Eating in Candidasa Bali – 9 Restaurant and food guide for the best experience

Like most places in Bali, Candidasa is filled with an abundance of warungs and restaurants. Most of them have similar dishes. Since Candidasa is a fisher town, a lot is seafood.

Do not worry, there is plenty of places to eat with many and diverse (new) things to try. So get your appetite on, I am about to tell you which restaurants you can try. Most are located next to or nearby on one of the main roads in Candidasa.

Recommended: If you plan to go around Bali, try East-Bali where it is secluded, more peace and calm for your relaxing getaway. Have you tried also reading about what to do in Candidasa and Where to stay in Candidasa? These restaurants are all very nearby the places to stay in Candidasa that I recommend.

Seafood galore
Yes the fish is supposed to look like that, it’s not burned

Warung Nyoman Manggis

Are you looking for some seafood? This place serves fresh and tasty food. Not only that, you get the kind of service that would make you want to come back. Their prices are very cheap for what you get.

For vegetarians, you could ask if they can cook something special for you. If it’s possible they will try to make you a vegetarian tasty dish.

Warung Padang Kecag

If you are staying at one of the hotels I have suggested, then chances are you get a free pick-up and drop off. Just call or message them in advance to make an appointment. This restaurant serves more than only seafood. They have a variety of Italian food, local Indonesian food, and steaks, fries and all that.

The food is presented in a contemporary way. It feels almost very luxurious even. There are 3 gazebo’s to eat in their garden. They have other places but the atmosphere in a gazebo is just more romantic.

Warung Smiley

Nice ambiance and music at this small place. Of course, the food is worth a try when you are in Candidasa. This family-run warung brings your portions a bit bigger than the average dish.

If it’s not all too busy you might get to try arak while you wait for your order (Indonesian distilled drink). I am not into strong alcoholic beverages, but for those coming in it’s a chance to try it out.

Sustainability movement: They clean the beach and surrounding frequently from plastic #trashheroes. If you want to support them eat there, and ask how you can help.

Warung Bintang

Another family-run restaurant, but this one is located right next to the rice fields. During lunch, you can view the beautiful rice paddies while eating some of their food.

You can also make a reservation to overlook the sunset on Mount Agung while having dinner and drinks.

The Hungry Crocodile

Are you looking for a restaurant that has vegetarian options? Well, The Hungry Crocodile has it. With also a pick-up and drop off service if your hotel is nearby.

They have a kid’s menu, especially for the children. On some of the nights, there will be live music. This Restaurant also runs a hostel, the sleepy croc. It is also a recommended place to stay for budget travelers.

New Queen Pub & Restaurant

A relaxing pub/bar that also serves some nice food. Live music starts Friday after 8 pm. Great for a drinking evening to listen to some music.

Feel the vacation vibes here. Did you arrive on a Friday evening? enjoy this place while planning what to do in Candidasa.


Do you like Jazz? Vincent’s got it. Live Jazz, wonderful dinner and drinks. This place can get packed easily. It’s a popular place in Candidasa because of excellent food, service, and ambiance

Warung Boni

A family-run warung and very secluded. This place offers authentic Balinese Indonesian food. It’s a bit secluded to the east of Candidasa, but if you are in for some good local food, then this is the place.

Candidasa Restaurant

Last but not least, Candidasa Restaurant. Next to the main road offering some of the western food. With great (live) music, ambiance and superb service you might like this place.

So there we have it, 9 great restaurants for local and western food. Which was your favorite? Is something missing from the list?

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