Laundry in Bali: Understanding Your Options and Avoiding Mistakes

When you’re in Bali, doing laundry can be quite different from what you’re used to. The island offers many ways to wash clothes, from old-fashioned methods to modern services. Each way has its own good points and problems. People who have been to Bali often have different stories and tips about laundry. Some find it easy, while others run into problems. In this article, we’ll talk about laundry in Bali. We want to give you useful information and tips to help make your trip even better and easier.

Most common issues with Laundry in Bali

  • Over-Drying: Clothes often get over-dried, leading to shrinking or damage.
  • Bleach Stains: Some clothes end up with bleach stains, ruining the fabric.
  • Mix-Ups: Clothes getting mixed up with others’ laundry, leading to confusion.
  • Lost Items: Small items like socks sometimes get lost during the laundry process.
  • Over-Ironing: Clothes being ironed excessively, causing damage like burns.
  • Delayed Turnaround: Sometimes, laundry services take longer than promised to return clothes.
  • Inconsistent Quality: Quality of washing and drying can vary greatly between different services.
  • Communication Barriers: Difficulty in communicating specific laundry needs or instructions due to language differences.
  • Handling Delicate Items: Some services may not be equipped to properly handle delicate fabrics or special care items.

You could try to give a list of instructions, but remember if you are paying about 50 cents per kilo for washing, do not expect miracles nor extra care for your delicates or that they will even remember the instructions. The workers go through piles of clothes day in and day out and treat everything the same. Seperating laundry can be even uncommon, and risks of getting more lost items.

Laundry options in Bali

laundry point bali

Doing laundry in Bali is different from what you might be used to. The island has many laundry options for all needs and budgets. You can choose from coin-operated laundromats to traditional wash-and-fold services.

Coin laundries are great if you like to do your laundry yourself. They’re easy to find in tourist spots and offer a fast, cheap way to wash your clothes. But, they’re not as common in Bali’s more remote areas.

Wash-and-fold services are more common. Local people usually run these, and you can find them even in small villages. They’re very cheap, often costing much less than in Western countries. Plus, they’re fast. You usually get your clothes back in a day. This is perfect for travelers who are always moving.

But, there are some problems you might face. Clothes can get over-dried, which can shrink or damage them. Some people have had their clothes bleached by accident or mixed up with someone else’s. Be careful with clothes that are delicate or really important to you. It might be better to wash these by hand or separately.

To sum up, you can find and afford laundry services in Bali easily. But, you should know about possible problems like over-drying and mix-ups. Picking the right service and being careful with special clothes will help make your laundry experience in Bali go smoothly.

Accommodation and Laundry Facilities

It’s not common to find washing machines in budget hotels or local guesthouses in Bali. These are usually only in more expensive villas or resorts. So, many travelers look for other ways to do their laundry.

In a lot of places in Bali, like homestays or small hotels, housekeepers handle the laundry. They’ll do your laundry for a fee that gets added to your bill. This is handy because you don’t need to go out to find a laundry place. But, make sure to tell them how you want your laundry done, especially for delicate items.

The cost of having laundry facilities where you’re staying can change. In fancy places, laundry might be included in what you pay for your room or it might cost extra. In simpler places, you can usually get laundry done for an extra fee that’s not too high. It’s a good idea to ask about laundry services and how much they cost when you book your place. This way, you can plan your budget and not be surprised by extra costs.

DIY Laundry in Bali

Laundromat coin laundry

If you’re staying in Bali for a while or like doing your own laundry, you might think about buying a washing machine. In Bali, there are many kinds, from simple ones to fancy ones with lots of settings.

You’ll find top-loading washing machines, which are cheaper, and front-loading ones, which have more features but cost more. The prices change a lot based on the brand and size. The simpler models are pretty affordable, good for people staying longer in Bali or those moving there.

