Bali Amed Guide Best for 2022 and after

Are you looking for a quiet and peaceful place in Bali? Do you like to snorkel, free or scuba dive, yoga? Then Amed is for you! It’s pretty far from most things as it is a 3-4 hour drive from Seminyak, Canggu, depending on traffic. The first thing I notice when arriving in Amed, it’s a different weather compared to the other side of Bali. This is because there is a mountain dividing or separating it form the rest of the island.

It used one of the harder parts to access to, and no roads were built going there until around 2000 and 3 years after the telephone lines were installed. (source: The later development compared to other places in Bali came because of the lack of infrastructure. It’s popularization happened because of John Huxley, who set up the very first Dive Center in Amed in Jemuluk.

This guide for Amed will help you enjoy your stay and activities there. It will help set expectation and to choose your accommodation, Villa, Hotel or homestay?

Who would like Amed?

Are you alone, or a travelling together with one or more friends? Are you with your partner? No matter alone or with others, it’s a great for those who like scuba diving, snorkeling, free diving, yoga and fishing. Other than that, you can take a long walk on the beaches of Amed or use it as a romantic getaway in Bali, away from all the other busy places. Also check out what to experience in Amed

Most people that come are there for diving. Have you ever thought about trying it out? Amed is perfect for trying it out. This program is called discover scuba and is for those who are wanting to try it first before committing to the open water license. Do you already have your license, and want to scuba dive in Amed, then look no further and just a message to Ecodive at this Whatsapp number.

Since scuba diving has great views, shipwreck, reef, corals and marine life, it is also great for the free divers. There are some places to learn this in Amed as well. Big chance if you go out for a stroll, you will meet a mixture of divers, free divers, and other adventurers. This is what I like about it, there is a strong affinity to each others activities and tourists (be it solo travellers or groups) can find new friends.

The dive sites of Bali Amed

Diving in Amed, shipwreck
Diving at the shipwreck

USAT Liberty Shipwreck (Tulamben)

Most people that come for diving there is the USAT Liberty Shipwreck. This is actually in Tulamben, about a 20 minute drive from Amed. It’s a great place for beginners as the current is not that hard. The hardest part would be the walking straight on the pebble beach and that is not even hard. The Liberty Shipwreck has some open spots and depending on your skill level you could enter. The back of the ship starts at around -12 Meters, and the front goes up to -28 meters.

Japanese Wreck

This unnamed Japanese wreck goes up to 10 meters deep. After there is a sloping reef up to 35 meters. Around the wreck itself it’s a great oppurtunity for macro photography.


For this one you’ll go on a boat and see the reef (artificial) and some concrete pyramids. It takes a boat to get there. There is lots of fish to see during this dive.

Gili Selang

One of the more difficult dive sites due to moderate current. It is recommended to have experience. You’ll be on a boat and get to see a view which you’ll be surprised that it isn’t more popular.


A what stronger current here and also accessible via boat. The marine life here is in abundance from Barracuda, garden eels, and rays. Not to forget there are also some reef sharks!

Jemeluk Wall 1 & 2

This goes up to 45 meters deep. When it’s raining it can be that some dirt from the shore can make your visibility less. Sometimes it doesn’t affect the visibility. You start from the beach, it’s about a 100 meter swim, so conserve your oxygen and energy to see much of this beautiful and colorful reef.

Free diving in Amed

Free diving is without the heavy equipment . The advantage is the freedom to move around. But there is a lot to learn and practise for this. I myself haven’t tried it or know too little. But there are some places that can point you in the right direction. Just ask your hotel/villa

Fishing in Amed

Fisher boat in Amed

If you don’t like the swimming at all, there is still yoga and fishing. For fishing you can even catch blue fin marlins and they can weigh a lot. Since Amed is mainly a fishing village, you could ask a local with an establishment, or even a fisherman to take you on a fishing trip. They go out either early in the morning, or later in the afteroon around 4pm. This is because of the weather mainly. A boat can hold up to 4 in total, so you would be with the fisherman, and up to 3 friends.

