Why should you use a travel agent for your vacation in Bali

Some people do not want to use a travel agent in Bali and wish to do everything themselves. The booking, the planning, or in many cases, not planning at all and just go with the flow. It is understandable, but this comes with some risks.

Having a travel agent helps you control and budget your vacation. You can set some limits for Driver, Accommodation, and activities. However, on food and drinks should be some flexibility.

At the end of this article, I reveal that I work for a travel agent. You can book and plan a vacation with me in Bali. Contact me for more information or send an email to contact@taletravels.com

The Risks of not using a Travel Agent in Bali

Risks in Bali

If you go with whatever happens kind of vacation, then you are bound to come with a lot of unforeseen expenditures. From experience, these can be a lot more than the budget allows. You suddenly end up in an area that you did not anticipate and the accommodations available are a bit more expensive.

Sometimes hotels, resorts, and villas are somehow double-booked. This can happen, and without a travel agent, you would need to fend for yourself. Even though it rarely happens, it is annoying. A travel agent would quickly make sure you have accommodation for the night(s) to come.

You made an appointment with a driver but does not show up eventually. Also, this is pretty annoying. A travel agent is up to date if a driver is somehow unable to come, and would try to seamlessly have another driver for you on standby.

Stranded in the middle of nowhere sometimes happen. Taxi’s don’t come everywhere on the island. If you plan to go somewhere do also have a plan to come back. This happens often because people think that Grab / Go-jek is available all over. This, unfortunately, is not true.

There are a lot of drivers getting lost or do not how to drive in the mountains. Due to the increase in tourism, a lot of people came to find work in Bali. A lot of drivers popped up left and right. But if you want to go somewhere beyond or near the mountains and they’ve never been there, it can be a very scary experience. Travel agents know their drivers.

A lot of people say that they’re a guide. But there is a difference between a licensed guide and a guide. A licensed guide was educated with all the information and possible questions you might have.

An (unlicensed) guide often thinks they know it all, but when you ask something specific about culture or place, you might have a silent answer. Travel agents put you with the right guide for your curiosity. Besides that, not everyone who is a guide speaks English or your language.

What does a travel agent do for you?

travel agent planning bali vacation

The travel agent in Bali plans together with you the vacation and makes a budget. The planning can involve, which hotels to take, what activities to do and how to get around the island. Also, the travel agent makes sure your vacation is as pleasant as possible. Because your review and recommendation could mean more clients.

The plan for your vacation is as efficient as possible. See much without unnecessary traveling back and forward, from North to South and back to North for example. It’s not just efficient, you also get to enjoy more rest and breaks. Just make sure these are planned in.

All the tours and drivers are booked for you. A travel agent has a big network and is reputable amongst the drivers and even tours. Booking accommodation yourself is optionable or you can ask the travel agent to do it.

Who does need a travel agent?

A travel agent is not for everyone. A solo backpacker who needs everything as cheap as possible is not the target audience of any travel agency. But if you want to customize a tour and you have a bit more budget than a travel agent can be for you.


Families, big and small, often use travel agents. They can then customize their holiday and be together with each other for the whole experience in Bali.

First Timers

First Timers often get help from travel agencies. This is because people only hear the name of going to Jimbaran, then to Ubud and see the Monkey Temple. This translates going to the south then to the north and then back to the south. Save time by using a travel agent and maximize your experience.

Couples and honeymooners

Requests to make everything more romantic? No worries about that, just make a request and you will be presented with some ideas.

Those who want to see more

Let’s face it, you can do your few hours of research online but the knowledge gained is not the same as years of experience with a big network on the island. If you want to see and do more, you can get help from a travel agent.

There are things that they don’t do

Sometimes it is not within their power to do something. Requests made should also be within reason. I am not going to say what we can’t exactly do, but all you can expect is that we try to make you have a comfortable and great experience in Bali.

How to use this service partially

You can book your own hotels and such. But if you want a tour and a driver to pick you up for a particular tour that’s no problem. For example for the Bali Swing, there is Bikintour specializing in that.

While you arranged everything yourself but decide to do the Bali Swing, you can get help for only this part with them.

So is this for you?

Let’s make a short check if this is a service for you.

  • Customized tour and activities as per requests
  • fully or partially planned vacation with activities
  • No worries for getting around the island
  • Efficiently planned to see as much as possible but also have nice rest days
  • Make use of the network of a travel agent in Bali
  • No worries going to other islands, You can get picked up by our drivers and guides there as well.
  • Tours and activities with a driver/guide that speaks your language (French, Russian, English, etc)
  • Big and small groups, all your planning is done
  • Stay within a budget, prevent unforeseen expenditures as much as possible

Of course, all the planning is first to be approved. If you are a big group, communicate internally what you want to do as a group. So this can be planned together with the travel agent in Bali.

I just want to tell from experience, that if you have a budget and take a vacation without any plan it’s very hard. You are most likely to exceed the budget because of the situations you encounter.

Having a plan with a touring agency prevents a lot of headache (a lot!). If you are too busy with work back at home, then just use a travel agency. And maybe this is a good time to mention, I work for a travel agency (French and English speaking). Send an email and let’s talk about your vacation in Bali. contact@taletravels.com

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