Languages in Bali

With so many different languages around the world going on, we’re lucky that the tourist places in Bali do speak and understand English. Not only the English language, but some guides and travel agencies are able to communicate in different languages. For example French, Dutch, German, Italian, Japanese and many more.

However, let’s try to learn some simple words and phrases that you can use while you are here. Local Balinese are often able to speak Bahasa Bali, Bahasa Indonesia and English.

Bahasa Indonesia words and phrases (spoken all over Indonesia)

Basic Introductions:

  • My name is Dwi = nama saya Dwi
    Pronounced as: Na – ma sa – ya Dwi
  • What is your name? = Siapa nama Anda?
    Pronounced as: See-a-pa na-ma An-da
  • How are you = Apa kabar
    Pronounced as: a-pa ka-bar
  • Yes = Iya
    Pronounced as: I – ya
  • No = Tidak
    Pronounced as: Ti-da
  • Thank you = Terima Kasih
    Pronounced as: Te – ri -ma ka- si
  • Sorry = Maaf
    Pronounced as: Ma – af

In a Restaurant:

Basics on how to order and get around in the restaurant.

  • Can you speak English? = Bisa bahasa Inggris
    Pronounced as: Bi-sa ba – ha – sa Inggris
  • I am looking for a bathroom = saya cari wc
    Pronounced as: sa-ya tja – ri wee-cee
  • Can I have a menu? = Bisa saya minta menu?
    Pronounced as: Bee-sa sa-ya min-ta me-nu
  • How much does it cost? = berapa harganya?
    Pronounced as: be-ra-pa har-ga – nya
  • Expensive = Mahal
    Pronounced as: Ma-hal
  • Cheap = Murah
    Pronounced as: Mu-rah
  • Breakfast = sarapan
    Pronounced as: sa – ra – pan
  • Lunch = Makan siang
    Pronounced as: Ma – kan si – ang
  • Dinner = Makan Malam
    Pronounced as: Ma – kan Ma – lam
  • Spicy = Pedas
    Pronounced as: Pu – das
  • Not Spicy = Tidak Pedas
    Pronounced as: Ti-da Pu – das
  • Can I pay? = Bisa saya bayar?
    Pronounced as: Bee-sa sa-ya ba-yar


Titles are used as a form to address and respect.

  • Cousin / brother = Mas
    Pronounced as: Mas
  • Cousin / sister = Ba
    Pronounced as: Ba
  • Auntie = Ibu
    Pronounced as: I-bu
  • Uncle = Bapak
    Pronounced as: ba-pak

When you are asked for Taxi, massage, or somebody talks to you on the street selling something, you could reply: No thank you = Tidak Terima Kasih.

When it persists, like somebody selling something you already have, you can say, sudah.

Interesting fact: Balinese and Indonesian languages are not dialects, they’re totally different.

Ordering some place

If you order tea or anything, it comes with (lots) of sugar. So you need to use the word tawar, in this context it means tea without sugar. It can also be used for coffee.

Local taste buds are different and spicy taste is very normal. If you don’t want your food spicy, mention tidak pedas

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