Sleeper bus Bali to Yogyakarta price review and tips after 2022

Going around through Indonesia over long distances can be done in several ways. You can take the plane, train, drive yourself with the car or bike or you can take a sleeper bus (very luxurious). This one will be about the latter, the bus. Indonesia is as wide as Europe. We took a trip as a family to visit Yogyakarta. So get ready for another Yogyakarta food trip.

Take a look at the map below, a route plotted from Denpasar to Yogyakarta, which is about 730km. Some parts are on toll roads, these go pretty fast. Even though it estimates 13 hours 42 minutes, we took about 16 hours to arrive at our destination. We left around 11AM and arrived around 3-4am the next day.

From Denpasar to Bali
source: Google Maps

How does the sleeper bus look like inside?

As you can see from the pictures, you get a bottle of water (600ml), some instant noodles which you can fill with hot water at the dispenser a toilet and at the window is a USB charger (2.1A)

The sleeper bus, also known as a suite class bus, have seats for 24 people. The seats have a comfortable shape, which allows you to lay long and keep your legs stretched. There us an air-conditioning set at one temperature, reading light and 2 USB charging ports. There is no power socket for your laptop, but being able to charge your phone should be enough to keep yourself entertained.

It does come with an entertainment system, which you can attach a USB flash drive and attach your own headset through the 3.5mm. It also is equipped with Bluetooth, but since my USB flash drive wasn’t able to be read, I didn’t use their entertainment system.

On their window sill you can put your small bags and stuff to keep as much as seating space for yourself.

How much does it cost to travel by sleeper bus?

Since the fuel prices increased by 20% and more in September 2022, the price of the ticket increased from 500k IDR to 600k IDR. At the time of writing this is about 40 USD. If you are travelling with small children under 4, they can sit with you under the same ticket. The seating is big enough for that, although sharing space will make you feel a bit more cramped.

How much would it cost if you go by car

The total for toll will be around 600k IDR, and the petrol depends on driving style and the amount the engine consumes. Assume for 1:12 about 60 liters and what petrol you use it is between 600k and 1M. Don’t forget the food and drinks you will need during the trip, and if you take a rest somewhere that these are also costs involved. The ferry also costs money so we are looking already more than 1.2M if you drive a very economical car with a conservative driving style.

The advantage of going with your own car instead of the bus, you would have control in visiting places and stopping wherever you want. If you travel with companions, you can split the cost and this would potentially make it cheaper than traveling by bus.

What is the difference between the executive bus and the sleeper bus

The luxury bus comes with wide chairs a goodie bag to keep with small snacks. These chairs have limited inclination, but are still comfortable. This allows the bus to transport more people. There is no entertainment unit available and it could be you are not able to charge your phones, bring a power bank. Another major difference is the price, with the executive bus, you will save about 40-50% on the ticket.

How to book a ticket with the sleeper bus from Bali

For booking a ticket you could contact their office through WhatsApp or Instagram. If the language barrier seems to be daunting, you could ask help from someone that understand Bahasa. Google translate is also a viable option for booking your ticket. Their website and contact can be found at Tamijaya travel

Our experience the sleeper bus

The suites you get are all amazingly comfortable. The space is simply the wow factor. You can lay and sleep from time to time. During the ferry, and the stop for food you would need to get out of the bus.

A large part that differs every time is the driving style of the driver. Some tend to break a bit harder than others or take more speed in the curve. It’s a factor that changes every time you take the bus.

Taking the seat up, above someone else, does require you the ability to make a small climb. This makes it not very suitable for people with a challenge. So when booking make sure you either book it down or up.

The use of toilet or even the water dispenser is very challenging. If the drive is straight for a while, this could be a moment to use it, otherwise you will sway from left to right and back to front.

The first stop at Mengwi bus station (Bali)

I got out of the bus without my camera. This place was to pick up some passengers and an opportunity to buy oleh-oleh (some souvenirs).


Besides the food, this was the last opportunity to buy some oleh-oleh. The food wasn’t anything super special but it was fine to eat. It was eat and go back on the bus, because of reaching the destination as soon as possible. This is the only food stop you’ll get, so if you already know in 16 hours you need more than 1 meal, prepare with something aboard.

Since multiple busses stop here to let their passengers eat, stretch and whatever they need. The food tables are separated. Tami Jaya was for us. So look where your table island is to grab your food and eat.

The ferry

On the ferry you will be asked to go out. Take your valuables with you at all times. You can go up on the deck while you wait for the crossing. Some fresh air and enjoy the sights. There is a kind of a bar (non alcoholic) that serves some snacks, instant noodles and coffee/tea.

Head up to the VIP room, which is airconditioned and has the life jackets in the cupboards in front.

Tips for traveling with the bus

multiple busses Indonesia

Be on time for the bus, don’t show up late. Just be there before the scheduled departure to be sure you are on it. You don’t want to mis it otherwise you might need to rebuy a new ticket. Take some food with you!

Enjoy the sights that you will see throughout Indonesia. Unfortunately you won’t stop for any of them, but just soak in the experience. During a stop, for whatever reason, make sure to remember what bus you were on. Remember the color, license plate and driver, any of these will do.

Sleep when you can, a bus drive throughout Indonesia can be very exhausting. You don’t want to be exhausted upon arrival. At arrival be sure you can be picked up. We arrived 3 in the morning and our family was waiting for us. Make sure somebody will pick you up.

Keep yourself entertained for the bus drive with something to read or a game to play. Traveling with young children can be a bit of a challenge make sure they are entertained throughout the trip, and sleep when they sleep.

For who is a bus trip throughout Indonesia

You got to love travel, and be patient. Our 16 hours bus trip could have been a 1 hour plane ride. We choose the bus because it’s also cheaper. In our case we saved 4M for a return trip as our daughter would need a separate ticket which is nearly the same price for adults. Also enjoy the views you drive by, you can get things done like reading. If you have motion sickness, some pharmacies would have something against this. If you are in it for the views, do checkout the Mount Batur hike

If you made it this far, thank you for reading! do also checkout flying with Air Asia with a baby

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