Download 36 Free Premium WordPress themes with lifetime updates

Yesterday I stumbled upon a website that came in through my feed. It was a blog post from The description “Free Premium WordPress themes” immediately caught my attention and I wanted to find out through what hoops must one jump to get free premium themes.

Starting today, 36 of our premium themes will now be available for free. Including lifetime updates. No strings attached. You don’t even need to create an account to get these themes, just click download and get going.

It appears that you don’t need to do anything, just click the website, and browse their free premium themes. They give away 36 premium for free and wait for it… Lifetime upgrades! Normally it would be either a membership cost or 77$ per theme! I mean just wow, this is just a bargain you normally won’t find!

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Why did they make the premium WordPress themes available for free to download?

Due to the pandemic, everyone is affected somehow, financially, mentally or physically. MyThemeShop is giving back to the (WordPress) community in hopes that you can make some use of it. Upgrade your site for example.

I am currently going through what is suitable for me, it might take some time for me to browse through all of them, but I will try to find out if I can also upgrade my site.

How To download these premium WordPress themes for free

Without signing up or anything just visit From here you can download the following themes for free:

  • Awake
  • Beauty
  • BloggingBox
  • Bookshelf
  • Bridge
  • Chronology
  • Clock
  • Cool
  • DayNight
  • Digitalis
  • Emerald
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Flick
  • FrontPage
  • HotNews
  • HowTo
  • Magazine
  • Minimalia
  • NewsMag
  • NewsTimes
  • NewsToday
  • Nominal
  • Pinstagram
  • Pureview
  • Report
  • Repose
  • Saturation
  • Sensational
  • Simpleton
  • SocialMe
  • Spike
  • Split
  • Style
  • Viral
  • Vogue
  • Wildfire

I already went through a few, just to check out which ones would be suitable for me.

What do these free premium WordPress themes come with

Free premium wordpress themes features

Let’s go over the features and why they are so worth it to have.

Clean and creative designs

Each theme comes with one or more layouts which allows you to play a bit with the design. For a large part, you are in control of how things should look like. Since there are many free themes, you can always try out another if one does not meet your expectations or criteria.

Responsive for different devices

Nowadays users have so many devices to connect to the internet. It is important that the design, user experience and the content can be experienced as is should. The themes are responsive so you have no worries here.

SEO friendly

SEO friendly? Yes! Search Engines can crawl, index your website when you use this theme. They are optimized and have a logical code to them, that the search engines could understand what your content is about.

Optimized for speed

The most important factor is speed. Long loading websites are not attractive at all, even though the website looks neat and clean nobody wants to wait too long for a website. The themes have been tested on speed, on their host. But it’s safe to assume that when it’s SEO friendly, it’s also fast in loading time.

Customizable layouts

Do you require for some pages 2 columns and others 3? Well some of these premium themes offer it!

Carrousels, sliders

As it could not get any better! free integrated carrousels and sliders. It makes your website a whole lot different to have these.


Custom widgets for themes. It’s awesome. There is a set of standards available but working with a theme allows you to have customized ones as well that would complete your website.

Social Media sharing options

I am not good at Social Media myself, but luckily it gets easier when using their theme! I tried loading the theme and it automatically has the social buttons. No need to install any plugin and it was there.

Voting for posts

A feature some might like or dislike, it’s available to let your users vote a thumbs up or down.

Adsense Optimized

Do you have a monetized blog with AdSense? then some of these themes are optimized for it as there is specific places for them.

WooCommerce (for online shops)

Want to have a webshop? Well, WooCommerce is an excellent choice, it comes with free premium WooCommerce themes.

Author Box (E-A-T)

Improve your Expertise Authority and Trustwortyness, EAT, with the author box. It comes with premium themes and customizable.

The list goes on and on with Reviews, Mega Menus, Fonts, 1 Click Install / Update and many more!

I went through a few premium WordPress themes

On their website you can choose a theme for a demo, and more potential designs of the premium theme are available. It is awesome that it one premium theme can be so flexibel.

free premium wordpress themes from MyThemeSHop
multiple layouts per premium theme


Clean free premium wordpress themes
Clean layouts


Responsive designed
Cool menu for Mobile users
Cool menu that slides in

Honestly, I haven’t had much time to look which is the most suitable because I want to choose only 1 and there are so many for free available.

If you have been procrastinating about starting your own blog or website for that matter, now is a good time since this is free! You can start the website you always talked about.

If you currently have a WordPress website, you can upgrade it for free with these premium themes. So head to and start to check out which is suitable for your niche.

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