Fishing there is great as you can have a lot of fun. If you are lucky, you ‘ll have a big catch that everyone will talk about for the rest of their lives. Sometimes you just want to do is kick back and relax while having a beer on the boat. It’s all up to you how you want to do the fishing.

Got a catch? If you got something, the locals are happy to help you with your barbecue and/or preparation. It’s a feast meal for everyone when you catch that 20 plus KG or even 30 KG bluefin. Depending on the season you can catch these or snappers. On bad days you won’t catch anything, this also can happen. All in all this is a fun activity to do with friends.


A popular activity especially for free divers. Breathing exercises, stretches and getting that agility. Yoga does that for you. Most people practice this in Amed to improve and practise their next free dive session. In a quiet and peaceful place, find more of the inner zen .

Going around Jemuluk

The main street going through Amed is Jemuluk. It’s around 5km long. Because it’s hilliness, which means going up and down and sometimes steep, makes it uneasy to walk. Also note that some traffic might make it feel unsafe walking on the roads of Amed.

Renting a scooter (motorbike) costs 50k IDR at it’s cheapest for 1 day. The day ends at 9pm, so take note that if you rent it at 6pm, you would pay 50k for 3 hours. Renting a motorbike there allows you to follow the road of Jemuluk and you could explore more than by foot. You will easily reach sunset point like that. Just take care of the potholes in the road!

Accommodation in Amed: Villa , homestay or hotel?

I wrote a guide for Hotels and Villas in Amed before the island was closed for 2 years. I have a new favourite spot now at Teman Teman bungalow. They don’t have a website but are on booking or you can contact +62 813 3869 3608. there are 4 bungalows right on the beach. You’ll be sound asleep with the white noise delivered by the waves just a stones throw away. The rooms itself are very luxurious.

The front looks relaxing. Cool down in the shadow and take a deep breath. It’s a peaceful place. And the front , palmtrees and a beach. This all for a very affordable price. (about 15$ a night)

An airconditioned room, clean bathroom. there is no towel or soap, so you have to bring this yourself. I think the owner (Made) can rent a towel as well. If not his neighbour at coconuts, which is his brother, he has towels :). Balinese are pretty flexible and helpful so don’t be shy to ask. The room is fairly simple but it’s great comfort. I am not here to watch TV just to sleep so this works great for me. The 2 person bed is very comfortable to lay on, and after a day of activities you will dose off, if not, there will be a bar nearby to spend some time as well.

Sunset Point

Bali Amed Sunset point

Amazing view from sunset point overviewing Amed. There is a nice resort with an infinity pool around as well if you really want this type of view. But this is a breathtaking moment, to see Mount Agung and discoloring of the sky. In this is the sight is at night. There are a few bars which can give you this view, but more beautiful than my camera can give you. The prices reflect the location, so it could be different to your expectation. Otherwise than that the sun sets around 6.15pm (18:15) stick around and enjoy the sunset and the evening.


The food I found is typical to normal food. From left to right, gado gado, nasi goreng with satay, and a vegetable omelet. The food tastes good, I have heard though, the tastiest food in Amed can be ordered in one of the Dive Centers. (hint I mentioned it on the top)

Driving to Amed by car or bike

Mesmerizing views will be etched in to your memories. Don’t travel at night when you can’t see anything. Or on the way back have some day light.

The trip to or from Amed comes with breathtaking views. Are you familiar with the expression to stop and smell the flowers. Well if you can stop take a rest and enjoy this lush green environment. To be clear this is on the way to Amed, not in Amed.

Mount Agung from the North

On the way back you’ll see this, a view of Mount Agung.

I hope you will enjoy your stay in Amed as I did. Just a but of warning, this place is great for tourists. If you have no travel plan, it’s not strange to get spend more than a (few) weeks here. Some do even like to spend months in Amed to get away from the busy life. Great for sabbaticals or long leave from work

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