Bali Furniture Guide: Styles, Quality, and Buying Tips

If you’re thinking about decorating or furnishing your home, especially if you’ve just bought a house or are leasing for the long term here in Bali, let’s talk about furniture. This isn’t just any furniture; it’s a long-term investment. Something that will last, and that you don’t need to buy again.

Furniture from Bali stands out for its uniqueness and charm. It’s a mix of natural beauty and skilled craftsmanship that you won’t find just anywhere. The materials, like teak wood, rattan, and bamboo, are not only good-looking but also durable.

What makes Bali furniture special is the craftsmanship. Artisans in Bali, with skills passed down through generations, create each piece with care and precision. Yes, we’re talking about handcraft, not those flatpack furniture stuff. This means when you choose furniture that isn’t flatpack, you’re getting something unique and of high quality.

And the best part? This furniture fits beautifully into modern/contemporary homes. It’s perfect for adding a touch of elegance and style, whether you’re setting up a new home or giving your space a fresh look. Balinese furniture makers have a knack for combining traditional techniques with modern designs, making their pieces both timeless and trendy.

So, as you think about furnishing your home, consider furniture from Bali.

Best Places to Buy Furniture in Bali

Are you on the hunt for the perfect furniture to add a touch of Bali to your home? Whether you’re a fan of flatpack furniture, adore handcrafted pieces, or love the idea of reclaimed wood furniture, Bali has something for everyone. Let’s explore where you can find these gems.

Flatpack Furniture Sellers

First up, let’s talk about flatpack furniture. This is a great option if you’re looking for something stylish yet easy to transport. In Bali, you’ll find several stores selling flatpack furniture that blends modern design with a Balinese touch. These pieces are not only affordable but also easy to assemble, making them perfect for a quick home makeover.

Disadvantage of flatpack furniture: they come in multiple boxes (collis) and sometimes during delivery you are missing one so you would need to wait. Damage to some sides can happen. I’ve had both of the situations, the solution would be to complain, but then more time goes over it.

Handcrafted Furniture Makers

furniture warehouse in bali

If you’re all about unique pieces, then Bali’s handcrafted furniture is a must-see. The island is home to skilled artisans who create stunning furniture from scratch. Each piece tells a story of tradition and craftsmanship. From carefully carved chairs to beautifully designed tables, these pieces are made with a personal touch that you just can’t find in mass-produced furniture. Visiting local markets or artisan workshops can be a delightful experience where you can see these craftsmen at work and maybe even customize your own piece.

Here’s a place I bought a beautiful piece. It doesn’t have a business registered on Google Maps, but they do sell beautiful hardwood furniture: The nearby streets Jl Tanjung, and surroundings are full of artisinal furniture crafters.

Reclaimed Wood Furniture

boot reclaimed wood

Lastly, let’s not forget about reclaimed wood furniture. This is for those who love rustic charm and care about sustainability. In Bali, you’ll find furniture made from wood that’s been given a second life. It could be from old buildings, bridges, or boats (this is most often the case in bali), each with its own history. This type of furniture is not only eco-friendly but also has a unique character that adds warmth and story to your space. Plus, it’s a great conversation starter!

No matter what your style is, Bali has a variety of furniture options to suit your needs. From easy-to-assemble flatpacks to unique handcrafted pieces and eco-friendly reclaimed wood furniture, you’re sure to find something that catches your eye and heart. Happy furniture hunting in Bali!

The Craftsmanship Behind Bali Furniture

When you think of Bali furniture, it’s not just about how it looks. It’s also about what it’s made of. The materials used in Bali furniture are a big part of what makes it so special. Let’s take a closer look.

What is Bali Furniture Made Of?

Bali furniture is known for using some pretty cool materials. The most common ones are teak, bamboo, and rattan. Each of these materials has its own unique qualities.

