Where to stay in Bali 2022 (updated during Pandemic)

First of all! Be safe and follow the local rules where you stay in Bali. Most of the tourist attractions have reopened. Read also the entry requirements for Bali and other parts of Indonesia. Now that we discussed this let’s check the perfect place for you. I am not going to take into account the hostels as accommodation. I consider this a risky move when the coronavirus is going around.

Keep reading to the end as I will give you some tips how to go through Bali.

This is written for everyone, honeymooners, backpackers, couple adventurers, family vacations and not to forget the party people. I will tell you about the places and for whom this is suitable. Even if you would stay in the south, It is possible to do the mount Batur sunrise hike which would be a few hours drive. But keep in mind, that the further the activities are, the longer you will be busy traveling through the Island.


A popular place with nearby beaches, restaurants and bars. Some of the places managed to winter through the pandemic and get a few customers per day.

It is a hip place with a laid back feel. A lot of restaurants established in Canggu are vegan/vegatarian. The accommodations are 30$ and up on average for budget hotels. Popular choice is having a private villa, these cost more, but worth it when you can split these with traveling friends.

The people that stay here are either surfers, those looking for a hip laid back spot, and backpackers. and the digital nomads.

Due to Canggu’s popularity the traffic is one of the worst places in Bali. For this reason a lot of people also avoid it. Some would even describe it as a place unrecognizable to the rest of Bali.


Just a stone throw away from Canggu is Padonan. If you rent a scooter in Bali, then Padonan could be a cheaper alternative for you to stay.

Great if you travel alone and want to be independent a bit away from the busier place as Canggu. Besides that with the scooter it just takes 15-20 minutes to get to Seminyak.


Seminyak Beach

Seminyak has it all! A wide variety of choices to stay are available from budget to luxury. It’s very popular to go shopping at the boutiques, chill and hang out at the beaches.

The street Jalan Camplung has some bars and night-life. Not every place manages to survive economically the virus but when Bali Reopens then it’s a visit worth at least.


Legian (or Kuta) have always been the party hotspots. Now it feels a bit abandoned because there is almost not a lot is happening during the pandemic. During the night it’s normally a party town. When it’s day you can stroll around the souvenir shops, beach but expect that everybody is just doing the same there, waiting for the party time.


Staying in Uluwatu Bali

Great place for a few nights stays to explore the Bukit Peninsula. Uluwatu has amazing sunsets along the cliffs with stunning sights. The most popular thing in the neighborhood is the Monkey Temple.

There are some restaurants and few bars, but most things are still up north to do. This is why I would only recommend a few nights.

Nusa Dua

Staying in Nusa Dua is also great for a few nights. But some people tend to fall in love with the neighborhood because it’s not as busy as Seminyak, Kuta or Legian.


Sanur Inna Grand Bali Beach

Great restaurants, hotels and very family-friendly place. Traveling with a baby to Bali? Sanur is a nice place to stay.

Personally I feel many retired people consider Sanur their place to relax and enjoy the weather of Bali. Of course there are also other places to live in Bali.

The biggest (5-star) hotel, Inna Grand Bali Beach, is found in Sanur. It’s an older hotel but very nice to stay at when you are in Sanur.


Known for the seafood and luxury places to stay at. Jimbaran has awesome sunsets at the beach. Looking for a romantic place that is still within reach by scooter to airport, seminyak, kuta? Then Jimbaran is nice place to enjoy a couple of days of bliss.

Jimbaran Sunset


I have written extensively about Amed before. Great for diving adventures because Tulamben, the village next has the liberty shipwreck. Read about Where to stay in Amed and the experiences at Amed beach there.

It’s a great potential getaway from everything busy!


Candidasa, a beautiful place to seek your peace and calm. There are plenty of things nearby Candidasa to do. I wrote about 18 of them. Also a food guide and accommodation for in Candidasa.


Still a favorite getaway is Pemuteran. Near the national park up northwest of the Island. It takes about 6 hours from the airport to get there. I advise you to first rest when you are in Bali before undertaking such a journey.

Pemuteran Bali has a lot to offer. I like it because it’s on the island still and far away from the rest. It is an awesome place to spend a few nights and soak in the surreal nature it has.


Ubud has become a popular Yoga place. It’s nowhere near the beach and about 600meters above sea-level. This makes it a bit cooler than the other places in Bali.

Besides yoga, it’s nearby any of the Bali Swing and a lot of temples.


This is what Ubud was, 20 years ago. A lovely nature place with a lot of peace and quiet.

Any place in Bali has it’s own special uniqueness, romance and adventure. You are either nearby the beach or not at all. But it comes down to how popular and busy your area will be.

Bali has some party concentrate area’s around Kuta and Seminyak. So if this is your thing be sure to stay nearby.

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