Online Taxis in Bali (Grab and Gojek). 5 Things you should know before using them.

You might have heard about the online taxis such as Grab and Gojek. They are also known for the cabs that you can book online in Bali. If not you must know Uber as a taxi service that can be ordered online. These online taxis compete with very competitive pricing compared to the local bluebird taxis. I have also seen bluebiro but I am not going into this. Let’s go over the 5 must-know things about the online taxis of Bali.

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Uber got banned from Bali in January 2016

Bali online taxi Uber banned

Since Uber does not have have the special permit in Bali they’re not allowed there. Besides that, most drivers and vehicles came from elsewhere and did not take into account the local condition and ways in Bali. More at

Online Taxis rate is variable

The number of available drivers and location impacts the price. If there are fewer drivers available, or you are in a specific location the prices are automatically higher. Drivers don’t decide the price, it’s how the app works.

Specific locations where the price can be a bit more expensive:

  • Canggu
  • Kuta
  • Legian
  • Airport

There are probably more, the difference is maybe just 1-2$. But this same difference could be walking a hundred meters or so in to a more calm direction.

Grab and Gojek are not allowed everywhere

Online Taxis not allowed in some areas of Bali
Sign of no online taxi allowed

There are some places where they are not allowed to pick up customers. For these areas bluebird (local taxi) can be hailed/ordered. You can recognize these places by posters that are hanging on poles and walls.

Do not order a Grab or Gojek through the app in these areas as some problems can occur.

Why are the online taxis Grab and Gojek not allowed in these areas?

Grab and Gojek have very competitive rates because they do not pay some part of their income to the Banjar. A Banjar is an area decided by the size of the land or the population, not more than 500 people.

The money going to the Banjar is to improve and build roads and whatever is needed for the Banjar. Grab and Gojek do not give money for this. Do also check out Grab vs Gojek in Yogyakarta.

Grab or Gojek don’t pick you up in Ubud

Ubud is one of the more popular tourist destinations. It’s a misconception that here also online taxis would be available. In Ubud, you would either walk, have our own transportation or use a bluebird.

Online Taxis are not all over Bali

Bluebird taxi in Bali

If you are going far from Sanur, Denpasar, Seminyak, or some location in the south, then big chances that you are not going to get lucky ordering any taxi at all.

If you want to go around the island I do recommend a private driver that would wait for you and bring you where you would like to go.

Going around in Bali with online taxis Grab and Gojek

If you are staying in the more popular areas in Bali then online taxi’s and cabs are not going to be a problem. But if you are going to stay in the secluded places of Bali to seek out zen, peace and calm, big chances you can’t find any online taxi.

If you do plan to go around like this do make a plan with a private driver.

Map with where there are no Grab or Gojek

In the green part it is easy to get a grab. Some places are off-limit for them. This will be indicated with a poster that no Grab or Gojek is supposed to pick up taxis.

The red and light-red area are areas where there is longer waiting time. Sometimes the drivers pass these areas as they return from a touristic destination on their way back to the green area.

Going beyond these marked areas and you would need a private driver or bluebird taxi. A private driver is easier if you require the services for custom tours and not to worry about the meter.

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