8 Things About Amed Beach Bali You Have To Experience It Yourself.

Planning a getaway to Amed Beach Bali? I consider this one of the better getaways from the busy areas of Bali. The other 2 destinations that I would consider as a good relaxing spot that is nice and calm are Candidasa and Pemuteran.

Amed refers to several villages on the North East Coast of Bali. It mostly has a black sand beach because of the presence of the volcano Mount Agung. The most popular village is Tulamben because of the USAT Liberty shipwreck diving.

TIP: Amed is close to Candidasa, and you can also do day tours there. So check out what you can do nearby in Candidasa

Getting around Amed

Transportation is lacking. So if you didn’t rent your own car then it’s either you have a private driver with a car for a day, or you have rented a scooter.

You can also ask the hotel staff if they know somebody that can scooter you around in Amed. Do ask for a helmet though, and be sure that you feel comfortable on the scooter.

Things to do at Amed Beach Bali

Besides getting all the rest you deserve when in Amed, there are also plenty of activities to do. Amed beach is a diver favorite destination because of the underwater coral reef and USAT Liberty shipwreck. Freedivers and snorkelers also enjoy this scenery.

There are a lot of things to do at Amed Beach. Enough activities worth a couple of days. Let’s check what you can do at this amazing place.

Salt Production at Amed Beach

At Amed Salt Center you can learn how to make salt and also buy salt that is ready to use. It’s like a museum for how they make salt. A farmer would walk per day 7.5km and half of that distance is with 2 buckets full of seawater to harvest the salt.

It is pretty interesting to see how the salt farm looks like and what this farm means to the fishing villages.

Amed Bali Diving

Liberty Shipwreck Dive at Tulamben
The USAT liberty shipwreck

With Ecodive which I recommend for diving in Amed, you can visit the coral reef and the Liberty Shipwreck. Both are great for discovery scuba, which allows you to go up to 12 meters depth without the PADI License

You will be accompanied by professional divers to see life underwater. If you would go diving, you will understand why this place is a fan favorite for divers.

For even more adventurous feelings, try the night dive at the shipwreck. During the night, some other fish are visible and it’s a whole different experience in itself.

Snorkeling and freediving at Amed Bali Beaches

To those planning to snorkel, please do not stand on coral

Thank you

For those that don’t want to dive and rather go snorkeling or free diving, there are plenty of places. You can even swim on top of the shipwreck mentioned above. The highest part is about -12 meters. Some people with fins can reach that, I can’t do that though.

Japanese Ship Wreck Point, a shipwreck that starts from 3 to 8 meters depth. It is a great place for snorkeling. The beach consists of black pebbles, it’s a bit hard for flipflops. It’s easy to find using this Location on Google Maps. You can come with scooter. The entrance fee is 20k IDR

Pantai Jemeluk, walk straight from the beach into this snorkeling area. There is a current however, I do recommend to swim with flippers to make it easier. There is much marine life to see here, corals and fish. Pantai Jemeluk on the maps.

Lipah Beach in front of Pondok Vienna is a beautiful coral place and lots of fish as well. Like Pantai Jemeluk. Find Lipah beach on Google Maps.

At the beach Camessa Hotel, they have the Pyramids artificial reef project. Lots of marine life to see. There are spots where turtles sometimes swim

Lipah Beach

I just mentioned Lipah Beach for snorkeling but it’s also great to just chill and relax with a book, coconut or just nothingness. It’s black and beach and has plenty of restaurants around. The sunbeds are not for free and come with a fee if you want to use them. It should be around 50k for the sunbed.

Water sports

There is one company in Amed offering watersports activities. Great for families but also those looking for a bit more adventure. They offer the following:

  • Speedboat snorkel trip: 450k IDR (4hours)
  • Jet Ski: 600k IDR (30 minutes)
  • Banana Boat: 130k (15 minutes)
  • Donut Boat: 150k (15 minutes)
  • Double Kayak: 360k (4 hours)
  • Family of 4 Kayak: 400k (4 hours)

Lots of fun! Find Water Sports Amed in Bali on Google Maps. Website: amed-in-bali.com

Yoga Retreat

Yoga retreat Amed
Photo credit: fabola on Visual Hunt / CC BY-SA

For the yoga-lovers also Amed is a place to be. It’s interesting that most yoga retreats also offer freediving. There are multiple places near the beach for your yoga sessions.

Relax more at the best spa of Amed

Enjoy at Swasti Dewi Salon & Spa. Receive a very good massage here. The prices differ in the type of massage you want. There are multiple Spa’s in town but I am going to single out this one because that’s how much worth it is. They don’t have a website but if you want to contact them here’s the number: 0822-3658-8808

Scooter down the coastal road along with the sunset

Amed Beach sunset view

This scenery is one of the things I will never forget. Looking around Amed along the coast is just a beautiful experience itself. There are some warungs to stop for food or drinks.

You will soon leave the tourist area when you’re driving around. The view is something you should experience yourself. The drive itself shows you are somewhere different than the busy Bali. You’ll get to see the traditional fishing villages, people and more than you would on any tour.

From Ubud to Amed

There are 3 ways you can go from Ubud to Amed and they all take around 2-3 hours depending on traffic. You can take the bus from Perama Tour which leaves once per day on a fixed schedule. The price is 175k IDR.

Taxi or private driver can also bring you to Amed. The cost will be more than the bus. The advantage is you will have more comfort for yourself.

Scooter adventure trip. Make sure to have a good raincoat during the rainy season. Do not hesitate to take a break along the way to just enjoy the scenery as well.

Denpasar Airport to Amed

From the Bali Airport to Amed it takes about 3-4 hours depending on traffic. It’s pretty far from everything, a bit secluded but that’s why people want to come here.


From Amed, you can take the boat to Gili Islands, Nusa Lembongan or Lombok. For more information about the boats and schedule check at http://www.freebird-express.com/

The advantage of leaving from Amed is, that this is the closest to Gili Air, Gili Trawangan. Making it cheaper to leave compared to Sanur or Pandag Bai.


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