7 symptoms that you have Bali Belly

You might have heard about people you know getting Bali Belly during the vacation. Having this during the vacation can ruin your plans as you will be stuck in your hotel room just waiting for it. This can last for several days unfortunately, and makes you want to eat almost nothing. It is caused by a bacteria, indicating food poisoning. You can also get it from someone else because of lack of hygiene. Bali Belly can last 1 day or even up to 10 days. Depending on your immune system and eating habit. Let’s go over the symptoms to know if you have Bali Belly.

Diarrhea caused by Bali Belly

This is the most common sign that you can have. Although not every diarrhea means that you have Bali Belly. So watery and lose stool is surely one of the signs.

Did you remember what you ate? If the food was room on temperature, a soup dish, street food this increases the chance of getting Diarrhea in Bali. In most establishments when ordering a drink, you will receive ice cubes in it. Most of the times these are just made with normal tap water. Don’t ask if it is made out of mineral water, just ask without ice.

Frequent toilet visits

To make things worse, you will go to the toilet multiple times per day. It is a certainty that a short time after you eat that you will have a toilet visit multiple times. The stool is still watery and lose. Eating one time does not mean only 1 toilet visit, it can be multiple times disregarding the amount you eat.

Stomach pain and cramps

Bali Belly is often paired with stomach pain and cramps. There is a discomfort and sometimes the stomach would make sound. Most of the times this is not the sound indicating that you are hungry. It’s an alarm that you have to move to the toilet again. When you have the first 3 symptoms of Bali Belly look out for the symptoms below.

Elevated temperatures to fever

It’s common to have a slight elevation. This is to fight off the bacterial infection in the stomach that causes the Bali Belly. It is important to stay hydrated as the combo of diarrhea and elevated temperature or even fever can cause serious harm. Drink isotonic drinks like Gatorade or Pocari Sweat, some sports drink to hydrate and replenish your electrolytes.

Nausea which can come with vomiting

Feeling dizzy, or nauseous is not always a symptom but it can happen. This is very hard when it is combined with all the other symptoms of Bali Belly. Making the world spin around you while having fever, diarrhea you might think can it get worse? Yes by vomiting. Eat easy things and light digestible foods like crackers, soup and such.

Weak feeling and a lack of energy

Because eating and drinking does not go well, you are also getting less energy. Most of the energy you have is used to try and keep it together. When you are feeling weak, or have no energy, the best thing to do is just lie on bed or stay in the resort. This way the toilet is nearby and you can make yourself as comfortable as possible.

Loss of appetite

All the symptoms will just make you want to eat less, or not at all. It’s not a good sign, try to eat something especially when you are about to take medicine. You need to try and get something in even though it goes out. Just try the easy things to eat and drink.

How to prevent Bali Belly

Having Bali Belly is hard especially when it is a vacation, special occasion. It can ruin plans easily. Preventing Bali Belly is not hard you just got to look out for the small details:

  • drink without ice cubes
  • avoid street food
  • avoid room temperature food
  • Drink bottled water
  • Eat food that has been cooked well
  • When around someone with Bali Belly take care
  • avoid wet utensils / glasses and plates
Street food choice from Yogyakarta
street food can cause bali belly

These are actually generic things to look out for when you are abroad. This all prevents intake of the bacteria causing the Bali Belly. It hurts a but this list because I do like street food.

Don’t expose yourself to too much new food and drinks in Bali. Limiting these will give your body time to adjust to a new eating habit. However fresh fruits are a good choice boosting your immune system.

What (medication) helps with Bali Belly

For elevated temperature and fever you can take paracetamol or panadol. This helps lowering the temperature. For Diarrhea you can take Norrit, Imodium or any charcoal activated medicine against diarrhea. However take care because over consumption can lead to a bloating feeling and unable to poop.

Salak, is a great fruit helping your immune system and helps against loose and watery stool. Drink plenty of water, and drink a bottle of gatorade, pocari sweat as well, or any isotonic drink for that matter.

Good luck with this I hope the article helps.

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