New website for my recipes

Cooking on fire

Hello all, this website has not been updating for a while. I have been growing my YouTube channel Fleurdwi Cooking lately and paused writing for this blog. This is partially because of the current situation in the world. Moving forward I have created a new website containing recipes from my Cooking Channel. The new website … Read more

Recipe for Indonesian Meatballs Soup Bakso

How to make Bakso an Indonesian meatballs soup

Bakso is one of the more popular dishes in Indonesia. Even though it’s a warm country, the soup dish itself is considered as street food that you must try. Try the best food in (Bali) Indonesia. Perhaps due to pandemic or other future circumstances you can’t go, but that doesn’t mean you can’t eat it. … Read more

Kedondong pickled sweet and sour recipe. Step-by-step easy! (Ambarella aka Spondias dulcis)

Pickle Kedondong

This fruit has so many names and grows in various tropical countries all over the world. To see the known names I suggest this wiki page about Ambarella. For me, in Indonesia, it’s called Kedondong, and I am going to pickle it. Spoiler alert: DELICIOUS! This recipe is called manisan kedondong in Indonesia. Time to … Read more