  • Teak: This is a strong, durable wood that lasts a long time. It’s perfect for furniture that you want to keep around for years.
  • Bamboo: Bamboo is light but strong. It’s great for furniture that you might want to move around, like chairs or small tables.
  • Rattan: Rattan is flexible and sturdy. It’s often used for woven furniture, like those comfy chairs and baskets.

These materials aren’t just chosen because they look good. They’re also about making furniture that lasts and is practical.

Balinese Teak – A Cut Above the Rest

balinese taek house model

Now, let’s talk about Balinese teak. This wood is something special. Why? Well, it’s incredibly strong and resistant to things like rot and pests. This makes it perfect for all kinds of furniture, especially pieces you want to use a lot or keep outside. Teak forests are grown for 25 years before they are going to be cut down for furniture. Even the roots are used for decorative piece.

But it’s not just about being tough. Balinese teak is also beautiful. It has a rich color and a smooth grain that looks great in any home. Plus, it ages really well. Over time, it gets this nice, weathered look that adds character.

In Bali, they’ve been using teak for furniture for a long time. The craftsmen there know exactly how to work with it to make pieces that are not only sturdy and practical but also look amazing. It’s a big part of what makes Bali furniture so special.

The Quality of Furniture in Bali

When you’re picking out furniture, especially something as special as Bali furniture, you want to know you’re getting good quality, right? Let’s talk about what makes Bali furniture not just good-looking but also durable and well-designed. We’re not talking about flatpacks from Ikea or any other for that matter.

Durability and Design

One of the first things you’ll notice about Bali furniture is its unique design. It’s not just about looking good; these designs are a blend of tradition and modern style. But what’s even better is how durable this furniture is.

Bali furniture is made to last. Whether it’s a teak table or a rattan chair, these pieces are built strong. They can handle everyday use, so you don’t have to worry about them falling apart after a few years.

Bali Outdoor Furniture

outdoor furniture

Now, let’s talk about outdoor furniture. Bali is famous for its outdoor furniture, and for good reason. This stuff is ideal for your patio or garden. For example a sunbed daybed or just table and chairs.

Why is it so great? First, it’s made to handle the weather. Whether it’s the hot sun or a bit of rain, Bali outdoor furniture can take it. This means you can leave it outside without worrying about it getting ruined. Most furniture suppliers do test a sample for weeks/months at a time making sure the quality is ok. You can always inform if the furniture like that (not that exact piece you are buying) has been tested and went trough a quality process.

And just like the indoor furniture, the outdoor pieces are beautiful. They’ve got that Bali style that can turn your backyard or patio into a little tropical paradise. Plus, they’re comfortable. So, whether you’re having a BBQ with friends or just enjoying a quiet morning outside, this furniture is perfect.

What is Bali Wood and is it good for furniture?

bali wood furniture

Bali wood mainly refers to the types of wood like teak, mahogany, and suar wood used in Bali furniture. Like teak these other woods are incredibly durable, perfect for everyday furniture that sees a lot of use. Think about tables, chairs, or cabinets that not only look good but can also withstand the test of time. Plus, they age gracefully, gaining more character as the years pass.

Now, you might be asking, “Is Bali wood really good for making furniture?” Absolutely! Especially woods like teak are top-notch for furniture making. They’re robust and can last for decades, which is great if you’re looking for furniture that’s a long-term investment.

What’s more, Bali wood is adaptable to various environments. It handles moisture and temperature changes well, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor furniture. This versatility is a big plus, especially if you love outdoor living spaces.

Buying furniture in bulk

If you need a lot of furniture, think about buying wholesale. This is a smart move if you’re setting up a big space or selling furniture yourself. In Bali, you can find amazing furniture at wholesale prices. This means you get more for your money.

You can find all sorts of furniture, like big tables, comfy chairs, and cool decorations. And the best part? You can often choose your own designs.

The key to a good wholesale deal is finding the right suppliers. Many craftsmen and furniture makers in Bali are open to bulk orders, and some even offer customization options.

