2020 Future of TaleTravels Travel blog and more

First: We wish you a happy new year!

Hi! This is the first news about TaleTravels. We’ve started this Travel Blog on 14th September 2019. From that moment until 31st December 2019 we’ve released 43 stories mainly about Amsterdam, Bali, and Yogyakarta.

Our main page is now updated as well to be more like an online travel magazine.

During our travels, we write about our own experiences, but also about the things that you can do. We have noticed a steady increase in readers and we’re happy to serve you content. We will continue releasing new content on a frequent basis.

Friends of TaleTravels

One of the friends we’ve met during travels is now in Rio de Janeiro. They would like to write about their experiences in Rio de Janeiro for TaleTravels. We’re happy to hear and tell you that soon this will be on our travel blog as well.

One reader has been inspired to go to Bali after reading some of our articles and will be going there in the second week of January 2020. More Bali stories will be incoming.

If you are going somewhere on vacation and would like to do the same, to contribute to our website we are more than happy to add your stories to TaleTravels. Just send an e-mail to contact@taletravels.com

Philippines planning and more

We are actually planning ourselves to go to the Philippines in the 3rd quarter of 2020. There is nothing booked yet but most likely we will go to Manila, Coron and who knows which other places in Philipinnes. We will start delivering stories about this soon.

A long list of destinations is in our mind that we would like to visit. We hope to go in the near future to see and taste cultures ourselves and share these stories with you.


I am happy to say, we’ve made a partnership with a Bali Touring agency. We will soon release a story about their specialty. Are you looking for any relationship with a travel blogger? Let us know.

Our most-read travel stories

Our currently most read articles are:

  1. A Quiet place in Bali
  2. Qatar review having the Asian Vegatarian meal. The second
  3. Indonesia for Tourism

Ideas for our travel blog?

Do you have any ideas for us? Send an e-mail to contact@taletravels.com
We plan to have a monthly / Quarterly update

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