Bali reopens: What are the entry requirements for Bali

As of April 2022, Bali reopens and is accessible for tourists again. Before this only the people with a business visa were allowed to enter. Tourists have been travelling to Bali again. They come from different parts of the world to explore the island of gods again.

The entry requirements for Bali or other parts in Indonesia

Besides the usual travel documents you used to require to travel to Bali there are some extra things you need now. Some changes since Bali, Indonesia reopened. Some countries and places have new requirements for entry and this place is no exception for that. Here’s the list what you need to enter:

  • eHAC application downloaded and filled in
  • Proof of 2 vaccinations for the Corona virus
  • Pedulingi app
  • Passport valid for 6 months upon entry
  • Visa (on arrival)*, if you intend to stay longer you will need to arrange some other type of Visa
  • Return ticket

The visa on arrival costs 500.000 IDR (about 35 US dollars). Read here on the Imigration website of Indonesia if you’re from a country that can have the Visa on Arrival

The requirements say 2 vaccinations, but I suggest 3. Why 3? The rule is if a tourist enters one destination (island) of Indonesia, for example Bali you only need 2 vaccinations. But if you decide to travel from Bali to Lombok or Java, you require the proof of the booster (3rd) vaccine. (source: Even though the source mentions only a few countries, this is for all foreigners travelling domestic.

Some of the tourists can’t travel from island to island because of this. Also note that this might change in the near future. If you only plan to stay in Bali, than proof of 2 vaccines is required to enter.

Entry requirements for residents and citizens of Bali Indonesia

If you are a citizen or resident of Indonesia/Bali then you are allowed to enter the country. It doesn’t matter if you’re vaccinated or not. Unvaccinated citizens will be vaccinated after a second negative PCR test result.

Is quarantine required?

For fully vaccinated travellers, you won’t need to go into quarantine. It is however recommended to check your own health status for 14 days and follow the health protocol. Upon arrival with a body temperature of 37.5 degrees you will have to do a PCR test. With this negative outcome you won’t need quarantine. If you are positive you will need to undergo quarantine in hotels that are assigned for quarantine measurements.

How to use the eHAC application

eHAC stands for Electronic Health Alert Cart. Download the eHAC application on your phone, for the Google play store or the appstore. Register using your email. You will need to enter in your personal details and flight information (both ways). If you like to know more about it check out the this Information about eHAC Indonesia. Upon arrival you will need to scan with your phone the eHAC status or need to fill in some forms. Make sure you have some battery power on your phone upon arrival.

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What is the PeduliLindungi app

PeduliLindungi app is used to register your COVID vaccination status and for contact tracing reasons. Because of this you would need to allow the app to know the location of you. Download the PeduliLindungi app. From the menu you can change the site to English. This is mandatory!

Is a negative PCR test one of the entry requirements?

No, this is not require any more. However when you show symptoms (e.g. 37.5 degrees Celcius or higher). you should undergo and follow the procedures to take a test.

Can I enter Bali without any COVID vaccination?

Vaccination not an entry requirements

The short answer is yes. But there are more than a few rules around this as unvaccinated foreigners between the age of 6-17, people with diplomatic residence permit and official residents holders of the KITA/KITAP will be vaccinated during the quarantine procedures.

If you have no vaccination, you will have to do a a PCR test, which is free for Indonesian citizens. These have a cost for the foreign nationals.

If you weren’t able to be vaccinated due to special health conditions you must proof this with a doctor’s certificate from a government hospital of the country of origin.

Was this your personal choice to be unvaccinated? Then you can’t enter Bali or Indonesia for that matter.

Testing positive for COVID upon arrival in Bali and other places in Indonesia

You must isolate in an appointed hotel or facility. The cost are for your own. The only people who get this for free when they test positive are Indonesian Migrant Workers, Indonesian students who finished their studies, representatives in international competitions or festivals and civil servants who returned from Foreign Service Journey.

To Summarise the entry requirements of Bali and other parts of Indonesia 2022

Bali reopens for tourists, which is great news. Vaccination is recommended unless you have health reasons not to. If this was your choice because you don’t want to be vaccinated then you can’t enter. If it wasn’t a choice but for medical reasons, you will need proof of the doctor that for medical reasons you can’t be vaccinated. When you want to go from isalnd to island in Indonesia, A booster vaccine is required for domestic travel. You need 2 applications: PeduliLindungi and eHAC.

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