Vegetarian Food in Indonesia: the best Lotek

During my food trip to Yogyakarta, I became more curious about vegetarian dishes after my mushroom experience from Jejamuran. After doing some research online, we’ve decided to take try the best Lotek in Yogyakarta. Lotek is similar to Gado Gado, but it is slightly different. Both are sometimes referred to as the Indonesian salad. But I prefer not calling it a salad since there is rice in it and does not look that green at all. These dishes are available all over Indonesia. So if you are in Indonesia and haven’t tried Lotek before, try it.

Bu Bagyo

The restaurant we ended up in is Bu Bagyo. This restaurant specializes in Lotek and Gado-Gado. It’s a great choice for vegetarians. With more than 2350 reviews with an average above 4.4/5 stars, we were curious about the experience here. The interior is cozy and spacious. We arrived around 8.15 pm and only 2 other couples were there. It made it a quiet and pleasant place to have a nice late dinner here.

Menu more than Vegetarian food

Vegetarian Indonesian food Menu
Menu of Bu Bagyo

The Menu of Bu Bagyo servers chicken dishes (ayam) and plenty of vegetarian options as well.

Our Indonesian Vegetarian food

From the Menu, we took 3 meals: Lotek, Gado-Gado and Tahu Guling. These are all vegetarian dishes. On a first impression on receiving my order: It’s very cheap and a lot! I actually had problems finishing a whole dish and we took 3 dishes! So I took some time at this place enjoying the ambiance of the restaurant.

The difference between Gado-Gado and Lotek was minimal. The cucumber and some vegetables made the difference. Because of the peanut sauce, this was not really noticeable in the taste. The texture of Lotek was more crunchy though, the vegetables used were had a bit of fresh crunch to it.

After much effort, it was time for Tahu Guling. I have eaten normal Tahu also known as Tofu. But the taste was different from this Tahu Guling. It is complemented with a sauce that gives the normal bland taste of tahu a lively spark in the mouth. This spark I would describe as a bit spicy with a hint of sweet and sourish taste. This could be the small chili talking but I did enjoy it a lot! With some effort due to quantity, we managed to finish the dishes. Tip: 1 dish is enough for 1 person 🙂
The cost was also very cheap as you can see from the menu.

More Indonesian food

Add to your Vegetarian food tour by also visiting Jejamuran. If you want to discover more taste and you are not a vegetarian than try some Angkringan street food, tongsen, fresh local street food at the market, or Gudeg.

Where to eat the best Lotek and Gado-Gado

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