Best Korean BBQ Restaurant Magal in Bali

When you want to go out for some Korean BBQ or food in Bali, then I can recommend Magal. This establishment attracts a lot of Koreans for the authentic taste of home. With Korean BBQ there is a charcoal grill built in the table with a suction on top of it. This just prevents the smoke from the charcoal coming in your face the whole time. At Restaurant Magal when you order a dish or Korean BBQ, you get a unlimited refill for the side dishes. It all sounds great that’s why we’ll share our experience with you.

Great for groups and couples

The restaurant offers a lot of seating possibilities. This makes it great for couples and groups. For couples and small groups you can take a booth. It makes a more intimate setting, sense of privacy and in general create your own atmosphere. For bigger groups you can have a seat at the at the long tables. Each table is equipped with a built-in grill and a suction, so there is no worry about that. When you enter the restaurant just tell your seating preferences.

Baby friendly restaurant

For family with babies, they provide a baby chair with a seat belt. However during grilling there are short moments when it becomes hot. We just took our baby away from the table just to be safe. The staff is also great help with the baby.

Magal Korean BBQ Menu

The menu is written in Korean, English and Chinese. Not in Bahasa, although the staff is local and they could explain it in Bahasa. The menu is several pages giving you a choice of Combo Special, or you can pick per meat platter for your Korean BBQ. If you don’t want anything from their BBQ they also serve different kinds of dishes. The meat they serve are from Chicken, pork and beef.

TIP: A Combo provides a lot of diversity in meat and assorted mushrooms. If you are in a group of 4 or more consider taking a Combo.

sude dishes at Magal Korean BBQ Restaurant in Bali Kuta

When you order a meal from their menu, you will get these side dishes. These are refilled for free upon request. The side dishes you get are:

  • Kimchi
  • Omelet
  • Water Spinach
  • Cold macaroni pasta
  • Vinegar sauce
  • 1 plate of green lettuce
  • 1 bowl of salad with some garlic cloves and a green chili (not spicy)

The free drink you get is some kind of Korean cold tea? it is refreshing but I am sure it’s not a tea, but that’s a close description to it. Also this was refilled upon request.

Korean BBQ Experience in Bali

After the side dishes were delivered, hot coals and a grill came next. It felt warmer at the table. The waitress and our chef put the suction on top of the hot coals. The warm air was immediately gone. In the circle around the BBQ they have made us egg. When they are done you can use this space for your garlic that comes on the side dish with the green lettuce.

Korean BBQ at Magal in Bali

With Korean BBQ, your chef and waiter/waitress will take care of the food. They will grill it, cut it in to pieces and make sure you are comfortable and enjoying your time. At least that’s how we experienced it at Magal BBQ.

Korean BBQ Food

We ordered a bowl of jasmin rice, and Combo and some sushi. I was surprised to hear sushi in our order since we’re at a Korean Restaurant. Our table quickly became a food fest of Korean BBQ when we the waitress started to grill our meat and mushrooms.

When a side dish ran out, we would ask the waitress who then told her colleagues to bring some more. The time to refill a side dish was quick, all under a minute.

How to eat Korean BBQ

So you got all this food in front of you, how do you eat it? I learned there on the spot that you take a leaf of lettuce and you fill it with some grilled meat, mushrooms perhaps some of the side dishes. Wrap the lettuce in to a roll and voila. That’s what you take your bites from. Or you can also mix it with some Jasmin rice. Add the vinegar or sambal to taste if you like these are also refilled upon request.

grilling chili at korean bbq

TIP: Grill the chili before they take away the hot charcoals. When the waitress is done, they will remove the hot charcoals and you can’t grill anything anymore. The Chili is not spicy but it does bring new flavor to your food.

Conclusion about Magal Restaurant

The service we experienced was great, the food tasted good. Everything tasted good. The decor and intimate setting is what also is very nice. We sat comfortably eating for 2 hours. It was a fun and family friendly restaurant but it is also great for group of friends and couples. What I do really like at this place is that the side dishes keep coming when you finish them (and request them).

This post is not sponsored. We do hope reading this helps you in your decision on choosing this Korean BBQ restaurant in Bali.

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