Kill Coronavirus with hand sanitizer recipe

hand sanitizer recipe that kills COVID-19, Coronavirus

Last updated on June 19th, 2020

The Coronavirus also known as COVID-19 is a worldwide pandemic we are all facing. To help our fellow friends, neighbors and family and not to forget all those working in the hospitals working overtime in overdrive to save as much as possible lives, we should first of all stay at home and improve our hygiene and this hand sanitizer recipe helps.

Improving our hygiene by washing our hands and also applying hand sanitizer can help prevent infection and spreading the coronavirus / Covid-19.

Now people have been panic buying whatever they can get their hands on. So it can be that hand sanitizers are sold out and someone could have a decade’s worth of supply. Shame! Ok, so not only are we facing this pandemic, but also we are shortage in some essentials that could help prevent infection and spreading the virus.

This article describes how to make your own hand sanitizer that can potentially kill the coronavirus / covid-19. It is important that the hand sanitizer you make is a solution (alcohol mixture) of above 60%.

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Disclaimer: Do not eat or drink this. If you are already infected with the virus call the doctor/hospital. This hand sanitizer is to help prevent and spreading the coronavirus but we all have to be vigilant and carefull.

Making your own Hand Sanitizer to kill coronavirus covid-19

You would need an alcohol solution preferably over 90% alcohol. You can also do it with a lower percentage but to attain 60% minimum solution (mixture) you should follow this calculator to know how much alcohol with how much aloe vera you should use.


  • Aloe vera (hand gel)
  • Alcohol (90% or higher)

Step 1

Add 2 parts of alcohol (could be 50/100 cc) with 1 part of aloe vera (25 cc/ 50 cc ). Mix. And you are done.

Step 2

store it in a spray or any container and apply it on your hand when you feel you need it.

This hand sanitizer does not only kill the coronavirus and other viruses but it also makes your hand smells great!

Step 3

stay at home as much as possible, and lower the curve. It means less work pressure on our hospital employees. They are already overworked. Not only corona patients need to be saved, there are others as well. #stayathome


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