indonesia offers many natural places with breathtaking views. For example a sunset or sunrise from the mountains. The view underwater at the coral gardens or just the landscape that has formed over the millennia. Breathtaking views to enjoy, capture and take as a memory with you.

Historical Sites

Yogyakarta Borobudur temple

Image by Deepu Joseph from Pixabay

It’s a country with a lot of history. It has temples are dating back from the 9th Century in Yogyakarta. In addition even signs of old Dutch architectures from the colonial era. There are many musea are covering culture and history. Tourists and students from all over come to Indonesia to learn about this.


Balinese Dance by inno kurnia from Pixabay

Every island has its own culture. It’s a beautiful thing to see how it is present on the islands. For example, Bali is predominantly Hindu and they show this by offerings. The many temples you can visit and the integrated architecture with a lot of Hindu gods decorating someone’s garden/house.
Indonesia itself is very rich in culture and as a tourist, you can be amazed when traveling through Indonesia.

Diving or snorkeling

Group of divers and a turtle by Arhnue Tan from Pixabay

Indonesia is home to many coral gardens, many species of turtles and other marine life. If you are without a PADI license, you can do a discover scuba tour. This allows tourists with a PADI to still dive to 12 meters of depth. Next to beautiful underwater nature, there are also some shipwrecks for you to dive for. Tourism has no shortcomings in Indonesia.


Image by かねのり 三浦 from Pixabay

There are many places for surfing in Indonesia. Many tourists come especially for surfing, beach and just relaxing. Bali is home to a lot of beaches where the tourists and locals come to surf or even to learn it.

Hospitality of People

In general, the people are friendly and hospitable. They’re often curious and when they can speak English to you, they will often ask how you are, and if you are enjoying yourself. What did you already see from the country and perhaps if you will want to come back? So if you want to chat with a local, you can. But if they can’t speak English and you can’t speak Bahasa then it’s over quick.

Tourists experience world-class luxury hotels in Indonesia

Most hotels in Indonesia are of high standards

Most hotels in Indonesia are of high standards. Some Hotels offer the luxury feeling of vacation. Hotels in Indonesia provide the same for a fraction of a cost. Luxury hotel rooms with swimming pools. Some come as cheap as 30$ per night during the low season. During your vacation, you can just take a day off from traveling/touring and spoil yourself at the hotel. Having such low-cost high luxury hotels make Indonesia great for tourism

Currency of Indonesia

Indonesian Currency
Money after changing about 180$ for 2.5 million IDR

When going to Indonesia, you’ll be a millionaire as soon as you exchange some money. A lot of the things are cheap: Food, hotels/resorts and spoiling yourself with a massage. There are also costly things like luxury electronics, liquors and also accommodation can get expensive depending on where you stay. But in general, I consider Indonesia to be a reasonably cheap tourist destination. It’s just the ticket that can be costly.

Weather in Indonesia makes it great for tourists

Lovely weather by ZPhotoo from Pixabay

The weather is great when it is not during the rainy season. Since the country is near the equator, it’s a warm country, making it a great escape from colder countries for tourists. So warm-up in Indonesia and you can go to visit all the amazing places this country has to offer.

Try your photography in Indonesia

Image by Fajar Addana from Pixabay

Indonesia is filled with breathtaking landscapes. It is a fantastic way to explore your photography skills. I am not a very good photographer so I am using the pictures from Pixabay. But during my travels in Indonesia, you will see that it is even better than the photos. All in all, this is a fantastic country to visit for tourists.

Will you visit Indonesia? Do you agree Indonesia is a good tourist country?

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