6 Best Bali Swings – The famous and safe

The giant swings in Bali took social media to the next level. Everything captured in that one moment looked amazing on everyone’s Instagram picture. The green and tropical scenery. One or even two people on the swing above the green abyss. And not to forget amazing tropical weather with blue skies.

Some would plan a trip around this swing experience for that one photo or to overcome their fear of heights. Let’s go over what makes the Bali Swing so special and also a list off where all the swings are.

Update: Some of the Bali Swings might be close because of the coronavirus. Do try to inform first before going.

Is the Bali Swing safe?

They try to be as safe as possible. For someone to operate and have a giant Bali Swing they must have a permit. This permit is only given when it is deemed safe enough. Unfortunately, this permit was only required after a fatal accident with a tourist. That being said, the operators try to make the swing as safe as possible. follow the instructions of the staff. You will be strapped in using climbing gear, and no need to swing actually, the staff will help you with that. For people that want to wear a dress, you either bring it yourself or rent one. The prices below are without renting prices for the dress.

Where is the best Bali Swing?

With the Bali swings popping up left and right (but also disappearing), it is hard to find where you can have the best experience. If you would search online, a lot of people would mention the Ubud Bali Swing. The recommendation is actually to go north from the center of Ubud. They have a better experience, a bigger facility and you will have more than just the swing.

At Tegalang is where you want to be for the Bali swing experience. The best experience is at Uma Pakel. This area used to be known more for their rice terraces before the Bali Swing phenomenon took over. Nowadays people look more for this experience, but the bonus is, you get to see the rice terraces as well. It doesn’t stop here. Sit high in a manmade bird nest for you alone or with a loved one to make a romantic picture above the great green scenery.

About Uma Pakel

The easiest way to get here is by booking via me. My touring company specializes in many different tours and one of them is the Bali Swing Experience at the original and first giant swing of Bali. Find out more about their tour through Tegalang Rice Terraces.

When you book through my touring company, you get the following:

  • A knowledgeable driver about Bali
  • Car including petrol
  • Pickup and return from Hotel
  • Best and safe practises for Corona

So what does this amazing package deal cost? It is only 500.000 IDR (35$) for 10 hours. We from TaleTravels are not earning anything if you contact them via us, we just recommend this because of ecstatic happy guests who took this tour.

The entrance fee for Uma Pakel is 200.000 IDR (14$) per person. This will give you access to:

  • free coffee and tea tasting.
  • Swing and photo,
  • birds nest photo,
  • access to the swimming pool
  • Take photos on their private area

Update: They also have a tandem and bed swing. So yes it can be romantic as well. More reasons to go to Uma Pakel.

Jalan Raya Tegallalang, Tegallalang

The Other Swings in Bali

It can be hard to find a swing in Bali even though they sprouted like mushrooms. Some closed and it would show open on Google. Or some even register their home office as an address for the swing. The list here is for swings rated by popularity and still open.

Aloha Ubud Swing

This swing comes with a higher price: 300k or 350k (22$-27$). Then you can add a photographer which would cost 100k IDR (7.5$). The photographer takes about 10 pictures for you to choose from. The staff would allow you to swing to have a good picture, this can be 5 times or even a bit more. During peak season or when it’s later in the day, it could take several hours to queue until it’s your turn. TIP: come early!

Find the swing here at Jl. Raya Tegallalang, Tegallalang (click for Google Maps)

Celuk Swing & Luwak Coffee

Bali Swings 2020
Photo credit: Artem Beliaikin on VisualHunt / CC BY-SA

For 200k (15$) IDR you get to swing (few times tops) and after that you will be guided to first taste some coffee and tea. Luwak Coffee is known for that the cat-like species eats the coffee beans, and poops it out whole. The outer layer of the bean is removed and the bean itself is grilled and made as coffee.

After the tasting, you will be going to a shop where you can buy some coffee and tea.

Jl. Jaga Raga No.40, Celuk, Kec. Sukawati (click for Google Maps)

Hideaway Swing Bali

10$ entrance fee, 35$ to swing. But it does include food.
They might have night clubbing music that starts at 8.30 am. This place used to be 10$ and most of the ratings are based on that.

Bongkasa, Abiansemal (click for Google Maps)

Kubu Bali Resto Swing & swimming pool

This is a big place with a lot of photo opportunities (Chopper, Swing, Swimming pool). You can enjoy the view from many places. The swimming pool itself is not included in the price. It’s 25k IDR. You got to ask if it’s clean.

Entrance price is 15k IDR, The food is priced good but you might want to order twice since the portions aren’t big.

Jl. Sentanu, Kedisan, Kec. Tegallalang

Swing Heaven

With 11 Swings, they have the most! This is the place where you swing from the bed. They got really romantic spots: 2 beds to overlook the green valley of Bali. Swings vary from 5 Meters to 100 Meters to the river. So are you a couple looking for that romantic swing? This is the one.

Prices are a bit steep as the cheapest package is 40$ per person excluding drinks and a photographer. This price can easily go up depending on what package you take and what options.

Jl. Tangga Yuda, Bongkasa, Kec. Abiansemal

So about the swings in Bali

There are many more to list, but it feels unethical at a certain moment where at the least popular more people start to complain about services and such. The purpose is also to list the best ones and not to trick anyone.

Recommended is, Uma Pakel because:

  • Best Value for money
  • Best experience for tourists
  • More activities than just the swing
  • Doesn’t feel like a rip-off
  • Feels good after this

Go here with me to make it easy and comfortable.

to summarize as Price per person:

Uma Pakel200k(14$)Best Value
Most things to do!
Aloha Ubud Swing300/350k IDR (22$+)Long queues
Celuk Swing & Luwak Coffee200k IDR (14$)More about coffee
Hideaway Swing Bali625k IDR (45$)expensive for the swing
Kubu Bali Resto Swing & swimming poolBig area for photos
Swing Heaven550k IDR (40$)Expensive but romantic for couples

Thanks for reading, in the near future I will keep this page up to date. Am I missing a Bali swing, leave a comment or contact me.

*Prices are subject to change.

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