Bali Sawah Indah review with activities 2023

If you are looking for a quiet resort to stay in Bali you have come to the right place. We recently stayed in a resort with a lot of luxury and comfort. The nearby surroundings are clean and the air is fresh. Everything feels cleaner and more peaceful. Yes, this place is in Bali. Surrounded by the ricefields, this luxury resort is a must stay to get away from the busy areas and work.

This post is not a sponsored post, just a review of where we stayed at. We just hope you enjoy a quiet resort in Bali as much as we did.

Bali Sawah Indah reviewed

Bali Sawah Indah

The name of the resort, Bali Sawah Indah translates to Beautifull ricefields of Bali. This resort is located in Tampaksiring (about 30 minutes north of Ubud). If you have rented a car or scooter there are plenty of activities nearby: Temple visiting, ricefields, hiking and walking, seeing original Balinese villages nearby, the market of Tampaksiring, the Tegallang ricefields, the Bali Swings. It’s very central in Bali so doing the sunrise trek at mount Batur becomes very doable. I mean you don’t need to wake up at 1 am to leave to do the trek like in the south. After your daily activity, you can return to the quiet location in Bali, enjoy the pool, take rest or even have a massage in the middle of the ricefields.

This resort stays exclusive because of the number of accommodations (5 only) they offer is not a lot. The distance between the luxury bungalows is also decent that you have privacy in your own bungalow. Let’s check what they offer:

  • Peace & quiet place
  • Fan and Air conditioning
  • Bathroom with 2 showerheads
  • KingKoil mattress (a luxury brand that you will find in 5-star resorts)
  • Hot water
  • Satellite Television
  • Salted water overflowing pool (No Chlorine)
  • Traditional restaurant, very delicious food

The Bungalows

Bali Sawah Indah has named their Bungalows after islands in Indonesia: Bali, Lombok, Sulawesi, Java, Kalimantan. All of them feature their own garden and view of the ricefields. You can sometimes even see the rice farmer working on the land. The Bungalows are actually what you can call Joglo. A Joglo is made from special tropical hardwood, and you cannot just cut down a tree to get this wood. This wood has to come from another Joglo that was previously made. So actually recycled wood. To make the bungalows, other Joglo’s were bought, dismantled and brought to the resort to build the bungalow there.

Arriving at the quiet place to stay

welcome drinks at a quiet resort Bali Sawah Indah
Welcome drinks and cold towels

After settling in with our bags we were welcomed with a cold towel scented with jasmine and a drink. The drink was very delicious. We took the drink back in our garden to view and enjoy the rice fields. After finishing the drink we had to try their pool. It looked so nice and calm. The pool felt great, warm and it was relaxing the muscles. Great way to spend after a full day of activities in Bali. This resort felt great, no audible no traffic, no noisy environment just peace and quiet while floating in the pool.

Dinner in their restaurant

It’s always exciting to try food in a new place. The resort was so comfortable, I was wondering how authentic the food would taste since we are in the middle of quiet Bali.

Because my meals were vegetables mostly, I wanted some extra eggs. They gave me soft-boiled eggs. And safe to say for me, the best ones I have had.

The meals feel and taste like a home-cooked meal. It was prepared with care and good taste. Even the Noodles had absorbed some of the taste of the soup. It was very tasty. What made it even better was a small side dish of sambal. I forgot to take a picture of it since the taste made me forget a lot of things.

Overall what is very nice is, it was an intimate dinner, there was no one else. It’s a really nice, calm, and peaceful place.

What to do nearby walking distance (10 minutes)

In the early morning, the surroundings is a bit difficult to do a morning run. It’s very hilly but there is much to see. The resort itself is great for doing yoga (bring your own mat), some exercises in the garden of your Bungalow, swim or read a book in a peaceful and quiet place.

If you go left you can see a lot of rice fields and on the way a small path to go deeper into the farmlands, this is freely accessible and beautiful to see. If you just stay on the main road you will encounter 2 Balinese temples and a typical Balinese village. There are a few small stalls to buy something but don’t expect to buy a steak dinner here.

If you go to the right, You will see endless rice fields, a lot of ducks (around a hundred or more). You are surrounded by the beautiful green landscapes of Bali. There are also fields of corn, watermelon, and other agriculture.

Breakfast at Bali Sawah Indah

For breakfast, they offer a wide choice of variety. I went with some wheat toast, scrambled egg and bacon. They also provide homemade jam.

What to do (by car/bike)

Visit the Tampaksiring traditional market. It’s a typical Balinese market. This is sometimes where tourists are taken when they are on a bicycle tour. We went to Sebadu and Tegallalang.

Sebatoe, organic food, and drinks

In the early afternoon, we’ve arrived at Waroeng Sebatu. It is nearby the quiet resort but you will need some transportation to get here. I had no idea that this is organic food or drinks. It was a nice opportunity to have some new meals.

Here you see pork in soy sauce, chicken in sweet and sour sauce and some sandwiches. The drink soursop was inspired because of Indonesian fruit.

The surroundings of the waroeng are stunning. Since it is also so secluded it’s not a busy place. Perfect if you are looking for peace and quiet. They have seats on the floor or also chairs if that’s more comfortable. This place is recommended to just relax and have a great organic meal.

Beautiful jungle view of Waroeng Sebatoe
Stunning view of waroeng Sebatoe


Tegallalang Sky Bike

This tegallalang rice terraces is busy, but our choice was the least busy place. You can recognize find it at Jalan Raya Pakudui, Tegallalang Gianyar.

We went to Cafe Dewi. The surroundings are a hotspot for tourism because of the Bali Swings (bigger than the picture), and the rice terraces are stunning. here tourists come to see the rice farmers, rice fields, and enjoy a drink with a pandemonium view. We only took a few drinks here and enjoyed the scenery.

There are more things you can do nearby. But all we can say is that staying in a quiet place in Bali is surprisingly comfortable and luxurious. I can recommend it to you

Bali Sawah Indah

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