For drying clothes, the sunny weather in Bali is perfect for hanging clothes outside to dry. This is what most people there do. Clothes dry fast in the warm weather. Most places to stay, even the cheaper ones, have racks or spots for hanging laundry. Drying clothes in the sun is not only easy but also good for the environment because it saves electricity.

But, if you’re not staying in Bali for a long time, buying a washing machine might not be worth it. It could be too expensive for a short trip. Also, think about how you’ll set it up and what you’ll do with it when you leave.

Personal Experiences of tourists in Bali with Laundry

Quick Laundry

Travelers in Bali often tell different and interesting stories about doing laundry. One person talks about how easy it was to leave their clothes at a local service. They got their clothes back the next day, nicely folded and smelling good. This quick service made their trip easier.

Another traveler had a different experience. They used a coin laundry in a tourist spot. The process was easy, but their clothes came out too dry and rough. After that, they were more careful and chose to air-dry their delicate clothes.

Someone else used the laundry service at their villa. They liked how the housekeepers took care of their clothes. There was a small mix-up with another guest’s clothes, but it was fixed quickly and everyone laughed it off.

Another traveler bought a small washing machine for a long stay. They liked being able to do their own laundry and found it easy to dry their clothes in the sun on their balcony. This do-it-yourself way made them feel more like they were living like a local.

These stories show the different ways to do laundry in Bali. Each way has its own good points and small problems. Whether people use a service or do it themselves, they find ways to handle their laundry while enjoying Bali’s beauty and culture.

Tips for Travelers

When you go to Bali, here are some tips to make doing laundry easier. Bring a microfiber travel towel. These towels are light, dry fast, and don’t take up much room in your bag. They are great for Bali’s wet weather. You can wash and dry them quickly.

You can also use Google Maps to find laundry places near you. Just type ‘laundry’ in the search bar. You’ll see places close to you, with reviews and sometimes prices. This is helpful if you’re in a less busy area or looking for a cheap place.

As for bringing your own towels, it depends. Having your own towel can be nice and comfortable. But towels can take up a lot of space and don’t dry fast in wet weather. Many places in Bali give you towels. So, it might be easier to use those. This way, you have more room in your suitcase for other things.

How to Avoid Mishaps

In Bali, sometimes laundry can go wrong, like clothes getting damaged or lost. One person’s favorite shirt got burnt because it was ironed too much at a laundry place. Someone else lost socks. To stop this from happening, pick laundry services that people say are good. Always look at the washing instructions on your clothes and tell the staff how to wash them. If you have something really special or delicate, you might want to wash it by hand. Also, make a list of what you give to the laundry. This way, you can make sure you get everything back.

FAQ’s about Laundry in Bali

What are the average prices for laundry services in Bali?

It is charged per Kilo. Nowadays the Laundry services are around IDR 8000 per Kilo. (around 50 cents). The hotels and accommodations charge 4-5x more and use the same laundry services most likely.

Are there eco-friendly laundry options available in Bali?

There are a few and they charge more. You could check out Heavenly Cleaners or Bali Eco Laundry. Thank you for checking out, I find eco tourism very important.

How can I find a reliable laundry service in Bali?

To find reliable laundry services in Bali, check online reviews from Google Maps. This is the only way. People and locals can recommend places, but most of them don’t use these services. Hence it is always good to check out what other people said.

Is it safe to leave valuables in clothes sent for laundry?

It’s best to avoid leaving valuables in clothes sent for laundry in Bali. While many services are trustworthy, removing valuables eliminates the risk of accidental loss. Always check pockets before handing over laundry.

Can I request specific laundry detergents or softeners due to allergies?

Some laundry services in Bali may accommodate requests for specific detergents or softeners, especially for allergies. It’s important to communicate your needs clearly. In this case you better do your own laundry at a DIY coin laundromat place.

What should I do if my laundry gets lost or damaged by a service in Bali?

In most cases you can’t do anything! If it is lost or damaged, and you paid like 50 cents per kilo you can’t expect perfect laundry being done.

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