Bali and Coronavirus COVID-19

It is without a doubt from sources as WHO indonesia and World of Meters Corona Indonesia that COVID positive people (which is not a good sign) is rapidly increasing.

There have already been several victims here right in Bali: French victim died on a busy street and a British lady in a resort

Currently what I have been observing is that people don’t take this serious. Signs about this are ignored and this will keep happening until it’s too late.

It’s 23rd March and even though tourism declined in Bali significantly (It feels empty), people are still about on their daily routine. A lot of people have lost their job because of this and try to get by.

Nightclubs like La Favela are still open attracting hundreds of people, the tourists that still stayed on this island. Businesses try to keep open and make some money.

I know of 1 supermarket taking measurements Bintang Supermarket, but for the rest no. The virus is undoubtedly spreading through the island as is it through the world. I seriously hope that I am wrong but the numbers and news reports cannot be ignored.

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No panic buys (yet!)

panic coronovirus covid-19

I have not noticed any panic buys yet like what is happening in the world. I hope it stays this way! Whatever happens, be calm and stay calm! panic is only another problem to be added.

Bali Tourism affected by Coronavirus

The COVID-19 pandemic is followed by a huge decline in the tourism of Bali. Bali has been through a lot in the past. But this one will make people think several times to travel again. I hope we will learn all from this and all take pre-emptive measurements. I mean that everyone will do something about it.

For now, big tourist places like waterfalls and other things that attract a lot of people have been closed.

Australia’s measurement against COVID-19

One of the biggest target audience of Bali, Australia is taking measurements that involve no public gatherings, restaurants where people basically come together for 6 months.

So I am expecting not to see them for another 6 months.

This is supposed to be a travel and food blog, I will continue and focus more on the food part for now. Perhaps every now and then I will continue writing about places, but not so sure if it is worth writing about a restaurant. Some restaurants will not survive economically. So I for the near future I will just keep it about places and what to do.

Stay safe and take care (of each other if possible)

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