Ikea in Bali furniture compared

Now, let’s talk about Ikea in Bali. Ikea is famous for furniture that’s easy to put together and has a modern look. It’s a good choice if you want something (fast?) and simple. Ikea furniture looks the same everywhere, which means you know what you’re getting.

But Bali furniture is different. Each piece is special. It’s usually made by hand or with heavy machinery, with lots of care. Bali furniture uses materials like teak wood and bamboo, which are not only pretty but also last a long time. The designs often show off Bali’s culture, making your home look unique.

So, when you’re choosing between Balinese furniture and Ikea, think about what you like more. Do you want something unique and full of culture? Then go for Bali furniture. Or do you prefer something modern and easy? Then Ikea might be better for you.

Shipping Furniture from Bali

furniture transport

So, you’ve found the perfect piece of Bali furniture. Great! But now, you might be wondering, “How do I get this back home?” Don’t worry, shipping furniture from Bali to other countries is pretty straightforward, and I’ll walk you through it.

First things first, let’s talk about the cost. The price of shipping can vary a lot. It depends on how big and heavy your furniture is, and where you’re sending it. Generally, the bigger and heavier the item, the more it’ll cost to ship. But here’s a tip: sometimes, if you buy a few pieces, the store might give you a better deal on shipping.

Next up is how to actually ship it. Most furniture stores in Bali are used to shipping furniture internationally and can help you with this. They’ll usually have a preferred shipping company they work with. These companies are experts at packing and shipping furniture, so it’ll be in good hands.

But what about the time it takes? Shipping from Bali can take a few weeks, sometimes even a month or more. It’s a long journey, so it’s important to be patient. Also, make sure to get a tracking number so you can keep an eye on where your furniture is.

Important to note: shipping often happens to port of the destination country. From here you need to pick it up and take care of the logistics yourself! Make sure you are available!

One last thing to think about is customs and taxes in your country. When you ship something from Bali, you might have to pay extra charges when it arrives. It’s a good idea to check this before you ship, so you’re not surprised by any extra costs.

Shopping for Bali Furniture Online

Looking to add some Bali charm to your home but can’t travel there? No worries! You can shop for beautiful Bali furniture online. Here are a couple of websites and an alternative option where you can find authentic Bali furniture without leaving your house.

  1. Luna Bali Furniture ( This website is a gem for finding a variety of Bali furniture. They offer everything from stylish chairs and tables to unique decorative items. The site showcases a range of products that capture the essence of Balinese craftsmanship. Plus, they provide shipping options, so you can get these beautiful pieces delivered right to your doorstep.
  2. Yuni Bali ( Yuni Bali is another fantastic online destination for Bali furniture. They have a wide selection, including both traditional and contemporary designs. Whether you’re looking for something for your living room, bedroom, or even outdoor space, Yuni Bali has got you covered. Their website is user-friendly, making your shopping experience a breeze.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for something more tailored or need help sourcing specific pieces, consider using a furniture-sourcing agent like Bayu Trading. They specialize in helping you find exactly what you’re looking for, handling everything from sourcing to shipping. This can be a great option if you want a more personalized service or are looking for bulk purchases.

Second-Hand Furniture in Bali

second hand furniture bali

Looking for furniture that’s both unique and affordable? Second-hand furniture in Bali is a fantastic choice. There’s a good range of second-hand shops and markets where you can find pieces that are not only budget-friendly but also full of character.

One of the best things about second-hand furniture is that you’re giving a new life to something that’s already been loved. This is great for the environment because it means less waste. Plus, these pieces often come with their own stories and history, adding a special touch to your home.

You can often find pieces on Facebook marketplace!

Final Thoughts on Buying Furniture in Bali

Whether you’re drawn to the handcrafted details of artisan furniture, the practicality and modern appeal of flatpack options, or the rich history and eco-friendliness of reclaimed wood pieces, Bali has something to suit every taste and need.

I myself mixed and matched the idea of flatpack and artisinal crafted. Flatpack was handy when it came to making a closet, buffet. But other options for me were artisinal teak wood so it would last decades to come.

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