Biggest burgers in Bali are found in a warung

For all you burger lovers and those looking for the next gastronomical trip, this article will surely help you if you’re in Bali. I have been going around in Bali looking for something that I could call the biggest burger in Bali. Every now and then I would go from the South in Jimbaran to the total north in Pemuteran just to find that one burger.

The burger itself should not just be big, tall but also juicy and tasty. I estimate I took about 18 months to find the place. It’s in the east of Bali in Warung Wayan Roti Do. Everyone would say they’ve got the best or the biggest burger, just to find out that there is always another bigger out there. At a certain moment I would be almost sad to think the Double whopper would be the biggest I’ve had.

I am not paid or received the food for free from this warung. The opinion is my own and am not gaining anything from the place that sells what I believe has the biggest burgers by writing about this.

Where can I get the biggest burger in Bali

Follow the road Jl prof Dr Ida Bagus Mantra, east until you reach Saba / Pering. It’s a huge building next to the road where you can find Pering fried chicken, and some apartments for rent. The map will help you to navigate, just tap the burger icon and start planning your route.

If you are going by Bike from Ubud, Seminyak, Canggu, it will take about an hour. The place is open from 8am to 8pm.

The biggest burger in Bali: The Sultan burger

biggest burger in Bali (sultan burger)

The biggest burger ever, that would surpass some tower burgers I have seen in the past is the Sultan burger, it’s about 20 centimeters in height (7.8 inch). From the image you can see a jar of sugar next to it and a bottle of sauce. Just to compare it in height, it’s something that you want to take a moment for before you start eating it. The tagline for it of the burger is “WE.DARE.YOU!” and it’s price: 135000 IDR (8.50USD). The ingredients of this magnificent burger:

  • Double Homemade Beef Patty
  • Double Cheese
  • Hash Brown
  • Bacon
  • Caramelized Onion
  • Sautéed Mushroom
  • Lettuce
  • Tomato
  • Cucumber
  • Special Barbeque sauce
  • Potato Wedges

Even when compressing the burger, it would be around 15cm, and you don’t want to press to hard. If you would press to hard, you would lose the juices. To eat this burger you would need the utensils which are provided or divide the burger in half (vertically). Buns, hashbrown, beef patties, and the barbeque sauce are all homemade, so you will get a taste that you won’t experience in other places.

TIP: the special Barbeque sauce has a lot of black pepper in it. It’s taste can be overwhelming, so ask to go really easy on this, and maybe ask some sauce on the side so you can control it yourself.

The Monster Burger

Second biggest burger is the monster burger

The monster burger comes in at second place at the price of 115000 IDR (7.50 USD), and slightly smaller. This one I took another day and with potato wedges.

What you get when you order this:

  • Double Homemade Beef Patty
  • Double Cheese
  • Caramelized Onion
  • Homemade Barbeque Sauce
  • Lettuce
  • Tomato
  • Cucumber
  • Potato Wedges

The biggest difference with the Sultan burger is no hashbrown and bacon. These are big differences in taste you will notice when you are trying it. So maybe this can help you with your choice.

Warung Wayan Roti Do

Just when the pandemic started, Wayan Roti Do opened their doors just next to the road of Jalan prof. dr. Ida Bagus Mantra. Moving out from Jimbaran, and going towards the village, Wayan Roti do brought a lot of new tastes to the kampung (village).

At first I only knew this place for it’s donuts and sweet bread-like products. Excellent taste and texture to those. What makes their burgers stand out from the rest, is that even their burger buns are home made. They burger patties, also homemade, are royally made, with lots of meat.

Menu of their burgers and prices

As you can see the 2 biggest burgers that are offered are also in higher price range. In total Wayan Roti Do offers 11 burgers on their menu, plenty to try it! If you aren’t interested in the biggest burger, maybe some other would satisfy your taste buds.

Other (Instagrammable) food I tried at this place

the other things I have tried from their menu are all very good in taste. It doesn’t taste or feel too oily like some places and the quality and standard seem to be always in place.

Pizza’s also made from their own dough, always seem to have the same crust. Unique from other woodfire pizza’s but still very tasty. I would say between a medium crunch but not also not the weak type of crust. It’s firm, holds the pizza straight and is enjoyable with great toppings!


Great for burger lovers and those who love to make pictures about food. The place is called a warung, but the decoration inside and outside in the garden are pretty neat and a great place to spend the day. The chef makes the food excellent. It also helps that it is further than most places which are all located in the same place, which makes it a calmer place to enjoy your food.

If you are going north to Amed you might pass this place, I suggest to take a break here and have the biggest burger in Bali while you are at it.

Are there any other good burger places?

Yes, there are plenty. but will it be like the Sultan Burger? I mean we’re talking almost 20 centimeters in height. That thing will be enough for 2 meals! I hope you are eager to try it out, just remember to ask their barbecue sauce to be separated so you can control the taste of this.

I wonder which can top the biggest burger in Bali? Do you know one that is higher than 20CM. I am up for that challenge 🙂

If you have only tried the well known Double Whopper or Big Mac, try the sultan burger for a change, just a suggestion to consider while you are in Bali. Time for a treat for yourselves!

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