How to make Sambal Goreng tempeh, a spicy side dish

One of my favorites and also very simple to make is Sambal Goreng Tempeh. It’s easy to make and doesn’t take a lot of time and ingredients. The taste is so good, it opens a whole new palette for any rice-based dishes.

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Sambal Goreng Tempeh ingredients
All the ingredients required

For Sambal Goreng Tempeh we only need a few ingredients:

  • Tempeh
  • Chili
  • salt
  • small red onion
  • garlic
  • Seasoning (optional)
  • cooking oil

We will use a stone grinder to crush everything eventually.

Step 1: Preparing and Cutting

Cut the tempeh in several slices as in the picture, but before make stripes on both sides. This allows for easier frying and absorption of the salt which is rubbed on before frying.

The Garlic, onion and chili can be cut in big pieces.

Step 2: Frying

Fry the tempeh, it should become gold brown after 8-10 minutes. Check regularly so you are not overdoing it.

After the Tempeh, fry the garlic, onion and chili. The smoke that comes from the pan might sting a bit and make you cough, so make sure to be in a ventilated area.

It only should be in a few minutes tops. Just to make it soft.

Step 3: Grind

We’re almost done, that was quick and easy. Now comes the grind. Start by adding salt, and seasoning (optional) followed by the chili garlic and onion. Grind until it becomes a mush.

Add the tempeh and grind it in the mush of sambal until tempeh itself becomes one with the mush. Voila, that was it! We just made Sambal Goreng Tempeh.

Sambal Goreng Tempeh
Use Sambal Goreng Tempeh with rice based dishes, it’s delicious!

How to make Sambal Goreng Tempeh on YouTube

How to make Sambal Goreng tempeh

Sambal Goreng Tempeh made easy quick and SPICY!

Type: side dish

Cuisine: Indonesian

Keywords: Sambal tempe, sambal goreng tempeh,

Recipe Yield: 4

Calories: 400

Preparation Time: 5M

Cooking Time: 10M

Total Time: 15M

Recipe Video:

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Recipe Video Name: How to make Sambal Goreng Tempeh

Video Upload Date: 2020-04-13T23:05:00

Recipe Video Description: How to make sambal goreng tempeh easy step by step

Recipe Ingredients: Tempeh Chili salt small red onion garlic Seasoning (optional) cooking oil

Recipe Instructions:


Cutting: Make stripes in the tempe and cut them in several pieces after. Cut the garlic, onion and chili in big pieces

Frying: Fry the tempeh until gold brown. After fry the Chili onion and garlic

Grind: Grind the chili, garlic and onion to a mush and add tempeh. Grind the tempeh into the mush as well to make Sambal Goreng Tempeh

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