What is Masuk Angin: From Folklore to Modern Health Practices

Masuk Angin

In Indonesia, there’s a term called “Masuk Angin”. It means “enter wind”. Imagine feeling a bit sick, like having a cold, or feeling bloated. That’s what many Indonesians call “Masuk Angin”. They believe it’s when the wind gets inside the body. This idea is very old in Indonesia and it’s part of culture. Many people … Read more

Bali’s Museums: A Deep Dive into Art, Culture, and History

Bali Museum Guide

Bali has a rich cultural heritage and a long history. Most of these are traditions like storytelling, dancing, and artistic creation. The history and culture of the island is preserved in Bali’s museums. They educate us about Bali’s past by displaying vintage artwork and retelling vintage tales. We can learn more about Bali’s distinct culture … Read more

Bali Wildlife and Animals

Bali wildlife and animals

Let’s go on a journey through Bali’s wildlife and animal kingdom. We’ll explore the habitats, behaviors, and cultural significance of the island’s most iconic creatures. Let’s go into the heart of Bali’s wildlife wonders. You can see these animals on the island either roaming free or they are in a zoo. Bali’s Sacred Monkeys: More … Read more

Bali Tipping 101: Everything You Need to Know

How to tip in Bali

When in Bali, lots of guests ask the question “How much should I tip?” Tipping is simple in many places of the world. You receive a service and leave a tip. But things are a little different in Bali. Tipping isn’t required, although it’s a nice gesture and greatly appreciated. It’s a method of saying … Read more

Candidasa Beach in Bali: An Escape Awaits

Candidasa Beach

Candidasa Beach is a special spot in Bali. It’s tucked away in the east, far from the usual busy tourist life of Bali. If you’re dreaming of a quiet beach escape, Candidasa is perfect. The water is clear, making it a treat for those who love to swim or dive. Under the waves, there’s a … Read more

Bali with Kids: Family edition vacation

Bali with kids

Bali is famous as a dream spot for party-goers, surfers, and those looking for adventure. But there’s more to it than just sunny beaches and lively nights. Bali is also packed with fun things for families to do, making it an excellent vacation destination for families. Imagine watching cheeky monkeys, strolling through green rice fields, … Read more

Bali’s Indoor Golf: Smash Factor’s Unbeatable Experience

I had a friend visiting from Bali who enjoys playing golf and travels frequently. I’ve just scheduled a surprise 2-hour appointment with Smash Factor. We’ve never used a golf simulator indoors, but I must admit that Bali is the perfect place for it. Golf is popular for networking in Bali and is also very expensive. … Read more