Skills to learn online (and earn money) start today

Learning skills online are now at a higher demand than ever. Work is moving more towards home, as well as learning new skills. Now many people are seeking an opportunity for remote work, brushing op their CV with extra expertise to add.

This is all about learning new skills online, for your professional career or just to improve yourself. Many people think that only IT is or was done from the home office, this is not true. This year has proven that much more can be done from home: Human Resources, Customer Support, Marketing, and much more.

Before we go further I want to let you know that also soft skills will be discussed as they are underestimated.

Learning soft skills at home

Soft skills unlike technical hard skills, make it easier to get work done when others are involved. Others might be your client, your teammates, scrum master, product manager, or any kind of manager beyond that.

There are 7 soft skills that immediately will influence the work:

  • Leadership Skills
  • Teamwork
  • Communication Skills
  • Problem Solving Skills
  • Work Ethic
  • Flexibility/Adaptability
  • Interpersonal Skills

You can be a superstar in technical hard skills with the best marks in your class and a magna cum laude, but if you can’t work together then it’s likely teams, or employers don’t want you.

Do take some time with the following video that talks about: Communication Skills, Team Work, Adaptability, Problem Solving, Critical Thinking.

Popular in-demand skills that you can learn at home and how/where

Let’s start with the obvious ones. These are very popular and there are many websites dedicated to finding a freelancer with that specific skill set. All these skills can earn you money online from home.

IT people

From management to engineers, it’s so wide that it’s not only programming. It’s also digital marketing which can be split into different things called SEO and SEM. There are plenty of opportunities and fields to learn about this. Let’s go through the most popular ones.


Programmers are very popular for remote working. They have been doing this for years already because they can. Learning this skill can be done at so many places. Nowadays you don’t need an IT diploma to be a programmer. Take courses for free at Codecademy


A hot topic for the last decade is SEO and SEM. Everyone with an online presence wants their website to be found easily and above their competitors of course. I myself have learned a lot about SEO by putting it in to practice. Many guru’s and specialists will say you need this and that and more.

Online Marketing is a bit more complex, or easier. It depends on what kind of experience you have with Search Engine Marketing. There are many good guides available online.

For both SEM and SEO you should not only read 1 guide. You should read as much as possible, and also check out the YouTubers on this matter of subject. They all tell similar information but some will add something extra, and you are after this extra piece of information.

To get a good start about learning SEO I suggest:

It’s very good reading material to start and understand about SEO. However overtime when creating your own website you might have your own twist to that knowledge, building up your own skill that way. You can also ask me about SEO 🙂

Graphic Designing

Always been interested in Adobe Photoshop or any XD? Creating an attractive user interface, or stunning logos always been your thing? Take it a step further and learn more about it. Nowadays there are YouTube channels taking it so far showing how a whole website is designed in Adobe XD.

For learning more about Adobe Photoshop or any program you can head to and start typing: How to [Insert what you want to achieve] With photoshop. There are a lot of tutorials around nowadays.

Web development

Web developers are always in demand. People want great websites. And yes web developers are not web designers. These are very different. As Web Developer, you know at least the front-end programming language. It’s like programming but for the web/front-end.

Learning web development can also be done at Codecademy.

Social Media Specialist

Social Media skill learn online

As an influencer or running a social media marketing expert, you connect the company, your client, with its target audience. What is expected that you make some leads for them through social media.

You will be building a brand, and responding to the public as a Social Media Specialist. For learning more about this I suggest to check out 10 Free Online courses for learning Social Media Marketing


Blogging I consider a skill. I just wrote more than 100 posts and it was much more than I thought I can make. The best thing is, my website is growing and it’s fun. Blogging is so much more than just writing though, and here at I will soon share more about blogging. I already have an SEO article out about Free Keyword Tools I use and free Premium WordPress themes you can download to start your own blog.

With Blogging, I now earn some money with advertising. If you are interested more in this let me know in the comments.


As I started more looking into SEO, people are looking a lot for content writers. Writers for articles or reviews. Perhaps the dentist around the corner needs a writer for his website. At and other freelance websites, there are plenty of opportunities to find work as a writer.

How to Become a better writer describes a few steps I do myself: Read better, write every day, and started my own blog.


If you already possess a skill and you would rather teach you can become a Teacher!

Online teaching is a thing and has been a thing for quite some time. VIPKID is a great example where you can become a teacher online. Children often require tutoring and nowadays with the learning from home movement going on it’s great to start.


Translation services are a frequent demand on several freelance websites. Becoming a translator you would need to learn a language to a moment you can say: I’m fluent.

I use Duolingo but it’s more for fun for me. I am not aiming to become a translator.

Customer Service

Are you interested in improving your skills for customer service? Well according to entrepreneur there are 6 ways to make your customer service better. Qualtrics talks about actionable things to improve customer service.

I have included Customer Service as a skill since this is also moving more to the work from home since 2020. Or basically because of COVID-19.

Community Managers

As a Community Manager, you are a product specialist and can connect with the users. You talk with them to understand their issues and report this back to the company.

To learn about community manager you would need to learn about the company and the target audience. This will be different for every company.

Why are juniors almost never hired for remote work?

So great I have posted some things that you can learn at home, work from at home, and earn money from. If you are just starting out, it can be challenging. Juniors or those new in the field will almost be never hired because of the lack of experience. You should first build up your portfolio.

Find that friend, company and approach them with an offer they should not refuse. Build your portfolio that way. Ask peers in your field for additional tips.

Earn money from home with your skills

Never stop learning new skills
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

So combine the soft skills and learn more about your expertise every day. You should not stop learning new things or broaden your horizons. A skill is hard to master, even for guru’s who claim it. Expose yourself as much as possible and hopefully like me you enjoy what you are going to do.

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