Why furniture from Bali/Indonesia is taking over on a global scale

Indonesia has been exporting more furniture each year. The demand on a global scale for (hard) wood furniture is increasing. The country has a big availability in raw wood materials. They have 120.6 million hectares of forest and 12.8 million hectares of production forest.

Besides having the raw materials, they also have skilled people. The artisans are the expert in making aesthetically designed furniture. They have decades of experience and a whole market assigned for it. (source: Indonesia Furniture Export)

There are also furniture producers of assembling kits for IKEA and Walmart in Java. These are mass-produced in fully automated factories. You can find these in Jakarta, Semarang, and Sumatra. But these suppliers require huge minimum orders.

Handmade, and those not produced in big factories have a lower minimum order requirement. These types of furniture have more characteristics in them as more time is taken to create these. They got exceptional carvings, designed upholstery, and more of a different style to them.

At the end of the article, I refer to a company that helps importing (custom) Indonesian Furniture. So if you are interested in that scroll down and find all kinds of examples to get inspired.

Different types of wood

With millions of acres forestry available comes different types of trees and wood. Some forests are only planted for harvesting it’s wood, this process takes up to 25 years with some woods. These types of wood are high in demand for making a product because of the quality, characteristics and durability.


Teak wood has qualities and properties that make it a popular choice as a material to make furniture. They are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The customer can expect that furniture made from these materials will last long, even a lifetime as indoor use.

One of the man-made forests in Indonesia is only for Teak trees. It’s a tropical hardwood and takes up to 25 years to grow before harvesting. It’s durable and has a beautiful color. For outdoor use, it turns grey-silver over the years. Indoor it is often oiled up to retain the golden wood color. Every part of teak is used, even the roots. These are often displayed as decoration or art.


Also known as Tooni Sureni, from the Mahogany family. This is a red type of hardwood. Like teak used in higher-en furniture. Its natural color makes the furniture have a classic look. Which makes it great to create sophisticated interior designs where wood plays an important role.

Mahogany is also a lifetime investment. When you buy a bed, sofa, coffee/dining table, or chair you can expect it to be durable and last a very long time. Besides that most Mahogany end-products have some interesting carvings that make the piece a lot more interesting immediately.


Flooring made from merbau wood

Known as the “Intsia bijuga” or Kwila, ipil grows in Africa and southeast Asia. It has a natural property which makes it resistant to termites. Because of this, it’s an ideal wood for flooring in US and Europe.

Besides that, this is also a hardwood, with a higher wood density than Teak.


Bamboo belongs to a grass family but is also considered a hardwood. It’s even harder then Oak. Besides, the bamboo grows in various places and can withstand many weather conditions. It’s one of the fastest-growing plants. Using this material is considered ecological because it’s fast-growing, abundant in quantities. If unchecked the bamboo can take over territories by just growing in there. (source: Wikipedia)

The type of furniture made from bamboo does not need to worry about shrinking or expanding because of temperature change. It’s sturdy, durable, and cheaper compared to other hardwoods.


Suar wood comes from the “rain tree” also known as the Albizia Saman. It has light yellow sapwood and dark-chocolate Sherwood. It is low in maintenance and very versatile when it comes to making any type of end product from it since it resembles (black) walnut. Further, this wood is resistant to termites and decay making it excellent for long-lasting furniture.

Suar wood is often used for woodcarving and art. It’s a common practice for artisans in Bali to display a grand piece that would add a wow factor in any environment.


Rosewood is a now a protected kind of wood/tree. It was a popular wood to make high-end furniture with it. Since it is a protected wood I am not going further in this. (source: The Conversation)


Tamarind wood is often used for making designer furniture. It has brown to almost purple color. The unique coloring, grains makes it perfect for the hospitality, (luxury) homes and offices.

Wood Densities

The density depends on moisture content. These are the average wood densities of the above described wood except rosewood.

  • Teak 660 kg/m3
  • Mahogany 785 kg/m3
  • Merbau 800kgs/m3
  • Bamboo (depending on species) 300-1200 kgs/m3
  • Suar 600 kg/m3
  • Tamarind 850 kg/m3

Importance of Moisture Content deciding the quality factor of the wood

Before the furniture is crafted, the moisture content is a deciding quality factor. Before it’s even used, every type of wood needs to go through a drying process. If this is not done correctly, your furniture might shrink and show cracks.

Fiber & Rattan

Some other materials used for Indonesian furniture are Natural seagrass (plastic) fibers and metal. These are also often used to make accessories and decorations. Rattan has become a very popular choice for cheap outdoor furniture. It also gives a summary a warm vibe.

So with a versatile range from wood and how the end product will become, do you know if you want furniture from Bali/Indonesia? It’s possible and importing furniture from Indonesia is becoming easier due to the fact that there are companies facilitating this process.

Confidence in buying your furniture from Bali

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