Is it safe to travel to Bali? What makes Bali not safe

Before you start reading if Bali is unsafe, I want to tell you that statistics show that over the past 5 years more and more tourists have been visiting the island. Last year, 2018, more than 6.5 million tourists came to enjoy Bali. But Is it safe to travel to Bali? in short yes and the long answer will be the whole article full of safety tips for your safe trip in Bali.

What makes traveling to Bali not so safe?

Sometimes you hear the stories from others who have never been to Bali but claim it is so dangerous. News and social media also cover every aspect of the dangers and to make things worse, they often make it sounds worse than what it really is. But I can’t deny that Bali, like any other place, has dangers that could make it unsafe. First, I will cover why Bali is dangerous due to nature, and then the safety issues when it is not related to the environment.

Natural Disasters in Bali

Mount Agung erupting is bali safe
Image by Alit Suarnegara from Pixabay

Bali (and Indonesia) is located on the ring of fire. Like every other country on the ring of fire earthquakes and volcano eruptions can occur. Because of earthquakes, also a tsunami can happen.

Volcanoes of Bali

Bali has three volcanoes. Mount Agung has made the news the most often in the previous years compared to Mount Batur and Mount Abang. It has erupted several times during my stay in Bali, but I never noticed it. When I notice it, is because my neighbors told me about it. On the map, you can see where Kuta is and the three volcanoes mentioned.

When Mount Agung erupted in 2017, the media made sure to make it sound that the volcano is as big as the island. A figure of speech. But because of this, the island became a silent place, there was no tourism for several months.

Safety tip when a volcano erupts in Bali

Do not panic! Get an active carbon filtering mask, there are many shops selling masks. This is to prevent breathing in the ash and dust from the volcano. If you have a flight, I am sorry to say it most likely will be canceled. If the ash is long term over Bali, the best way to get out is via East-Java.

Earthquakes in Bali

There are not just earthquakes in Bali, but nearby islands (and other countries) also suffer from earthquakes. Sometimes they are big and sometimes they are small. I did get messages from friends and family questioning my safety after an earthquake happened: Honestly, sometimes I find out about the quake because they told me. Media was at it again.

Safety tip when an earthquake happens in Bali

When they happen move quickly but in a orderly fashion to an open area where no pole or building will fall on you. I have experienced 3 of them in Bali since 2018, they were luckily over quickly. I never made it out as they were over too fast.

When they happen, move quickly but in an orderly fashion to an open area where no pole or building will fall on you. I have experienced 3 of them in Bali since 2018, they were luckily over quickly. I never made it out as they were over too fast.
Natural disaster happens, it can happen everywhere. These do not always make Bali safe to travel to.

Natural disaster happens, it can happen everywhere. These do not always make Bali safe to travel to.

As it happens: I just received a call, 3pm 19th September, Do you feel the earthquake? It was shaking in Seminyak but I can’t feel it in Canggu. I am alert and ready to move to safety when it occurs. Safety first!
2nd update: I felt the second shock, it came from Tuban East Java, 6 ono the scale of Richter.

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Other Bali Safety concerns

So we just covered nature. Let’s go over the others that could impact the safety of a tourist in Bali.

Traffic in Bali

Traffic in Bali is very busy with scooters in tourist areas
A lot of traffic with scooters in busy tourist areas

In this left-side driving country, rules are more guidelines when it comes to traffic. A pedestrian crossing, good luck! Because you will still need to watch right (first) and then left, and check again before crossing. Some areas are busy. Be safe and think twice where you walk or drive.

Motorbike, scooters

Do you want to drive yourself, just be careful don’t drive like a maniac. Don’t drive on the wrong side. Also, do not drink and drive! This is what makes traffic unsafe for more than just yourself. If you think that are many “don’ts”, then think again. Don’t forget to wear your helmet! Just be safe and don’t ruin your Bali trip because someone else did not wear a helmet does not mean you should imitate that.

Safety Travel tip in Bali

If you feel uncomfortable with the 2-wheelers then this is something for you. Travel with a taxi, you can order them with Grab (online, it’s like Uber but cheaper). A bluebird taxi also drives around to pick up


Unfortunately this issue also sometimes happen and are often related to phones. People drive by, try to grab your phone, purse or whatever and try to attempt to snatch it away from you. If you are on the scooter, they sometimes still attempt to steal your phone. How? It’s easy to pick up for them after you fell. I am sorry to write about this, but this happened several times to tourists. How to prevent this? Don’t drive and use your phone! To be safe, just keep your phone tucked away and drive normally. Do you need to look at your phone? Stop somewhere on the side, and still firmly hold it.

For your own safety say no to drugs!

Say no to drugs!

Indonesia has a strict law, and you can read it repeatedly how they sentence the death penalty on traffickers. So simply say no to drugs, you are on a paradise tourist island, it would be stupid to compromise your safety for an illegal substance. Enjoy Bali, not drugs!

Drunk People in Legian making Bali unsafe

This party area has a lot of intoxicated people during the nights. Sometimes they’ll brawl. Sometimes they’ll go in traffic on the scooter and cause an accident. Most of the times nothing happens. Luckily there is a lot of security from the clubs also overlooking the street. Just to enjoy your vacation the most and stay safe, avoid getting drunk (it will also save you a lot of money), and avoid getting into a fight with a drunk tourist.

I will ask the question again: Do you think that it is safe to travel to Bali?

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