8 best surfing spots in Bali for Beginners with map (2023)

One of the reasons Bali became popular is for it’s surfing. This was a long time ago, and surfing has become so popular. Every day beginners are starting out their surf adventure, or take their very first lesson in Bali. So if you are looking for the best places to surf as a total beginner, than this is for you.

TIP: Avoid the hottest moment of the day between 11 in the morning and 3 in the afternoon. Don’t forget to checkout the best beaches of Bali!

At the end of this article, I included a map so you can check if something is near your hotel. Finding a surf school to rent a surfboard, isn’t hard. On the map if you are at the beach you should see plenty of surfboards and people eager to teach that day.

I excluded the one at Serangan island because after it seems not reachable at the moment (closed off).

Kuta Beach

surfing for beginners in Kuta

Kuta Beach is a lively and exciting place, stretching over 8km, and it’s split into three main areas. It’s well-known for its gentle beach breaks and white water waves, making it a top pick for those new to surfing. Not only is it famous for its beginner-friendly waves, but it’s also a hotspot for tourists with a vibrant nightlife scene during the high season.

Notable Features: It has a sandy bottom, small and consistent waves, and there’s no shortage of boards for rent or surf teachers right on the beach.

Why Great for Surfing Beginners: The waves are gentle and consistent, offering a safe and encouraging environment for beginners to learn and practice surfing without the fear of large swells.

Padang Padang (Baby Padang)

surfing for beginners in Padang Padang

Padang Padang, affectionately known as Baby Padang, is a welcoming spot for beginner surfers. It offers a soft reef break that’s shielded by a headland. This means the waves here are smaller and less powerful, which is ideal for those just starting out. The waves move slowly and there’s a channel that makes it easy to paddle back out, accommodating swells of various sizes without becoming too challenging.

Notable Features: The waves here are slow-moving, there’s a channel for an easy paddle back, and it can handle swells of most sizes without becoming unmanageable.

Why Great for Surfing Beginners The waves are slow and easy to navigate, providing a friendly and less intimidating environment for beginners to practice their skills and gain confidence in the water.

Canggu (Batu Bolong / Old Man’s)

surfing for beginners in Canggu

Canggu, especially at Batu Bolong Beach or Old Man’s, is a nice place to surf and it’s about a 25-minute drive north from Kuta. The waves here are medium-sized and soft, great for longboard surfing. They break and reform a few times, making it a fun yet easy-going surfing spot. Canggu is known as a surf village and it has a relaxed feel with friendly people around.

Notable Features: The waves are medium-sized and soft, perfect for longboards, and there’s a variety of boards available for rent.

Why Great for Beginners: The waves at Canggu are forgiving, providing beginners with a safe yet exciting environment to learn surfing, while also offering a bit of a challenge to keep things interesting and fun.


surfing for beginners in Dreamland

Dreamland, located on the Bukit Peninsula, is a great beach for beginner surfers thanks to its sandy bottom and gentle waves when the swell is small. When the waves are under 6 feet, they are soft and flat, making it easy for new surfers to practice. But when the swells are bigger, more experienced surfers will find it fun too. So, it’s a beach that’s good for everyone, ensuring new surfers can learn and have fun safely.

Notable Features: The waves are soft and flat during smaller swells, and there’s plenty of space with various spots suitable for beginners, depending on the tide.

Why Great for Beginners: The sandy bottom and gentle waves during smaller swells create a safe and beginner-friendly environment, allowing new surfers to practice without worry and build their confidence on the board.

Bingin Beach

surfing for beginners in Bingin

Bingin Beach is a beautiful place known for its super clear water and waves that change with the tides. When the tide is high, the waves break gently and go both right and left, making it good for all surfers, including beginners and those on longboards. Not only is it a fun place to surf, but it’s also really pretty with amazing views over the Indian Ocean.

Notable Features: Crystal-clear water, stunning views over the Indian Ocean, and waves that are sensitive to the tide.

Why Great for Beginners: The waves are gentle during high tide, providing a manageable and less intimidating environment for beginners, allowing them to enjoy their surfing experience amidst the stunning surroundings.

Balangan Beach

surfing for beginners in Balangan

Balangan Beach is a lovely place that has gentle waves and a reef ocean floor, especially when the waves are smaller. On bigger wave days, it’s more for experienced surfers. The beach has a classic Bali feel with local restaurants (warungs) and amazing views of the Indian Ocean and Balinese volcanoes. So, it’s not just a place to surf but also a beautiful spot to enjoy nature.

Notable Features: Gentle waves on smaller swells and breathtaking views, providing a visually stunning surfing experience.

Why Great for Beginners: The gentle waves during smaller swells provide a safe and enjoyable surfing experience for beginners, allowing them to practice in a serene and beautiful environment.

Legian Beach

Legian Beach is a calm and usually not too crowded place, making it perfect for beginners. It’s not just a place to try and practice surfing but also where beginners will find lots of surf schools with expert teachers. Plus, the beautiful coastal views make your surfing experience both fun and scenic.

Notable Features: Gentle waves, less crowded, and numerous surf schools, providing a peaceful and supportive surfing environment.

Why Great for Beginners: The availability of numerous surf schools and gentle waves provide a supportive and safe environment, ensuring beginners can learn and practice their skills confidently.


Medewi is on the southwest coast and is known for its smooth waves that give a long, fun ride, which is great for beginners practicing their skills. Surfers of all levels like this spot because the waves can last up to 30 seconds! It’s a place where beginners can have a long ride, try out moves, and slowly get better at surfing in a nice setting.

Notable Features: Smooth left-hander waves and waves that can last up to 30 seconds, providing a prolonged and enjoyable surfing experience.

Why Great for Beginners: The long-lasting waves give beginners ample time to practice maneuvers and enjoy a lengthy ride, making it a fun and practical spot to learn and practice surfing.

Bali surfing for beginners

Map of Surf spots for beginners in Bali

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